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    posted a message on Good going Blizzard.
    A lot of people seem to see a problem where is none. How did they cheat and exploit? They didn't use a bot or altered the game files or something so they didn't cheat. Did they use game mechanics in a way unintended? I don't think so. They created a game as a group on T6 and looked for specific quests where you get a ton of XP for just opening a chest. If creating a game over and over is unintended Blizzard would limit the amount of games you can create in a certain time as they've done in the past but as they removed that mechanic it's OK. In addition the quests are rather rare compared to the quests where you actually have to kill things so you need to be lucky to get them often enough.

    One could argue that these very simple quests do give too much XP but they did for a long time and there was a thread about this exact same topic in the official forums. With the amount of posts in that thread and people using that method to level in streams Blizzard surly knows about it and did nothing which would indicate that it's fine if you decide to do it.

    All this "they're breaking the rules" is BS. There are rules in the ToS and that's it. It's nothing more than jealousy. It's "if they'd played by my rules I would've beaten them" mentality when in reality it still wouldn't be the case.

    But I agree that Blizzard could do something to make it a little bit more fair like change the quests to give less XP and increase the amount of XP you get from killing mobs so that killing mobs is the most efficient way to level. I know we're then back to where we were in vanilla where people just farm spots with the highest density but Blizzard could change that too to make it work.
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    posted a message on ddos attack by Lizard Squad
    Quote from Ducha

    Quote from Jaetch

    Several of my friends have lost their hardcore characters already (really well geared ones, too).

    Really sucks.

    That really does suck, I hope Blizzard can give them some sort of compensation for it.
    It sucks but as always HC is HC and Blizzard will give no compensation. That's the risk of HC. You only have limited control over things and it's irrelevant if you die because of your own fault or not.
    As for the DDoS attack. Does somebody know why they did it? Last time there was a DDoS attack they targeted streamers because they thought they exploit the game devs by streaming their games and making money because of the ads they show.
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    posted a message on Wrongfully Banned By Blizzard. *UPDATE - Account Unbanned*
    So you get an email that someone changed the password of your battle.net account and you did what? I suspect you did nothing because the next day you get an email that someone from somewhere else is using your account which is strange for Blizzard and you do what again? And again I think you did nothing and your account got banned.

    Why didn't you try after the first email to get your account back and secure it? You either didn't care (then you shouldn't care that it's banned now) or you knew that someone else has your login and will use the account to do things like paid service for paragon leveling or gold farming which is enough for you to get banned.

    In addition stated in the email you got banned for exploiting the game mechanics which will impact the gameplay of other players in a negative way. So no use of a bot or exploit of a bug but something else. What exactly nobody knows but it's something only the player can do and you can't get your case reviewed because of that and if the case is closed one of the higher ups has to unlock it again.

    I don't know the full story because you didn't tell us but it sounds fishy and because of the reason you were banned you can do nothing. No hope there to get the account back. If you want to play again you have to start fresh and buy the game again.
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    posted a message on Item/Option to reset weapon to original form
    To be honest I think that's a bad idea. Why don't they give us simply an option to get exactly the stats we want because it sounds like that's what you're saying. If the weapon you got now is so good that you don't want to part then reroll your socket into something else and use ramalandi to re-add the socket. They introduce ramalandi because a socket in your weapon is a must have and with ramalandi you have the choice of either rerolling one stat until you get a socket or try to get ramalandi to add it. When you think that rerolling your socket into something else isn't worth it because of the amount of gold and mats needed you're better off by trying to find a new weapon with good stats and no socket and then use ramalandi.
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    posted a message on Druid Concept art?
    Great concept art but I wouldn't read too much into the concept art. In the past there were some leaks from interns like when back then everyone wondered what the next WoW expansion would be an the intern leaked everything about Cataclysm but not everything he leaked was right. For example he said that the next hero class would be blademaster or archdruid but with Cataclysm we got none.

    With this concept art it's the same. The probably worked on the druid as a new class for ROS but in the end decided to use the crusader instead of the druid.
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    posted a message on Acheivement Rewards
    Achievements are meant to be optional and therefore only offer rewards that aren't game changing in form of banner forms and sigils. As soon as you implement rewards that give you some kind of bonus you force people to actually do achievements to get the extra 10% or whatever.

    I think achievement rewards are good as they are and banner forms and sigils are enough.
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    posted a message on Legendary item chance revealed :(
    Quote from zachafella831

    1. We have to hope the item is on the drop table
    2. We have to hope to get the item typ e.g. "Sword" to drop
    3. We have to hope it is the correct item e.g. thunderfury

    If point 1 already is false, you can run 1 billion rifts in this game session and will never get the drop you want.

    But don't worry, they increased legendary drop rate by 100% in rifts = more bad belts and rings. Good luck have fun playing the lottery! Btw there is NO trade : )
    But we already know which items can drop from what source (meaning cache only and torment only) so that point 1 is irrelevant. Point 2 and 3 are just like before because it's all RNG. The only interesting thing about this news is that we can now see which items have the lowest droprate (which most people also already knew) and that droprates in general are pretty much balanced.
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    posted a message on Shield Bash - I don't get it?
    I use shield bash only in block builds. Run around to find elites/rares, hit some mob here and there with punish-roar for the buff and AOE damage and use shield bash only to one shot elites. As a AOE spender the costs are too high in my opinion and it only works for high single target damage. On higher torment it isn't viable in my opinion but works very well in a block build where you don't really need any gear.
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    posted a message on New Drop rates on Purples
    Don't think they nerfed their droprate but RNG is RNG. I farmed for 6 hours to get woven plate to craft piro marella and got a ton of other legendary crafting materials.
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    posted a message on New crusader 70 questions!
    Good build but I would swap divine fortress for something else because it only scales with your shield's block chance. I'd take either finery for more damage (if you have items with sockets) or towering shield if you don't have that much block chance. In addition I would switch punish rune to roar for some AOE damage.

    Apart from that block builds with punish for the buff and shield bash with pound rune work extremely good even with the worst gear available because of hardened senses and hold your ground which will boost your survivability and the damage shield bash does.
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    posted a message on Imperius theories?
    Imperius doesn't hate the nephalem but only hates the demons. He's ok with what Malthael is doing because all Malthael tried was to capture all demonic stuff into the black soulstone which would kill all nephalem as collateral damage. Imperius doesn't like the nephalem but killing them doesn't fit him because they are partially angels. Imperius helps us only because Malthael attacked the high heavens to gain access to pandemonium.

    Nobody wanted to kill the nephalem but to capture and destroy the demons. As long as the nephalem don't go crazy and attack the high heavens the angels will do nothing. They already voted if they destroy the nephalem or not and decided to not kill them and that's what they will do. On the other hand they also won't help the nephalem and Tyrael was the only one who helped us against the demons. Imperius didn't care that Belial and Azmodan tried to get the black soulstone to become the prime evil because it only affected sanctuary at first.

    If they do a branching storyline Imperius could be a boss if you choose to side with the demons but apart from that. He isn't a bad angel like many people see him but he's simple and extreme in his thinking. All demon related is bad and needs to be destroyed and everything that was decided by the council is the right thing to do to maintain order.
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    posted a message on Heavenly Strength -- Lets talk about it.
    Quote from Nathanyael

    I think the penalty have to go as well.
    I mean, logically I can see why there would be a penalty like if this was another game :)
    Who really cares though if we can use 2h + shield and run just as fast as you. By the time the hammers are rolling you have killed everything anyway. :)
    Even if it would be 'unfair' it doesnt ruin the game experience for other players. All it does it makes Crusaders, which is a cool class, frustrating to play with friends. And that goes against the spirit of Diablo!
    But if there isn't a penalty then there's a chance that crusaders will be OP with good damage, very good survivability and speed and other classes will be unattractive.

    A shield isn't needed for all skills and when not using heavenly strength you can use another passive to improve your damage or survivability. There has to be a penalty because if there is none there isn't a real choice and it boosts both, your damage and survivability. Other passive only boost one or the other in a significant way so when you add a passive that boosts both there has to be a downside. If you're playing with other people you have to chose if you want better damage and survivability but always be left behind or be right in the action with less damage (1h+shield) or less survivability (2h).
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    posted a message on Xpack is good, a few things remain though.
    Only thing I don't like about the expansion is how they handled the gem progression. Up until level 60 it's normal and then with level 61 you immediately get marquis gems. If you miss the achievement for crafting a radiant star gem it's close to impossible to do it because you simply can't farm enough flawless square from level 60 to 61. Only option is to trade (a lot of people already got rid of all their low level gems) or make a new character to farm gems and after reaching level 61 delete and repeat.

    I think it would've been better to keep the same pacing with gems like from 1-60 and make marquis the baseline gem at level 70 and not at level 61. Maybe they change it later on or give us the option to keep a character at level 60 so that you can farm for the gems.
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    posted a message on Drop rates on the new gems?
    New gem drops up until level 70 are the normal gems up to marquise gem. Only on master and torment level 61+ mobs have the chance to drop imperial gems instead. That's what I saw in the streams of the beta. Also I don't think it's worth to farm a few hours to get new gems and then play the crusader because you can easily start a crusader at expert or master or depending on how much paragon levels you have probably at torment and level so much faster.
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    posted a message on It really is time for Blizzard to stop being lazy.
    Quote from Finder
    Quote from Yingtao

    I didn't miss your point. You think the nerfs or fixes were needed because they gave people with a special way to play the game an advantage over people who play the way in another way. As said there is no elegant way to fix that kind of problem in general because it's a problem made by the players. To fix it you have to force players into playing the game in a certain way.

    As you said in your first post. You're idea would be to implement a timer or diminishing returns so that you force people into playing longer sessions (timer) or visit more areas in the game (diminishing returns). That would work and wouldn't affect your style of playing but would affect the style of a lot of other people.

    In addition I already said that the nerfs affected me and my style of playing the game and that I don't think that the nerfs were needed. I understand what you mean but I don't think that it's that big of a deal that Blizzard has to implement something. As soon as you have access to adventure mode it will be the most efficient way to get both, XP and legendaries.
    OK so you got the point and still chose to just cry about your exploits being fixed, got it.
    I don't cry about the exploits being fixed because I didn't use the exploits. I don't like the short runs and prefer longer runs with some exploration and events (so basically what adventure mode will be). In my opinion there was nothing wrong with cota runs because I don't care if other people do them or not.

    The one who's crying about the fixes are you because you think that all these things had to be fixed and now you cry about it because it also affects your style of playing and you want another solution that punishes high efficient players and rewards "normal" players. The fix now affects all players and that's why you're upset but I still don't think that it's such a big deal and I don't think Blizzard is lazy with the fixes.
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