PC Powerplay Features Diablo 3 Exclusive

The latest issue of PC Powerplay, an Australian Gaming magazine (Issue #155) has featured a cover story on Blizzard with a main report on Diablo 3 consisting of a a five page write up, with exclusive screenshots and information about the game.

The issue also features a preview of Starcraft 2 and a feature on popular Diablo 2 mods for those of you still playing the good old game.

Blizzard Guru has uploaded scans of the magazine, which include an interview conducted some time after WWI about the game's art direction, the implementation of health globes and some general talk about how the game is shaping up to be. There's also a separate article on item randomization and talk about the new classes, and a snippet of rumors on what the new Battle.net 2 will bring to the table.


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