New Patent for Diablo Filed by Blizzard

cyks; who is one of our forum members, has found that Blizzard on the 9th of December 2005 filed a trademark for Diablo.

A screen shot of the trademark page, and directions on how to get to that trademark page are posted below:

Quote from cyks »
The US patent office allocates search sessions per visit, so no direct links will function. Below are some directions on how to see what Sage and I see

1st: click the link, -->
2nd: You will see three columns: Patents, Trademarks, other. Click search(TESS) under the Trademarks column and Trademark EBusiness
3rd: Click 'New User Form Search (basic)'
4th: Fill in 'Blizzard,' for the 'Search Term.'
Note: Be sure to assign 'Owner name and address' for the 'Field' parameter!!
5th: Look for 'Diablo.' It should be the first one (There is one for Diablo I, II, and one for LOD, but LOD says LOD, LOL).
5th(cont.):Click 'Diablo'
6th: Enjoy!


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