Diablo 3 Art Director Resigns

Over at CVG http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=193852 Brian Morrisroe, the art director for D3, was interviewed on the 23rd July.

Really just a different voice from the same crew that is the D3 team. What I found interesting was this:

...no-one believes the ramblings of the now-aged Deckard Cain and everything has turned into a somewhat baffling legend.

Scope for our hero then to do some exploring to see if those decrepit senile ramblings of Cain's are true? So Cain was really right after all...

The opportunity for humour as well to balance the dark story line - perhaps Cain drifting off on a tangent, his mind awash with dementia?

Additionally the article made me think about the potion/orb system:

[the] health globe system replaces piles of potions with glowing red orbs, dropped by slain enemies, that heal you and anyone near you when they're touched. This makes the game more mobile and in co-operative situations lets you save your partner from a quick death, rewarding those who keep close to each other.

Yes! The new health system makes it a little harder for us to tag along on the edges of battle in normal mode while our friendly uber helper from hell lays waste to all.

I wouldn't say *much* harder to help at this stage without more details. The effective radius will have to be wide to incorporate ranged party members similar to D2 amazons and necromancers.


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