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    posted a message on 2.0 will be live in two weeks, Wings of Valor for pre-purchase.
    Quote from Narmoniarkh

    There are 2 reasons I've long thought that the patch *could* be released prior to the AH shutdown:

    1. New Sets/Legs can't be sold on the AH because of BOA.
    2. ROS is incoming, so the 2.0 blues/yellows that are found will be easily replaced with level 70 items for those who upgrade.
    That leaves a couple of weeks for non-ROS bound people to trade iLvl 60 rare items. The question is, is it worth delaying the patch to prevent that? It's hardly going to matter, since sets/legs are likely to be BIS for most slots even in D3V post patch, so most of what people will be looking to upgrade to can't be traded via AH. While it is a bit odd to allow people to use the AH for a couple of weeks post patch, and then remove it, it also makes no truly logical sense to deny people to play 2.0 on live if it's ready to be "shipped".

    *Edited to add*
    Another thing that slipped my mind earlier is that it's also possible to deny items that drop post patch from being placed on the AH at all. They'd show up much like the BOA crafts do now in the AH window. This way, legacy gear is still tradable, but new gear remains constrained by the trade mechanics of the future.
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    I tried POE and leveled a couple of classes to ~35 or so (the shadow and a witch). I liked:

    1. The skill system (it was cool to have the skills level up based on being assigned to a slot, and that they were part of the item hunt)
    2. The currency/crafting system
    3. The potion system (it basically became the "defensive" ability alternate)
    I, like others here have stated, just couldn't get past the combat mechanics. I had the same issue with TL2 and other similar ARPGs. For all of D3's faults, the combat system is really awesome, and it makes even constant farm grinding more tolerable than those found in POE.

    The other thing that bothered me was the passive tree. I liked the concept for being able to really give choice in character development, but to me it was just too much. I don't mind taking a bit of time to plan out a character, doing a bit of research, but for me, the passive tree was just too much. I don't think this is a bad thing, since obviously other people really like that level of customization, and don't mind all the planning and number crunching involved. For people who enjoy that, POE wins big time. I'd like to see more character customization options in D3, but nothing quite as extravagant as that.

    Long story, short -- POE just isn't for me. I've considered picking it up again a couple of times, but I just haven't followed through.
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    Having played a bit on the PTR and read as much as I can about the ROS beta from those who have keys, I've been thinking about loot drops and crafting recently. The new legendaries and sets seem to be pretty awesome and definitely are meeting the goal of enabling builds, but from what I've seen of crafted legendaries is that they don't seem to have any benefit over rares, and sets simply have some set bonuses that add on top of rare-quality items.
    I've been thinking of 2 different ways to approach crafted legendaries, which don't have to be mutually exclusive: 1) Of the hundreds of affixes that the developers have been testing, they've likely come across some cool affixes that they just didn't feel were quite powerful enough. Some of the affixes in that list could be used on crafted legendaries, so that they have unique affixes, but they may not be super powerful. This way, crafted legs have something that makes them unique, without taking away from killing monsters too much. The goal here is to give some options (once the plans are found) for upgrading gear while players wait for the drops that they really want. Adding some progression in the deadzones. 2) Make crafted legs (or some of them) have equally awesome (or slightly better) unique affixes, but make them much harder to craft. Requiring extremely rare plans and materials. This equates them to the D2 runewords, except I'd hope they wouldn't be quite as overpowered as some of the runewords. The goal here would be to add some progression at the top end of the player base, without it necessarily being better, just different. Combining those two ideas, implementing legs from each of those catogories, would be awesome, since they are also guaranteed to be rolled using the smart drop system, making them likely to be sidegrades or upgrades on the non-unique stats.
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    Totally agree that this should be in the game, though it's more involved than most might think.

    As someone said earlier, all of the tool tips are hard coded into the client. That's why when they change skills in a hotfix, they usually say that the tooltip will be updated in the next client patch. This makes having dynamic values for each of the adjustable stats on a skill more involved, as they'd have to change that architecture to support pulling info from the server and updating those values.

    That said. I'd really like to see this implemented, as it's difficult to determine upgrades at the moment without a spreadsheet handy and even doing that requires that you know exactly how all of the values are calculated. It would seem that this feature would follow their design philosophy of making things simple as well.

    Very nice idea though.

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