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    posted a message on New GRift and Paragon ranking website

    This is great, now I can pick the least played class XD

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    posted a message on AFK lvling Live -i am at work
    Quote from Monstah

    Honestly man. You suck Slayervedran. You make a big thread about how the game doesnt drop you any legendaries and how blizzard is tricking people into farming forever. And then you make a thread telling the world you are currently cheating, afk farming and at the same time call out to Blizzard to fix their shit. Dude, fix your own shit first.

    You are a drama queen just looking for something controversial so that you can get more viewers and gain more money. Nothing more, nothing less. Stop coming here and thinking you do the community a favor by streaming yourself afk exploit farming. You sir are one of the many idiots playing this game that are slowly degenerating it to nothing.
    This. So much this. I Actually wanted to check the vid and it's just 30 mins straight of him saying "i'm so against this guys please report"
    Really just thirsty for viewers. Scumbag
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    posted a message on Strafe damage... do i miss the point?
    Quote from Durandil
    Quote from Radglad
    Quote from Elendiro

    Radglad, your signature gif is animal cruelty.
    Russia is illegally annexing Ukraine and costing human lives, but here you are online QQ'ing about a squid? Glad to see you activists are putting your time and valuable opinions to use saving animals online :)

    Can't you see he's getting a bath and waving hello? That's one lucky squid if you ask me.

    Off topic by the way.
    So you complain about us going off topic, but you bring Russia and Ukraine into the mix??

    You can try to deflect all you want, it's animal cruelty, it's disturbing, incredibly mean, and you should change it.
    The thing is alredy dead.... it's a post death muscle reaction to the heat of the liquid.

    Source : Someone asked about this gif on reddit
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    posted a message on Show Off Your Transmog!
    Heres my Dh. I went for the simple look. Kinda reminds me of kate blanchette underworld type vampire hunter XD

    ah well not sure how to make link work D:
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    posted a message on Unofficial Patch 2.0.4 Notes - Share your findings!
    • The treasure from Resplendent Chests has been improved to feel more resplendent
    • Any more info on what exactly this means ? More gold ? More magic and blue drops ? (sigh) Or perhaps higher legendary drop rate ( yes pls!)
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    posted a message on He's a rocketman! - (Lvl 70 RoS Demon Hunter build)
    I've been using this build too for days now absolutely love the style of it ! Zipping around and 4 shotting mob packs in a moment.

    Also I'd like to mention I literally got cloak of garwulf like an hour after switching to this build and my goodness is it ever helpful.
    the 3 wolves tank so damn effectively I've basically been ignoring all forms of toughness up to this point with no problems in t 1-3
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