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    posted a message on LF a super duper Necro, RGK.

    Looking for a decent Necro to do 100+ speeds and 110+ pushes with. Have a pretty consistent group, other than zBarb at times, but always a pain to find a RGK. If you'd be interested, hit me up.


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    posted a message on P840+ Season Wiz/WD LFClan

    Started playing again at the start of this season and intend to keep playing during seasons play now so looking for a clan. Currently have 4 characters I've been messing with, could do something else if needed:

    FB Archon - Cleared up to 85 (84 timed). Getting bad rifts every time I try to push and the couple decent ones I've gotten, ended up with a crappy RG and ended up shy a few seconds. Trying to finish getting my last few ancient pieces along with leveling gems/cubing them to get that extra "umph" to do it.

    Flash Wiz - Use for quick rift farming, goblin farming and helping/carrying others for gear/pl.

    WD - Cleared up to 79 (78 timed). Haven't really toyed with it much, but probably will be pushing it more so than my FB A in solo play until I can get it up to snuff.

    zWD - Have only geared it in preparations of using in groups. Have zero experience actually playing it, but am a fast learner and have watched/read many guides on it so should grow in to it.

    Been spending most of the season farming goblins and/or helping others carrying them through rifts for gear with a side of trying to push on the solo boards. While I still plan on doing what I have been, I'm now looking for others to play with that are active. I want to start doing group runs with others, be it on one I already have leveled, or level another one to do it. Tired of mostly playing by myself and/or even the thought of fully pugging.

    If you're interested in having me tag along and/or any other questions, please let me know.

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