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    Quote from rwest0701»

    I agree that increasing the stack limit would serve the same purpose. However I disagree that they fall under the same category as gems (but wouldn't hate it if they were out of my stash as well :) ). I could even argue that they are a crafting mat. It is a stretch but they do "craft" a GR (hmm shaky). I still consider them a currency though. Oh and I have well over 1k keys.

    For me, the GR keys belong down by the gold and blood shards, and have since you stopped having to move them into the slot to open a GR.
    The reason for this is that when I play multiple classes and switch between them, GR keys often get forgotten on another character. I know that the work around is to keep them in the stash, but it's an unnecessary extra step to have to stash GR keys after each regular rift, since being a tangible item no longer serves any real purpose.
    Making them an account wide currency just makes good design sense at this point.
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    Quote from gurete

    As much as I agree with certain parts of your comments, and I can relate to that and emphasize with the devs, this have a different conclusion.
    Due to D3 being multi-plattform, and Blizz-made, we normal PC users of the game won't be receiving content at all, or if even, in a really slow pace.
    Is that what you are implying? I had thought that Blizz had tenfold, or a hundred fold or more the money that the Small companies have. Therefore, they can and should invest in their games with as much dedicated staff as necessary, am I wrong? Shouldn't that offset the "big company" bureaucracy?
    Things doesn't make sense, when we consider that the d3 team is pretty small right now. That seems to be a consensus, tbh. And when a good dev shows interest or simply excels (see John Yang), he is "transferred" or promoted to the important part. Namely Wow.
    No way mate. And we, as a playerbase, should accept that and deal with it?
    You can do what you want, of course. I will vote with my wallet, since that is their only language nowadays.

    That's precisely the misconception I was talking about. Blizz is a much bigger company, with a lot of games that are not as niche as the ARPG has become. So the pressure from above the dev team was to make an ARPG-like game, but make it more approachable, and thus less complex.

    And while Blizz as company makes a lot of money, the ROI from a game like Diablo, even if they decide to monetize it via DLC or microtransactions or whatever, isn't as good as the ROI from something like Overwatch, so it isn't going to get the same investment. ALL of GGG's money and development goes into Path of Exile. It's the only thing they do. So every bit of profit is reinvested, the company was founded specifically to make the RPG that those devs wanted, and there isn't any red tape when they want to make a change. It's a completely different model.
    What I'm saying is that it's not that it isn't Blizzard's fault for micromanaging their dev teams the way they do (and more so with Activision in the mix), I'm saying it isn't Wyatt or the rest of the teams fault. What they are trying to do, is find a way to remonetize the game, so that they can have the resources they need to actually work at a pace closer to what people expect.

    AND YOU ARE GETTING CONTENT. I don't know why you would hyperbole to "no content at all". They are adding a class (for some undisclosed price) and they are adding a game mode that renders paragon moot. It may not be exactly what you want, but it is, by definition, content.

    Is it coming slower than it could, yes.

    Does it suck that as a result of all of those things, D3 is on a slow train compared to other games, absolutely.

    It's mostly about reminding everyone that the devs themselves (and CMs) are caught in a no-win situation, not Blizz.
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    Quote from gurete»

    And, as talked to exhaustion, D3 core flaws with the infinite paragon and the level 120 ++ gems create an unending playing field, and a new player will never ever be able to compete with a paragon 3000 with all gems 100+. That is a Loss-Loss situation. No new blood in greater rift competition--->prOs leave (see Quin). But the new blood cannot compete due to paragon and gems.

    That is why seasons exist. No one who buys the game today should reasonably expect to compete with players who have been playing 1000s of hours since launch in non-season, it's just not realistic. At least not to truly compete. That would be true without so many endless systems, since min-maxing items in other ARPGs is usually a long process that would yield dedicated players a numbers advantage (albeit smaller than with paragon and etc).

    That's not to say that some of the design decisions and systems aren't flawed, just that they aren't the reason a new player can't compete in non-season. Without playing a TON and working really hard.

    the Dev team is not in a no win situation. My personal opinion is that they are misguided. That's the only way I can understand Nev (love her, she really has a passion) answering "Rekt" to people asking for new content in the game, after giving NO NEW content at all.
    They want WIN? Seriously, not that hard. A small as fuck act 6. Insert the Necro with stitches in there. Put in some class, skills and sets balance (like it was given for free in 2.4) , and you have yourself 3.0. All is shiny as fuck for another couple of years.

    They absolutely are in a no-win situation, because they don't make the final decisions. The develop within constraints given to them by people who care about money, and many of the fan base don't understand the fundamental difference between working for Blizzard and working for Crate or GGG.

    With small studios with a single title, there is a lot less bureaucracy involved in decisions. The team makes a decision, and they go with it. They only answer to stake holders who funded the game, which agreed to a specific business model and plan when they signed up. Blizzard and Activision dictate whether something jivs with them or not. They push for approachable as a core design philosophy because that sells more games.

    D3 is also multi-platform (both with OS on PC and because of consoles) as well as mutlinational, so every single interface change requires updating for all of that and making sure things are worded for all supported languages. All of this combined means that things move much much slower for these guys and it's out of their control.

    It's similar with communication. They have to clear it with a bunch of people to just tell the playerbase anything.
    The Necro pack is an experiment in trying to monetize the game, which will be needed to get more resources to develop more content. If players want to show support for the game, buying it is going to be the best bet.

    None of this is to say they shouldn't do better, it's just that in order for things to get better, players have to understand the reality of the game. If the devs start trying to communicate more (dev blogs, AMAs on reddit, whatever) and the playerbase reacts negatively to it because it's not exactly what they wanted or they aren't giving specific answers (because they have to be careful of what they disclose), they are just going to not do that anymore because it's not beneficial to them.

    If we want to help give them a win scenario, we as a playerbase have to meet them halfway. We can be critical of them, but it has to be with some level of tact.

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    Wyatt said at some point during Blizzcon that they had tested (and decided to scrap) a legendary power that would allow you to reconstitute a legendary from the power extracted in the cube. This could just be that the strings and such are still hanging around and the datamine found something that we may never see.

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    What they just did was showed us how they are going to generate ongoing revenue.

    Many of the current systems in the game, including the major ones associated with ROS were all launched as a content patch. Most of the large changes associated with ROS came with 2.0 before hand, as a pre-expansion patch. There is no reason to think that overhauls of some things that both you won't get addressed in some future patch. This pretty much just tells us they are no longer going for the "one large" purchase method, and are opting to have us pay for some things (a new class) to fund ongoing development.

    I'd give it some time before you doom and gloom completely.

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    Quote from Kevan»

    Unlimited exping is not endgame.

    Loot hunting, trading, pvp should be.

    I think there is a difference between no endgame, and an end game that could use some additions.
    There is certainly an endgame in D3. For some it's great, and for other's, it may be a but lackluster.
    Things like trading and pvp *can* be part of an endgame, but aren't required.
    For me, I'd just like to see them build on what they've been doing. 2.3 brought a reason to do regular rifts besides grift keys, and a reason to do bounties up until a certain point. I think continuing to encourage players to do different objectives is the best way to extend the endgame.
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    posted a message on What legendaries are in your extract top priority?

    For some classes, Furnace will end up being BIS. Barbs, for instance, don't have a lot of good alternatives when you include the cube, as FotVP and Gavel are essentially mutually exclusive as far as high end builds go, and no barb leg weapon really syngerizes with WW.

    Monks, on the other hand have quite a few interesting weapons that work well together, making them better than furnace (lions claw, flow, fist of as, etc).

    On topic though:

    Jewelry: RROG, zodiac, unity, convention

    Weapon: furnace (SMK/DoD for WD, a bunch of equally good options for monks, etc)

    Armor: Leoric's, Hexing pants, CinderCoat

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    posted a message on I dont understand zodiac ring...

    I believe he means WotB and not the resource of the Crusader.

    I'm also going to assume that you aren't using IK4 (as there is little need for zodiac with it for perma-wrath).

    With that out of the way, what is the rest of your build. Zodiac works by randomly picking a skill that is on cooldown and reducing it, thus if you have a bunch of cooldown gated skills on your bar (CotA, IP, EQ, etc), it's going to be relatively difficult to achieve consistent perma-wrath, as you are competing with each of those other skills for every zodiac proc.

    The other thing is that you have to hit with a resource spending attack. This means that only resource spenders (HotA, WW, SS, etc) will proc the ring, and that you have to hit an enemy for the zodiac reduction to occur. This will occur once per attack, so you are also gated by attack speed (which the IK weapon is relatively slow for).

    How much CDR you need to achieve perma-wrath (or close to it) depends on:

    1) How many abilities are on cooldown

    2) Attack speed

    3) Fury generation (if you run out of fury and can't use a spender, you can't proc zodiac)

    4) Having enemies to hit

    Hope that helps clarify things a bit.

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    Quote from Crisius»

    People who think they'll be announcing D4 are pretty naive. You got to understand that Blizzard is a company, and the developers hands are tied by profits. They won't release D4 until D3 has been completely exhausted.

    Why invest triple the money and time into a new game engine and system when you can spend a minimal amount of effort on an expansion with the same price tag and the same number of people will still buy it?

    While it's true they will exhaust D3 (probably by making 1 or 2 more expansions), if there are any possible plans of a D4, they started working on either enhancing the D3 engine or building a new engine from the ground up for a possible D4. The wonderful thing about engines is that they can be modified and enhanced if they decide to scrap a D4 and it can be used for something else.

    That said, I'm not expecting any news on a D4 anytime soon, but that doesn't mean they aren't already investing money in early development of an engine.

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    Quote from Shurgosa»

    Quote from cabynum»

    I am still confused as to why this is considered cheating. I didn't use the exploit, I was working when I heard about it, scheduled with my friends to do the exploit, then found it an hour later that they were going to hotfix it and punish the exploiters. Too bad for me.

    However, I don't see this as an exploit, much less a cheat. How is using game mechanics to your advantage cheating? A similar example from WoW(Vanilla): UBRS drakes; line of sighting their aoe by stacking your 40 man raid in a corner of a door jam. This is using game mechanis: line of site, and a doorway, to progress. This was just a strat. How is it any different than than the blood shard thing? It isn't.

    Also, another example of exploiting game mechanics: having set bonuses for 1 class whose damage stats are separate multipliers as opposed to other classes set pieces being additive bonuses. This set up a certain class, DH, to be the best dps where the other classes couldn't compete because their set bonuses were additive and not separately multiplicative. Should all DH's from season 2 get punished for exploiting a bug in game mechanics to their advantage?

    As a side note, capping the max bloodshards that drop to 250 for every rift level above, what is it? like 45 or something? to fix the bloodshard bug is ridiculous; as evidenced by my ridicule.

    Also, I think there may be a bug with wizards and slow time bubble damage and pain enhancer gem. See guys doing crazy damage from that gem with the time bubble buff when they have 2.2 million stat sheet dps buffed not counting elemental damage modifiers, and no +physical damage. If anyone else could test this out, I don't have a wizard, to see what is going on, that would be great.

    This is actually pretty fascinating. The only reply I can muster is that I takes all the intellect of a human mind to decipher the answer to that question "will I get banned?".

    Rather than blather on about stories winding all the way back to Everquest and Ultima Online, And how once upon a time a pro gamer Athene triple checked a crazy boss "strategy" with a GM AND screen-shotted the conversation AND STILL had the kill wound back and nullified,

    I'll just say answering the question "will I get banned?" is more of a craft than a science.

    When I view the blood shard situation in this thread, I'm not even the least bit surprised to hear that bans were issued, because of how my mind processes all the little aspects of it.

    I'm also not at all surprised to hear the poem of silly fuck ups associated with the list of previous exploits and "situations" as the came up in D3...

    This whole situation has just made me sad at both some of the playerbase and the developers.

    The fact that people keep calling this "cheating" is beyond me. Everything about this game is an exercise in exploiting game mechanics, intended or otherwise. Rift fishing, exploiting game mechanics. Conduit fishing, exploiting game mechanics. Rolling a DH, exploiting class imbalance. Perma-fear docs, exploiting game mechanics. The list goes on and on.

    The point is, this is a game that is about finding the most efficient route to an end goal. If that goal is to top the leaderboards, then you exploit every single game mechanic that exists to get the gear needed to compete for a top spot. Just because this was an unintended bug by the developers, doesn't change that fact. To me, the fact that they should have known it existed in the PTR, and didn't fix it, places the blame squarely on their shoulders, and punishing players for that mistake is a joke itself.

    The traffic analogy that has been floating around this thread is missing some key similarities. This more akin to a 70 MPH speed limit sign being mistakenly put on a road that was supposed to be 45. The posted speed limit is 70, so even though a logical person can deduce that it must be a mistake, given the road and prior knowledge of speed limits, a cop CANNOT give a speeding ticket to a person doing 65.

    Back to the game world. Exploits that do not directly affect other players (like killing other HC characters) and that do not use 3rd party software (like a map hack) should not be considering cheating, and certainly should not come with a punishment. It's using game mechanics handed to the players and finding a way to utilize them for maximum efficiency. The "holier than thou" attitude that some people seem to have adopted is just absurd.

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