Rumor: Diablo II Patch and Ladder Reset

Sometime ago, I had reported that a Diablo II patch was in the works. Weeks later, I confessed it was a no-CD patch. Beyond that, I had/have no further knowledge of what this patch might contain.

Obviously, something must be amiss. Starcraft got a no-CD patch back on January 16th (Patch 1.15.2). Barely 3 weeks later, Warcraft III got a no-CD patch on February 6th (Patch 1.21b). But no Diablo II patch has been released to date.

The Diablo II patch was confirmed to be in development when Blizzard folks visited China to unveil the Starcraft II Zerg Race. (March 14th, 2008)

"What projects are Blizzard doing at the moment?
Blizzard: Patches of WOW, Diablo II, and as what we've done during past ten years----Starcraft."
As of June 4th, I was shown the wall once and again. No further details on Diablo II patch. However, something happened yesterday that may ignite rumors among fans. So ... let the rumor mill commence!

A fan over at the forums reminded that June 25 will mark one year since Diablo II ladder was reset. To this, Drysc (Blizzard Forum Moderator) said:
"The smell of fresh sulfur and rot grows stronger...

Never mind, it was just my lower jaw."
There are a few questions to ponder here. Will Diablo II ladder reset again nearing the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals? Will the Diablo II patch be released to mark the new ladder reset? Seeing as it has been four months since the other two Blizzard games got their no-cd patch, will the Diablo II patch contain anything besides a no-cd patch? Was Drysc kidding? Is Drysc's underwear red-hearts? well ... get those engines working. Start your comments.

This is what happened a year ago on June 25th:
"We will be resetting the Diablo II ladder on June 25, 2007, beginning a new ladder season and providing a fresh start for those participating on the ladder realms. All current ladder characters will be moved to the non-ladder realm, and the ladder realm will re-open as a blank slate where all-new heroes can make their mark. Try out a new character idea, adventure with your friends, and race to be the first on your realm to reach level 99. The realms will be offline for approximately four hours during the ladder reset."


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