Diablo Panel Discussion

The Diablo panel started just now at 2:40pm

Evolution of Diablo
- Outdoor Environments
- Amazing moment to moment action
- Expanded RPG experience
- New Systems most of which wont be talked today but in upcoming months more info will be released.

Spirit of Diablo
- Replayable RPG
Powerful heroes engaged in epic large scale combat
- Approachable gameplay cooperative focus

Epic Heroes
- Large scale combat
- Massively powerful classes
- Strong and unique archetypes
- Hallmark of diablo ii better in diablo iii -- Blizzard wants to improve the classes diversity

- If you can click a mouse ... you can play diablo.
- Isometric gameplay in 3D
- Simple to learn, but deep
- Smooth difficulty curve

Cooperative Play
- Play on Battle.net
- Join your friends anytime
- Massive cooperative battles
- More to come ...

A better action game
- Kickass player characters
- Improved controls
- Less spam, more death.
- A new breed of monster

- Skills over potions
- Cleaner UI
- Greater skills diversity escape, control, buffs
- Class specific tactics
- Better gameplay slightly less carpal tunnel

New Health System
- Little to no downtime
- Encourages conflict
- Positional gameplay
- Cooperative play

Diablo III is a very intensive gameplay RPG hack'n slash with big epic battles in multiplayer.

The Barbarian can now actually help heal other players who are in the back when gaining health loot in the frontlines.

Berserker - Aggressive creatures, massive damage charged up attak, vulnerable if he misses.

A better RPG
- Improve story without losing opt in feel
- Rmove the generic feeling from random dungeons
- Bring the world to life with more npc interactions.

- Events that can be placed almost anywhere
old abandoned house to explore evil cult sumoning ritual
Caravan that needs protecting
Enemy camp with boss

- Diablo iii remains true to the universe and gameplay of the series
- Diablo iii is a deeper action game without sacrificing ease of play

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