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    posted a message on The meaning of TurboHUD and why it is much more than just a hack

    If blizzard was to introduce maphack was a buyable DLC, I wonder how many ppl would use it? (As in you pay a one-time fee, and all your maps are fully revealed forever).

    However, a bigger issue here is not the maphack, but the fact that maphacks are mandatory. Blizzard needs to make it to where all GR maps are both A) Extremely linear, NO turnoffs and B) have a 100% set number of elites in it per map size. GR RNG [email protected]#$ing sucks.

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    posted a message on wizards and crusaders sets NERFED for 2.4.1

    Overall, going from 120-60 stacks is essentially a 5 GR lvl nerf. Not too big an issue, really.

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    posted a message on Need advice to finish season

    Hey all, need some advice to finish the season, heres my character -

    I can currently do 65 with decent rift RNG (tried once, got a terrible 1 or less elite/lvl, finished up 15:20 or so). I'm working on some Caldessan's atm. Not using Stricken's because it currently only helps with the RG (I can kill most elite packs as soon as I hit my CoE burst window), and I don't have a high one lvld. DMO-Orb build is what I will be using up to 70. Using shields for defense atm, its been working out decently.

    Is there anything I can be doing to improve my clear time besides plvl/caldessans/ancients+better rolled ancients?

    Any advice that can be given will help.

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    posted a message on New Wizard Hydra Set Idea

    I don't see the purpose, at all, for removing currently exisiting pieces, even if they ARE more or less useless. Revamping them to have a new legendary? Sure. Removing? No.

    Why does Frost Nova have damage on it? This forces you to pick the Frost Nova damage rune.

    Not quite sure what the fantasy is that you are going for. Firebirds is pure fire, Vyr's is Archon, especially given that Vyr is the guy who invented Archon, Tel'Rasha, who was famous for his control over all facets of the elements, and his meteors, is multi-elemental+meteors. This is more like revamped Delseres, a man who attempting to utilize the control over time into crafting a powerful suit of armor. Only unified thing is, well, Hydras. Hydras and storms? Hydras and natural effects?

    As for skill usage, you really don't have anything supporting Wave of Force besides, well, the set bonus. Nothing that makes Wave of Force deal increased damage, it essentially completely fulfills the role of a spender.

    In addition, you have to have Hydra, Blizzard, Black Hole, a generator, Wave of Force, AND Familiar to get maximum benefit. Black Hole/Blizzard is required to further boost your Hydra damage, which is where the majority of your damage is coming from. Wave of Force is needed because you need a spender of some sort, given that this isn't a niche build. Familiar is needed because you are boosting its damage, and you generally have things boosting pet damage. Generator because you will be using arcane power, and Generators are needed to fill in the gap.

    Overall, only thing I agree on is that Hydra does need a set (All classes currently have 1-3 abilities that have NO set interaction whatsoever). I have to disagree with your 4 piece bonus (It only provides a 10% damage reduction buff on a single target, and makes you immune to damage in big crowds), as well as you 6 piece (Should be changed to granting 200% extra damage to all skills, with supporting legendaries making you choose which skills to pick)

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    posted a message on Ever wonder why few (if any) on the leaderboards cube Unity?

    What you are describing, OP, is known as map RNG, which can generally lead to a 5 GR difference (GR fishing exists for a reason). You can see this all the times - Your farm run took an extra 5 minutes due to low mob/elite density, stuff like that.

    Losing 12.5% CDR can actually make a difference, as it means less usage on Mystic Ally. If you are using Inna's Diabo, its a loss in damage.

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    posted a message on Rift Guardian Woes
    Quote from IvveP»

    ok, thanks everybody for the advice. Been practicing a bit on T6 but it's not realisitic I think. They do so little damage that it's hard to tell which attacks are dangerous and normally I would have gargs and dogs to tank some of the attacks. But even having 1 dog up rekts the guardian in seconds. I know that there has been power creep but this is ridiculos...

    yea, T6 isn't realistic at ALL, given that its basically equivalent to GR 20ish. Test on TX instead.
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    posted a message on Patch 2.4.1: START GUIDE for Season 6! (How to be best Prepared & Quickest level 1-70)
    Quote from Vedre»

    Do we know if the starter sets (from Haedrig's Gift) are changing with S6?

    Yea. its now Raekors, Akkhans, Zuni, Inna, M6, and DMO. Crusaders get the short side of the stick, Wiz gets the easiest boost.
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    posted a message on using T-HUD cuz of the interface of the game its verry bad, all agree?
    Quote from Atu»

    Quote from TheInfiniteIce»

    Quote from TrueColdkil»

    Quote from TheInfiniteIce

    Most of the stuff listed here is completely useless to have.

    Useless to you.

    What if you're using a build which uses this item?

    What if you're using this potion?

    These are just two examples I thought of off the top of my head. They are not the only two instances in the game. It's unfair to categorically say more numbers are 'completely useless to have'. Maybe this is true for you, but not for others.

    And I know that most people don't do this, but you can actually disable the maphack and AoE circles. Granted, they are on by default (i think) so this is a bit of a moot point and I'm not going to harp on about it. It definitely gives an advantage when used in the default config; but it definitely contains useful UI improvements, and the default interface needs to adopt some of these improvements, or at least options to enable them.

    The two items you linked makes none sense. The chest is instant salvage, you dont even need to identify it.

    Potion needs 50% hp, average joe should be able to decide that pretty easily without a cheating software. Stop generating imaginery use cases for thud, the only reasons you are using it is map hack, elite evade and EXACTLY knowing where Ghoms fart hurts as stated above.

    Umm, Shi is the highest damage armor piece you can get, period, as long as you can take advantage of being below 25% health, which some people CAN do. It is simply harder to do if you lack numbers.
    The current UI is [email protected]#$ing horrible. Everything is all "guesstimation". How much time does my CD have left until CoE is up? Exactly how much CDR do I need to ensure this CD lines up perfectly with CoE every single time? (Theres TONS of things like that out there. Iron Skin for Crusaders, Wolves for DHs, Threatening Shout-Damage boost for Barbs, ect)
    Resource is also another big one. Exactly how much CDR do I need in order to ensure that the ONLY ability I use during CoE is the same-damage spender? If I use X resource regenerating ability, will I waste any resource? Ect, ect
    Now, the various large benefits to using Thud, such as the ability to see the map, see conduits off to the side, see elites, saves HUGE amounts of time in GRs. Really, GRs either need to be 100% linear, NO dead ends, or include this by default. When a path branches off, and you waste 15 seconds going down that path only to find 3 mobs, whelp, bye-bye pushin, lets log out and redo this shit. When you reach the end of a GR map without seeing a SINGLE elite because the 2 guaranteed elites were down a different path then what you choose? Bye-bye pushing.
    Lets face it - For casual scrubs, yea, the current UI is far more then enough, they won't ever go past GR 60 anyway. But for players who are pushing as hard as they can? The benefits given by THUD is too much to really pass up.
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    posted a message on Paragon - the problem or the solution?

    Imo, the early paragon lvling is NOT a problem, but is, instead, a good benefit. It allows people to continue to progress with XP, and gives ppl little goals to aim for.

    Once you hit 800 Paragon? It becomes a problem. Nerfing the amount of primary stats per paragon, as many people suggest, doesn't do shit. In addition, blizzard will NOT implement nerfs that result in people being unable to continue to progress at a lvl they were progressing UNLESS the playstyle they are using goes against their design decision (xp zdps, SC monk, 3 globes+1 twister wiz)

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    posted a message on Oculus ring on follower patch 2.4.1

    It, and Unity are basically mandatory. I don't think that having an Oculus on both yourself and follower will stack though, not sure. Either way, its basically 80% more damage for solo players. Solo and MP will probably be with 3-4 GRs from each other now, combined with the mob damage nerf.

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    posted a message on [Idea] New cube recipe or new tier of legendary item
    Quote from Shapookya»

    Quote from Demonmonger»

    Quote from Shapookya
    The game needs horizontal progression. There should be more things to do than rifts and bounties.

    Those types of things will come with a new expansion more than a new patch.

    That is true, which brings us to the fact that an expansion is overdue. RoS is 2 years old. IF there is an expansion coming, then not earlier than late this year. that's 2.5 years for real game changing content (not just some new zones or sets).
    And power creep isn't good. It always brings problems, like the difficulty of the game, which is a joke again although they "just" increased it half a year ago. That's insane.
    Power creep should not happen for the sake of power creep. If it happens, then due to new features that change the way we play, like the cube. That was good vertical progression. Giving everything double damage each patch is not good power creep. Introducing a new layer of legendary quality with even higher item stats for the players who just can't get enough of this game, is not good power creep. because that leads to the next problem: power disparity between someone who plays a lot and someone who plays a bit. This disparity is already too big. If you are fully augmented and want to play with someone who barely finished his build, you can't. It's just not fun. If you don't reduce grifts, he'll do no damage and die from everything. If you drop 20-30 grifts, you'll rush him through the game without him doing anything.
    Power creep destroys the game. Blizzard's balancing philosophy is a joke, because they always try to buff everything around the best build. What they should instead do is pick a grift level they want players to be and balance around that. What's too powerful gets nerfed, what's too weak gets buffed, until balance is good. Then you can bring a new feature like a cube and rebalance around a new grift level. Not just up it every patch.
    Just because I did GR80 last patch, doesn't mean that I have to reach GR90 this patch. What kind of logic is that?
    I don't see why you are complaining about power creep in an infinite progression system. I do agree that an expansion is getting overdue, but it won't do anything to combat the current power creep that we have.
    Blizzard's current design philosophy seems to be two fold - Provide a reason for players to continue to play, and to buff rather then nerf.
    For the first, the main way to do this is simple - provide artificial progression inflation each season to keep the community interested. Hitting a wall sucks. It ESPECIALLY sucks when you realize that the ONLY way to get past said wall is to invest even more time hitting said wall. Before Season 4, that wall was generally GR 60 - Looking at leaderboards at the time, the highest solo GR people did in seasons 1-3 was, more or less, 60, for all 3 seasons. 4 man was only a few GRs higher. Without any changes, players would go up to GR 60, and pretty much stop playing there, because they KNEW that the only way to progress was to invest a godaweful amount of time into grinding Paragon, which, in and of itself, has an eventual cap in which gaining an extra 1000 paragon lvls would only bump you up a single GR lvl.
    So, Blizzard stated to buff sets. In Season 4, we saw a number of set buffs, a number of item buffs, resulting in the average player being able to finish between GR 55-65 (FAR ahead of the previous average!) We also saw XP boosts become split between the party, resulting in an entirely new meta at the time (XP supports for insanely high Paragon farming. In season 1/2, we saw the highest players finishing up around 1k paragon. In season 3, we started to have zdps/leech builds, which resulted in the higest Paragon finishing up around 2k. Season 4, we had xp zdps supports, which provided a boost to the entire group increasing lvling by anywhere from 25% (At least), to ~120%, resulting in Paragon finishing up around 3k, which further added to power creep. Season 5, we saw huge set boosts across the board, huge increases via buffing legendaries to grant a huge amount of +%skill damage boost, roughly doubling the baseline XP granted by each mob to make up for the loss of xp zdps supports, ect. Top Players will likely end up around 4k paragon in season 5, and finish up GR 115-120
    Season 6 sees further boosts to set bonuses, as well as drastic nerfing to mob damage in GRs, counterbalanced by nerfing of mob XP in GRs. Its not at a perfect ratio though, so you will STILL be able to acquire XP faster in season 6 then you were able to in season 5. Chances are, top players will finish up GR 130-140 in season 6, with paragon lvl being close to 5k.
    Imo, compared to players constantly finishing with the exact same GR lvl each season, reaching the exact same paragon lvl each season, allowing for power creep brings freshness into the game. Because, lets face it, people will get tired of reaching the EXACT same goals each season. With power creep, players can go "Ok, maybe I can reach 10 more GRs this season, lets go", rather then "GR 60 [email protected]#$ing-again, BS game".
    Having power creep will also allow for the introduction of new sets, powers, even progression, because rather then having to balance around a finite cap, you can continually add new things to the game without having to worry bout any sort of cap.

    Also, you mention horizontal progression. You have mastered all 24 set dungeons, yes? That IS a form of alternate progression that is not connected to GRs (Although doing GRs can help you with them in the form of boosting your own power). Horizontal progression is VERY hard to come up with without turning it into another form of main progression.

    Really, perhaps you should suggest alternative measures on the D3 forum, rather then bitching and moaning without offering your own suggestions.
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    posted a message on [Idea] New cube recipe or new tier of legendary item

    I dislike the Primal idea, as there is already TOO much RNG in the game. Theres RNG in getting your legendary to drop, RNG in getting it to roll ancient, another dose of RNG in getting it to roll useful stats, and a FINAL dose of RNG in high rolls on those useful stats. We don't need ANOTHER level of RNG there.

    The second one is more acceptable. While it does have a layer of RNG to it, its completely seperate from getting a piece of gear.

    Personally, I think they should take another look at Legendary Gems, and add them to Kanai's Cube. Account-wide gems. Extra slots unlocked through going up GR lvls. Its not JUST power creep, its PROGRESSIONAL power creep, in that its not reliant on RNG/item buffs, but instead reliant on your progression.

    I posted this idea at Diablo forums,

    Check it out, bump it up so more ppl can read it!

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    posted a message on Kinda lost, pre-torment help?

    T1 can be done in pure lvl 70 yellows.

    T2 is if you have like 2 legendaries.

    T3 is 5 legendaries

    T4 is lots of legendaries

    T5 is if you got a damaging set bonus going on

    T6 is if you got a damaging and defensive set bonus going on.

    T7 is if you got a full 6 piece going on

    T8 is full 6 piece+1 supporting legendary

    T9 is full 6 piece+legendary/set weapons (With the 60%+ skill damage boosts)

    T10 is full 6 piece, legendary/set weapons, supporting legendaries.

    T2 can pretty much be done right off the bat as long as you go with the most efficient skill set up, so there really isn't any "gearing up to Torment". Quick stats, you need ~1.5 mil toughness or so to not die in T2, and only ~300k damage on the sheet to down stuff.

    You can start up a seasonal character to get free 6 piece bonus, and be able to instantly do T7 (Get to lvl 70, kill a certain boss on T2, solo GR 20).

    Some more notes - A Crusader is an exception to the Torment listing - A thorns build can pretty much go strait to T5, without a single legendary (Flawless Imperial Topaz, 5 or so pieces with Thorns on em, Thorns damage is super strong). Its incredibly simple to gear (The supporting pieces for it are fairly common, and most of them increase your toughness allowing you to easily do higher lvls), and it boasts the highest possible toughness out of ALL the sets (100% block chance, 55% damage reduction from Justice Latern, 50% from Aquilla Cuirass, 30% from BLood Brother, 50% from 4 set bonus, you don't gear for Crit/RCR so you can get more defensive stats, Vitality has strong offensive value above a few other skills, you use Iron Skin/Akarat's Champion/Consecration for your skills, you can get 100% uptime on those 3 skills, ect. Its insane value man).

    Let me see..

    As a general strat, do bounties until you have ~10 of each act mats (for starter cube), run Rifts until you get greater Keys, run Greater Rifts until you get your needed gems. Once you have those 3 things done, you just alternate between Bounties(When you run out of mats), Rifts (When you run out of Keys), and Greater Rifts. Note that for best efficiency, try to do as high Rifts as you can before a Greater Rift for best rewards (Quick rule of thumb, if you can do a Rift in 6 minutes, the equivalent Greater Rift lvl is ~3-5 lvls higher, due to mob health/damage being DRASTICALLY lower then in the Rift. T10 Rifts are, in-game, equivalent to GR 45, but you can do pretty close to GR 50 if you can down a T10 rift within 6 minutes)

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    posted a message on Extra Stash Tab for S5.
    Quote from Bagstone»

    Every season you have the chance to earn one additional stash tab. If you don't get it in S5, it just means that it'll take you one more season to get all the stash tabs (there's a total of four you can get by finishing the season journey's stash tab goal in four seasons). If you don't get your S5 stash tab it just means that you won't have the maximum of 4 additional stash tab (resulting in a total of 10) before season 9 (S6, S7, S8, and S9 for you). The earliest anyone will have all 10 stash tabs is season 8.

    So to sum it up, as soon as season 5 is over (which is not for at least another 2 weeks, maybe even 3-4, we still haven't seen the announcement) you can't get the S5 stash tab anymore, but it only means it'll take you one more season; you don't really "lose" anything or "miss out" on anything. It's just delayed.

    As stated by another poster, its entirely possible blizz will change the reward structure for Seasons - They've done it 4 times so far, after all (S1/2 only requiring lvl 70 seasonal character for the vanity rewards, S3 requiring 100/400 seasonal achieve points, S4 giving the tiered setups, S5 granting Haedrigs/Stash tab). Its possible that if you skip this season thinking that you'll have S6-9 to complete it, blizzard will turn a dozee and make S9 reward something entirely new instead of Stash Tabs.
    Its best to be on the safe side then the sorry side imo.
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    posted a message on The conquests are way to hard!!!

    GR 45 setless- Tricky for some classes. Crusaders have it the easiest by far - Stack a shitton of thorns, use Hack/Sanguinary Bracers. Easy.

    6 GR 55/8 set masteries - Time consuming. GR 55 is easy enough that if you have lvl 50 gems+600 paragon, you just need a 6 set and supporting weapons, no ancients required. Set dungeons require more time due to needing 6 piece of more sets, which can take a while longer, but are again easy, especially since you can have additional players help you (Just having them go behind you and pick off mobs you missed helps a [email protected]#$ing ton)

    Sprinter - Only hard conquest this time around.

    Avarice - This can be done on T6. Stack Gold Find, as much of it as you can spare. Get a lvl 50 Boon of the Hoarder. Go through the Ruins of Corvus WITHOUT killing a single mob, open all the doors, spawn all the scarab packs. When you reach the end, teleport out. Go back to the start of the Ruins of Corvus, Plot out the most efficient path, kill mobs, loot. Did it with an extra 30mil gold, had Leorics Crown (82% gold find), Goldskin (Always 100% gold find), gold find on amulet (100%), and ~3 pieces with gold find (another 100).

    So, really, the hard conquest is Sprinter. Even the 45 setless requires either stacking of certain legendaries/paragon/gems for a class (Demon Hunters use Magefist, Cindercoat, Yangs, and DML for infinite Multishot Spam+huge fire damage boost, Wizards can use Arcane Orb/Twister builds, ect), or just go Thorns Crusader (Super easy, I swear, its ridiculous)

    Now, for gems/GR 70...

    Gems have a 60% chance to be upgraded up to the same GR lvl. OP stated he can do GR 68, so he has a 60% chance to upgrade gems up to lvl 68. Time consuming, yes, but easily doable.

    Given that OP hasn't linked his gear, im going to assume that he does NOT have 3 lvl 65 legendary gems, and are probably in the 50s range. Getting 3 gems up to lvl 65 from lvl 50 is almost equivalent to an entire GR lvl, so thats GR 69. Im also going to assume that he does not have ANY Caldessans, whatsoever. Getting 5 lvl 60 Caldessans is equivalent to another GR lvl, so thats GR 70 atm.

    Finally, theres a question of, are you clearing the right way? Note that there is such a thing as GR RNG that can lead to a 5 GR swing either way. Sometimes I clear GR 55 (My normal speed farm atm) with only 3 minutes to spare due to having 3 minute stretches of 0 elites. Sometimes I can clear GR 60 in 5 minutes due to having tons of elites everywhere. Note that with the current GR meta, if you do not have the ability to drag mobs into huge groups (Helltooth does with that one Zombie Wall rune that moves mobs around, but its time consuming), then you essentially have to stay moving, ONLY stopping for groups of more then 20 small mobs, elite mobs that you don't take more then 30 seconds to kill, and groups of more then 5 big mobs (Abominations, Unburied, Savage Beasts, Gorgons, ect) If you stop to kill packs smaller then that, you are doing it wrong. If you spend 2 minutes trying to kill an elite group thats a bad combo for you (mob/power composition), you are doing it wrong. If you stop to kill every single minion of an elite pack rather then focusing down the champ, you are doing it wrong.

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