Blizzard buys 1500 Opteron Server.

check it out. it might be for World of Warcraft only.. though I don't think so.

servers for D3 beta? the unannounced beta from Blizzcon!!

: )

Umaro's 2 Cents

Though I hate to say it, I don't think they would buy that many servers for Diablo 3, yet... that seems a bit overkill for a game that won't see open beta for probably a long peroid of time.

DeMiNe0's 2 Cents

1,500 opteron servers is overkill for ANYTHING. As a network admin and server admin, I know how well opterons work, and how they are suppost to be deployed. It's really hard knowing what blizzard wants to really use them for... I could only imagine... 100 MAX being used for WoW.. Unless they are replacing all of their servers, in which case I guess 400 could be used... 1,500 is just way too many for any company to buy.

Although, they could also just be getting a very good bulk deal on them... but buying servers then waiting to use them is just plan stupid, as you're better off buying somthing current.


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