Diablo III Previews and Interviews Roundup

It is been a week today since Diablo III was announced by Blizzard Entertainment's president Mike Morhaime at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals 2008 in Paris, France. Many previews and interviews have been popping all over the internet. Below you have a round up of the latest ones in the past few days.

- Rob Pardo comments Diablo III could theoretically be ported to Console.

- Witch Doctor or Necromancer article at MTV Multiplayer.

- Diablo III lead producer Keith Lee video interview at MTV Multiplayer.

- The Man Behind Diablo III Talks Plot, Lore and Battle.Net

- Diablo III rumored to support DirectX 10.1 (Not confirmed)

- Plans to Console not yet determined, How would that play out with Activision? -- read more at Guardian.

- ActionTrip Diablo III First Look.

- Mike Morhaime interview at Eurogamer

- Diablo III Release Date: September 2009 ? (Read More)

- Rob Pardo interview at 1UP.

- Six reasons Diablo III gives us a geek-gasm (GamesRadar)

- Diablo III Preview at Gamespy.

- Diablo III: Deep in Hell with Leonard Boyarsky - interview (Gamespy)

- Diablo III Preview at Eurogamer.

Do you have a lead on an article, preview or interview we have missed? Feel free to PM me. You are part of this community.


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