Diablo 3 - Gambling, Death Penalty, Mercenaries

Jay doesn't exclude Item Gambling from Diablo 3, but it is not yet determined. He also talks about death mechanic. Mercenaries are back renamed as Followers. Read the transcript here.
in Diablo.de: Will Diablo 3 still have a gambling-feature to gamble good rare Items?[indent]Jay Wilson: We have not actually made a decision on gambling. We have talked about it and we might do it! It kind of depends on some of the other decisions we will make. We do not have anything against it, it is more like that: Once we make some of the other decisions on how we are going to handle items, we will decide whether or not that warrants an inclusion. But, for the most part, i think we are generally for it!

in Diablo.de: When a character dies, will it lose gold and experience like in Diablo 2?
Jay Wilson: We have not actually decided on the final death mechanic. I can guarantee that you will not lose experience. We are not urging to big penaltys for death. But we want enough of a penalty to be there, so that death has meaning! Like to lose a little bit time, some kind of decrement... We do not currently have a durability, but some kind of ... a gold cost is actually not so bad. And having the player to waste some time, that is certainly an element. Generally we kind of rely on the effect that players do not want to die. You know, you just do not want to. So there is no real reason to add a further "ding" to them for something happening that was already unfavorable to them. But we have not got our final mechanics on that, yet.


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