Diablo 3 Outdoors are not Random Generated

A new tidbit about Diablo 3, that at least I hadn't heard before ... Diablo 3 outdoors (exteriors) are not random generated. Only dungeons are. That sounds great to an extent since everyone could memorize and know exactly where you are heading in the world of Sanctuary. Especially when you are with other friends and set a place to rendezvous at. Blizzard wants us to get acquainted with the different lands of Sanctuary.

Among the interview discussion came up that monster encounters are random generated such as Rare and Champions popping up here and there (or mini-bosses as Jay puts it).

Jay wants the outdoor world to be static in contrast with the random generated outdoors in Diablo II. This helps creating a better and unique look, adding objects, doodads, etc. that could be nigh impossible to place in a random generated landscape. More importantly, making a static world outdoor helps greatly the adventure system, and trigger-driven encounters.

Thus far, the interview didn't shed much about Battle.net. Jay said he didn't want to steal that thunder, which definetely means Battle.net 2.0 details will be unveiled at BlizzCon 2008 on October 10th. Diablo 3 in comparison with the other two franchises is the only game that could possibly be translated to Consoles, but currently Blizzard doesn't have the manpower to focus on console porting Diablo 3. Hopefully some time in the future it could make it, but as of now it's just not happening.

Crispy Gamer has a four-pages interview with Jay Wilson discussing the art style, random generation, Console port, and more.
Crispy Gamer: Are the dungeons still going to be randomly generated?

Wilson: Yes, we have a ton of random generation in the game. All the dungeons' layouts are randomly generated. The exteriors are not. We have a new system of adventures that allows us to cut sections out of the terrain to put random -- whatever -- in there. We can put random terrain, we can put in scripted events -- we wanted to add a lot more scripted events into the game.


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