BlizzCon 2008 Coverage by DirectTV Pay-Per-View

Blizzard Entertainment and DirecTV have partnered to deliver fans of Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft a whooping 16 Hours live HD video coverage of BlizzCon 2008 via Pay-Per-View. This is historic. Blizzard fans for the first time have the opportunity to watch a Blizzard Event via TV.

The great news is that for those fans who subscribe to DirecTV ONLY through the BlizzCon website's special offer will watch the live coverage for free. The current DirecTV subscribers who already have the service will pay only $39.95. That beats paying airplane tickets, hotel and extra costs -- that if you ever get lucky to buy a BlizzCon ticket in the first place. Those are sold like hot bread ... very fast. The offer is not yet active, but will be soon. Keep alert for updates. wants fans to offer feedback:
- Who is going to BlizzCon 2008 on October?
- Who is gonna watch the BlizzCon 2008 Pay-Per-View Coverage?
- Who is gonna watch live streams online?

Remember Blizzard visits from time to time. Share your feedback.

Blizzcon 2008: Available on Pay Per View in HD

Friday, October 10 and Saturday, October 11, 2008. Live from the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California

DIRECTV Package Includes:

* Over 16 hours of crystal-clear high-definition coverage

* Exclusive interviews and commentary

* Main stage presentations including opening ceremony

* Select panels featuring Blizzard Entertainment developers

* Tournament coverage and team highlights

* BlizzCon 2008 World of Warcraft in-game polar bear mount with mounted, flag-waving murloc


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