Diablo 3 Multiplayer To Be Encouraged

Multiplayer on Battle.net 2.0 will be encouraged somehow from the moment you open the Diablo 3 box. Yet Blizzard said at the Invitationals in Paris that Diablo 3 wouldn't be an MMO. This could bring up a few speculations and deep thoughts from fans. What features will Diablo 3 have to encourage creating a Battle.net 2.0 Character instead of a Single player character? The boards are open for discussion.
Araya @ US East: I am torn between getting online and havin fun and playing single player...i mean i looove multiplayer, but if one of those guys has any lead time in game play he better not rush through and spoil the boss fights and areas...

I started d2 backup havent played it in like 2 years and i joined a game and some idiot just waypointed through and beat the bosses and left the rest of us stuck with nothing to do... I would tend to play with a group of friends over random people i guess... i found d2 to be irritating because whoever started the game the quests revolved around them so if they had beat some then you cant get them even though you can defeat the bosses, etc.

Bashiok: One thing that seems to be a fairly consistent experience for a lot of people when they first picked up Diablo II was their introduction to Battle.net. And it wasn't generally a positive one.

Most people, including myself, went home and installed the game and started playing. Over maybe a few weeks or months they've finished the game maybe a few times, they had a ton of fun, but they keep playing and trying to find more items.

One day while loading up the game they notice the "Battle.net" button and decide to click it... and, their characters aren't there. They have to start over. Any of us would have gladly played on Battle.net (in passworded games if necessary) just to have that online/trading option for their character available to them. It felt like a lot of wasted time to find the actual game, which was on Battle.net.

While "starting over" is something almost every Diablo II player is going to do any way, the lack of on-screen instruction or indication as to what the different systems meant left a bad taste.

To help avoid that type of situation we're going to try to find ways to encourage Battle.net character creation first and foremost
Thanks, Demolishman


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