Medievaldragon Joins

Hi everyone. This is Medievaldragon a bit earlier than expected (You will know what I mean quiet soon). For those who do not know me, I have interviewed various Blizzard novel writers, and sound/music/voice actors. I am also owner and webmaster of Blizzplanet(sister site of and StarcraftTwo Network). Blizzplanet has been hosted courtesy of for the past two years.

I will be going to the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals updating , and Blizzplanet with info, images and video of what transpires there. I am probably meeting Richard A. Knaak and other writers at 2008 New York Comic Con where he will unveil details of upcoming novels.

As you, I hope to play one day Diablo III, and keep you updated of anything regarding this awesome game. Look forward to working with fans of this community.


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