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    So the legendary property got moved to the fist for Season 2. Those look to be left over from the first season. My guess is that it's been allowed like that because it's just the PTR, but eventually it'll just be the fist, and the gloves will either have a new prop or just not exist.
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    Quote from ffilps
    fuck this forum software.

    what i said was: players will just join the "item selling" clans. the limit on clans will never stop item selling.
    It's not about stopping it really. It's about compromising it so that it limits it. "item selling" clans would still be limited by the clan limit, so you don't have access to every player in the game to buy/sell from. Which means if someone is trying to buy an item, someone in the clan has to find it, be willing to sell it, and then they have to figure out how they are going to do that arrangement. It won't stop it, but it'll be convoluted. Limiting the scope to a single clan will reduce the ability to sell and buy (for instance no one in my clan has ever found a wand of Woh (despite a lot of wizard play), so no one in my current clan could buy or sell one.

    You are correct that opening trading up to clans reintroduces a problem they solved with BOA, but the magnitude of the problem would be different between clan trading and universal trading. The other issue I see with clan trade is that Blizzard could "tune" the drops again to compensate. That was my principle problem with the Auction House. I didn't mind it's existence, I minded that the drop rates were so bad that it became the only way to get items without a lot of time and luck on hand. It'd be a gamble to see if Blizzard was willing to allow clan trading without destroying the drop rates a ton.

    Ultimately, it's a risk vs reward issue. Is the risk of "item selling clans" worth allowing those who just want to trade with friends who weren't on when they found an item? For me, that answer is yes, but I admittedly care very little about the competitive aspect of the game.
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    Quote from ffilps

    Quote from Pusguts

    I like the way it is now as well. But if they were to enable trading amongst clan members instead of party members I think that would be a change for the better. Imo
    no, it would not be any different from "universal" trading. just because you can't see this does not mean it's not that way. just think about what you said for a minute.
    I'm not sure that's true. Clans already have limits on the number of players in it and each player can only be in a single clan at a time, which limits the scope of people a player can trade with. If you also consider that there is already a date/time stamp on items when they are found (used for the current party trading) and a date/time stamp for joining a clan, it'd be relatively easy to make it so that you had to be in the clan when the item was found to be eligible to trade for it. With just those restrictions, it's far different from "universal" trading.

    Not saying it would be better or worse than the current system, just that it'd indeed be different than allowing universal trading.
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    I've thought about Tals and EE for a while, and I'm wondering how other wizards would feel about the following:

    Either change EE or make one of the partial set bonuses for Tals so that you gain some % of your each + elemental damage affix to all of the other ones (similar to how harmony works currently on the PTR for the monk).

    By putting that on either a passive or as a set bonus, it would allow a multi-elemental build that can still compete in damage. For instance, if your main damage dealing skill is fire, you can stack fire, and still have a decent +% elemental of arcane/lightning/cold, such that you could use one of those skills without feeling like you are sacking a ton of potential damage.

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    Thinking of Tal's and EE, I think that the Wizard needs one of their passives replaced with one that is similar to the Monks harmony, but with elemental damage. Because of the way damage affixes are set up, doing a multi-elemental build oftentimes means sacking a bunch of potential damage. If their was a passive that gave x% of each +elemental affix to the others, that would encourage wizards to do multi-elemental builds. That's one suggestion I have to help diversify the Wizard builds some. Just a thought that might help the viability of Tals, especially if they were to decrease the CD for each meteor, or increase the damage enough to make them worthwhile.
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    Quote from Passover04
    @Bagstone,I think that those who rally against micro-transactions are those who seen and experienced the worst sides of it and simply cannot or will not justify its use, do so because they cannot trust developers to not abuse the system somehow or make the game pay to win. The worst abusers being those who created and gate content in a way that you cant earn it in the game without paying for it. So its not about the service itself but the abuse of it that leaves a bad taste in the mouth of many who encounter it.

    I also think that, as a knock on effect of pay-to-win schemes, its encouraged a culture of 3rd party leveling / gold buying services and an has made a lot of gamers lazy. They don't want to put in the work for the rewards like you should so a lot of great games fall by the wayside because they take more than 10 minutes to complete.This has been bad for game companies and bad for gaming culture. A part of this could be attributed to the fact that gaming is a thing now, its cool, popular and competitive, you can earn money with it instead of it just being a pass time between actual things. A side note to that - it baffles me people who want leveling services or boosting, why pay for a game you want other people to play for you? but that's a whole other conversation.

    Once I get past the wave of nausea over 'Micro-transactions' your TL;DR is on point:

    "TL;DR: Introduce all sorts of micro transactions but make sure they have zero effect on game play and are completely 100% optional."

    It's trusting developers to do that and I have zero faith in any of them.
    That's a really nice post and I fully agree.

    In theory, micro transactions are a fantastic way to supplement the game and to give the developer/company extra revenue. When it works, it drives down cost (if there even is a cost) of expansions/additions because many of the things that become micro transactions require relatively little development time, thus there isn't much overhead.

    The problem isn't with micro transactions, but with the company and how they use/abuse them. For instance, I really hoped that the RMAH would lead to either more developer power (and thus faster, larger content patches) or that the extra revenue would drive down the cost of the expansion. It doesn't to appear to have done either.

    If micro transactions were introduced to D3, that would have to change. The extra revenue generated by optional purchases would need to have an impact on either the quality or quantity (preferably both) of future free content patches, and would also need to be reflected in the price of an expansion. I realize that a ton of money goes into these things, but even a $35 price tag (as opposed to $40) would be enough to show that the model is working.

    Just my thoughts though. I'd love to see micro transactions (that don't directly effect gameplay), if the extra money meant a better product. Just look at popularity of skins in LOL.
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    Quote from Foray
    I joined a public game recently. Everyone was idling in town. So i figured I'd do the nice thing and open the rift to get things going. Everyone jumps in and less than 20 seconds into the rift I get kicked with no explanation. Yay...
    There a bunch of issues with Public games, but I think this one could be solved rather easily. If they are going to keep the 1 person pays to open the rift mechanic, then that person should NOT be able to be kicked from the game. Even if they are undergeared/leeching/afk whatever, they paid for that rift, and shouldn't be able to be vote kicked. This could become a problem in RIF communities, as people could just stick around and not leave after opening the rift, but then they just get blacklisted. Also, many of the potential solutions to the public game problems would likely adversely affect RIF anyway.
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    Quote from shaggy
    Quote from Dree

    Here's a radical thought: How about gearing up alts by playing them?
    Because that defies the idea of account-wide Paragon which was supposed to let us play WHATEVER CHARACTER WE WANTED. It was supposed to circumvent the problem of one character being able to farm better, therefore, shoehorning you into that choice.

    Smart Loot forces you to do the opposite. You have a strong toon that can farm? Oh well. And it's spawned by this stupid "YOU GOTTA EARN IT" line of thinking. If my Wizard kills a monster and gets some T&Ts and passes them to my WD how is that not earned? Isn't that why we have a SHARED STASH and BoA gear? Doesn't that imply that we're supposed to be sharing items between our characters?

    I'm so sick of this stupid asininity where people repeatedly assert that unless that character has got the drop then it wasn't somehow earned. If I want to gear up my monk so that I can play T1+ on him before actually playing him, who gives a fuck? Who the fuck are you, or anyone else, to tell me that I have to grind hours on my monk to get gear for him?

    Just more social engineering. PLAY MY WAY OR YOU ARE SHITTY!
    It's true that Paragon 2.0 was designed to help with allowing play with alts without feeling so bad about the loss, but the intent (as I see it) was to remove the inherent bonuses that main characters had through paragon. With Paragon 1.0, your main (at higher P levels) had MF, GF, and a bunch of stats that made it better without counting gear. In that regard, it is successful.

    The gear gap is a different story. The benefit of smart loot dropping so often is that you find stuff for the character you are playing more often, which is great for gearing it. The downside is that it means you rarely find something that is useful to your alts, save for something that rolled perfect non-class specific stats, so that you can reroll the main stat.

    Perhaps it should be tuned a little more toward the middle? Or an option to tune it (within a range of reason), so that it can go from the current values, to something closer to 50/50, depending on what you are looking for.
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    posted a message on Will Paragon Leveling be Faster in RoS or not?
    Quote from Evolution85

    I agree with Shaggy.

    I will bet RoS will be balanced around a Blizzard assumption that the majority of people will be at or above a certain Para level. And the 50% boost was a way to assure that most people will be at that level. (I am guessing PL 100, but thats just a guess)
    I doubt that ROS is really balanced around a certain paragon level, as that conflicts with Blizzards accessibly mindset for D3, and with potential ladders.

    What I really think the XP boost(s) are is a way of encouraging people to play, even though most (all?) know that any items they find will be replaced by next Wednesday or Thursday (depending on how much ROS you get to play). The XP boost gives people a reason to grind for XP in preparation for ROS.
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    posted a message on Teleport
    I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, the Monk is supposed to be an agile, mobile melee class, so it makes sense that dashing strike work the way it does. It gives the Monk an agile feel in combat.

    On the other hand, teleport is massively underwhelming. The wizard as a whole is in a good place, but teleport is missing something. Not really sure how to fix it without making it super broken, though.
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    posted a message on [RoS FAQ] Reaper of Souls: Frequently Asked Questions
    Quote from Minon

    Are they kidding? Does it mean i can reroll say 10lvl items into 500+ primary stat making leveling even bigger joke that it is? I honestly don't like this change.
    I think that would depend on whether the enchant causes the items level to change. If you have a ilvl 10 item and enchant it at lvl 60, it could increase the level requirement to 60. I wasn't in the beta, but if I was to design a system like this that allowed @character instead of @ilvl rolls, I would change the level requirement to match the character level.
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    posted a message on Is this Diablo anymore?
    Before I get going on my response, I'd like to preface it by saying that I have strong opinions about this stuff, and it may sound as if I'm being condescending at some point. That's not my intent, as the OPs opinion is every bit as valid as mine, just that sometimes the blinders get the best of me.

    To me, D3 (especially v2) is very much a Diablo game. Many things have changed from D2, but many things changed between D1 and D2. Also, as much as I loved D2, there were quite a few glaring issues that I always hoped would be resolved in some way in D3.

    On the skill system. It's true that the devs probably could have come up with a way to keep skill trees and make it work, but they also had a lot of data that we as players only make assumptions about. They probably noticed that there was very little usage of many of the skills, and very few points invested in most (minus very niche specs). They probably also realized that no matter what they did, there would be skills that were mostly unused. It's just too hard to balance them . The problem with skill trees is that they (at least in every RPG I've ever played that used them), never really add as much depth as they appear to. Most skills fall into one of three categories for any particular spec/build:

    1. If you want to use it, you max it
    2. one point wonder (this includes prerequisite skills)
    3. not worth a point
    Basically, you either max it, only put a single point in it, or don't use it at all. That means that all of the levels in the middle are useless at the end game, and only useful during the leveling phase of the game. The lone exceptions are the final skill you try to max in your build if you don't have enough points to finish it off, or skills that have diminishing returns and there is a point where you have effectively maxed it.

    The reason I bring up other RPGs is that many have tried to break this trend, but I've never played one that successfully did for the majority of the player base. When skills trees are looked at in that light, you can start to see how they are really almost as binary as the D3 trend (you are either using it or you aren't).

    That's not to say that I think the current skill system is perfect, but just to say that I see reasons for designing this way, and don't really think it's a step backward, or not in the spirit of Diablo.
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    posted a message on Drop Rates in 2.0? Timer?
    Drop rates were at about 1 leg per 2 hours, but that was before Travis said that they had been doubled. The question there is, was that in normal, T6, or somewhere in between.

    This doesn't mean that you'll always find one per hour, but you can reasonably expect one every 1-2 hours, and if it gets too much further than that, the timer should start slowly increasing your leg drop chance until you do.

    In a game where drops are subject to RNG, it can be annoying when a you play for an hour and half without one dropping, but that's one of the reasons for the paragon system. If you get nothing else from a play session, you should get some paragon experience and some crafting materials (if want/need them).
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    posted a message on "A" Dev did not know about lvling 0-60 in roughly 15 minutes...
    Quote from MetabolicFrolic

    I don't understand the logic that "It's okay to powerlevel, this is a Diablo game."
    What kind of uproar would there be if this was any other game with this kind of exploit.

    If you want to be 60, just play the freakin' game the way it's supposed to be played.
    The rational behind that, at least to me, is that the only gains one gets from leveling from 0-60 themselves are personal gains. Level 60 items are better than those of lower item levels, and paragon doesn't kick in until level 60 (assuming you aren't playing ROS).

    If someone decides they don't care about the leveling process, no matter what the reason, it doesn't hinder anyone else in any way. It'd be different if there were ladder seasons and competitions for the fastest character to level to 60, that had rewards, but there aren't. I, for one, will probably both play through the game a bunch and power level, depending on what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.

    To me the Devs decide what the way the game is "supposed" to be played. If they patch the game to eliminate power leveling, that's how it's supposed to be played. If there are methods for power leveling that are left in the game, that's a legitimate way to play the game as well.
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    posted a message on "A" Dev did not know about lvling 0-60 in roughly 15 minutes...
    It can still be exploited to some degree to farm out a set bonus or a specific Legendary effect you really need. sure a lvl 59 item vs a 70 item is not good, But Getting that effect that makes everything in a setup work. i could live with one piece being sub-par.

    This is only true for some portion of the legendaries and sets. Many of the more desirable ones don't even drop until 60+, so you wouldn't even be able to get one at lvl 59. There still are exceptions that may get exploited, but that's their decision. If I'm not mistaken, you can "reset quests" to get the first kill drops pre-60 anyway, so you'd be able to do it without power leveling anyway.

    To the initial topic, honestly, who cares if someone gets boosted to 60 in 1 minute? Those who want to enjoy the leveling up experience are welcome to do so. If it isn't fixed, I'll probably use it at some point, but will also play through game myself to level as well. It doesn't have to binary there.

    If someone wants to skip the leveling up phase and go straight to end game mode, that's on them. It has no effect on you. This is especially true with most things being BOA.

    *Edit* quoting got messed up, and still is.
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