Blizzard Posts Teaser Timeline!

In case you haven't noticed already, Blizzard has just posted a Teaser Timeline on their homepage to countdown to their next game announcement on the 19th of this month. Take a look!

From the color scheme and style of the design, it looks very Starcrafty to me. Aside from the fact that Starcraft is the only game on there without a sequel, those vertical blue scanlines just scream of sci-fi. What do you guys think? Are they just trying to throw us Diablo 3 hopefuls off or is this further confirmation that another Starcraft is coming up next? Or will the long-rumored Tacocraft finally be unveiled?

Also, with the countdown to the Blizzard game announcement on, we would like to remind all our guests to register on the message boards and join the other 12,000+ members in the countdown. This will also ensure that you are notified via email once the big announcement is made.

So become part of the community now, click here to register on the message boards.


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