Top 10 Monsters You'd Hate To See in Diablo III

The Bad, the Worse, and the Completely Stupid of the Diablo world. Diablo III blogger Project XII has written on his blog at Hellforge about the top 10 monsters you don't want to see in Diablo III in his new article entitled "Top Ten Monster Farewells".

He writes:
From the surprisingly large amount of unwanted creatures, I’ve managed to wheedle things down to a Top Ten list. Competition was tight; after all, it’s hard to pick the bad ones from the plain irrelevant… no one’s going to be interested in a three paragraph explanation about why the mosquito’s of Kruast were crap. Most of you will probably struggle to remember anything about Act 3 (it’s a big square place with a tower, right?).

So grab your shotguns and prepare to give Diablo’s Top Ten equivalents of Macaulay Culkin a proper farewell. I’m sure they can find work elsewhere… maybe in something for Runic Games?
And remember, if you don’t agree with me, you probably are Macaulay Culkin. Dude, wtf was “Party Monster”? You deserve to be unemployed.


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