Diablo3.Com Website team is looking for staff!

Do you want to be part of the hottest website for Diablo III? Sure you do! Well here is your chance... I'm in need of some Graphic Artists to help develop the current layout of the website.

I am also in need of somone who can do small RPG spirit like graphics. Here are some examples:


https://www.digitaltoxicity.net/forums/Inferno/items/heavyspear[1].gif" width="" height="" alt="" />

Note that these images were taken from my final fantasy based RPG system. The images that we will need for the Diablo3.Com RPG system will need to be Diablo based/themed.

If your interested, or know anyone who might be, Have them send a PM to

In that PM include the following:

Your First name
Your Last Name
Your E-Mail Address
Your MSN, AIM, Yahoo or ICQ

A portfollio, or ATLEAST 10 samples of your work


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