Hello from Paris ... Wee Wee, Merci and all that

Just arrived at Paris at 10:15am -- an eight hour flight with a couple of bumps along the skyroads, but a smooth trip. Watched three movies to pass the time: Vantage Point with Dennis Quaid, 10,000 BC and Fool's Gold.

Hey, Blizzard should get Dennis Quaid as Arthas' actor, And the old guy from the Fool's gold, owner of the gem yatch as King Terenas. Anyway, found my bags -- at least this time they didn't get lost. Upon walking out of the exit door, a Blizzard sign greeted me along with a welcoming smile and a handshake from Andre (German Forum Moderator).

We had a lengthy talk about Blizzard jobs, hey -- I'm looking for a job nowadays ya know. And he told me there was a press conference today -- which I didn't know about. Serves me well for not sleeping through the flight trip. During our conversation, he asked what was I covering at WWI Paris -- I said, all of them: Wrath of the Lich King, Starcraft 2 and ... with a playful tone and emphasis .... Diablo 3 !!!! ..

To no avail, the guy wouldn't spill the beans, confirm, deny, nor comment. Good try though, and a hilarious one. I knew I would get no answer. Maybe next time, I should bring some American homemade cookies.

Some minutes later, the bus arrived, and picked three of us from different airport terminals and delivered us to each of our hotels.

I found one of the Stratics folks at the hotel and walked to the Arc of Triumph. He took some pictures in front of the arc, and had the idea to get inside. An epic adventure started as we walked all around the circle-like road surrounding the arc. To walk through the highway is plain suicide. So I see a sign that implies there is some kind of underground tunnel that leads you inside the arc of triumph and up to the outdoor base. We walked all around the circle for like 25 minutes and couldn't find the flipping stairs to that underground tunnel. We walked into a train station instead. We had explored enough of Paris, gained zero XP for exploration, and I haven't slept yet. Tired I told him ... I am out of mana. /oom. When we reached the spot where we started going around the circle I shout out loud ... ZOMG! We had the stairs to it right across the street from where we started our exploration, And said out loud ... we are Paris N00bs! Epic fail! Once we got underground and across to climb the Arc of Triumph ... it costs 9 Euros to do that ... I said ... sorry, I'm too low level for that. It was fun and funny to talk in World of Warcraft terms.

When we settled to refill our mana pool, and some food --- great ... no McDonald's anywhere. And all the food menu is in French in every restaurant around us. Amazing adventure for a Paris noob. By the way, we are on WoW withdrawal until Monday ... internet at the hotel is .60 Euros per minute. So, I will type the updates, and copy/paste to quick-post to not waste the first hour free internet. At least during the evenings at the Hotel. I will have full internet access from WWI, don't worry.

Got a meeting with the men and ladies in blue at 8pm Paris. Updates later.


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