Diablo 3 Items and Inventory

Kazo has been awesome taking notes on his own and has dispatched a few screenshots and info from the gameplay video.

Kazo: "I watched the gameplay video again and took some pictures from moments when the items and skill descriptions are visible. Some new type of items that dropped from Diablo3 monsters in the video:

- Minor Lethality Rune
- Minor Power Rune
- Ancient Medallion
- Minor Energy Rune
- Chipped Star Topaz - New "star" variant
- Elixir of Vitality I
- Elixir of Willpower I

Blizzard said they have plans for making the inventory much better.
In the video we can see room for 30 items. It seems each item will have it's own reserved space with no size variations, similar to the bag system of World of Warcraft. The Barbarian, however, has only 12 item spaces "active" or "available", other 18 being "grayed out". This means characters in D3 will be able to carry variable sizes of bags. If you look at the bottom of the inventory space, there are 4 grayed out slots for bags, similar to World of Warcraft. The icon for these bags is the same as the main inventory screen icon.

- Battlecry
- Furious Charge
- Hammer of the Ancients
- Horrify
- Items 1
- Items 2
- UI Skills
- Wall of Zombies
- Whirlwind


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