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    posted a message on This Banwave is a joke imo

    Cheaters always complaining once they are caught lol. Been that way since quake 2 first online days. Might wanna change the tune, we all heard it by now.

    Yes we know X cheat is worse then yours.

    Yes we know you did not mean to.

    Yes we know you only wanted to try it out.

    Yes we know it was your brother.

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    Quote from wowaccounttom
    once again.. the collective qq of the masses has nerfed an aspect of the game.

    first it was inferno mode, then both ahs, then legendary drops, then legendary drops in cache.

    this almost feels like every other wow expansion after vanilla...... wow 2.0 social experiment and beyond: The catering to the casuals

    This is nothing like this, RORG is actually a mistake from the begining. Its literally required for every build but pet doctor. Its stupid to have a single mandatory item for all classes/builds. People wasted huge amounts of time to farm a single item that only drop from a single source. They had 2 options, delete it or make it easy to get. The easy way was to make it easier to get since with almost any hero youll make you need the ring.
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    While most company can always do more to protect themselves, even microsoft. When it happens its not really a lack of them trying. The fact that microsoft is harder to disrupt, the topic coming up every time large scale actions happen to multiple companies, doesent mean everyone else is just open doors. Theres always someone better and it happens to be that microsoft is usually pretty solid at keeping their service running no matter what and to be harder to mess with in general, even they could still improve on it.
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    -If you dont understand mathematics, you think dodge is better.

    -If you dont understand the mechanics of the monsters affix, you think dodge is better.

    The End.
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    posted a message on Why this game moved away from me.
    It seems people on either side of " I dont find anything" or "RNG is RNG" both seems to lack perspective. The assumption that finding flaws into the general current loot system only meaning that you want instant gratification or even more ridiculous notion is that you dont want a challenge, is astonishing to me. When i come out and state these things someone usually attempts to tell me im just the new generation of gamers that dont want the 2 things mentioned above. Im past 30 years old, i have 2 kids, i still play video games with more limited times then when i was in college or a teenager, but to imply im some new gamer is funny to say the least.

    Ill address the challenge part first. Diablo series was and is not challenging. Nothing in this game is hard. Random item drop is not a challenge to overcome, you can never get better at it. You or me gambling gives off random results, you cant be better at it then someone else in the form it takes in diablo 3. So when ever someone discuss this bringing up that a player does not wish to have a challenge does not apply here.

    Instant gratification, granted im sure some people complaining about this fall into this category legitimately, it does not have to be relevant. There is ways to make long term gratification without hidding it behind walls so that anyone with less time can at least get something out of it. Diablo 3 fails at this concept pretty hard. I could only gather 7500(around that) blood shards since the game came out, i have gained 0 legendary from this. I read story of people farming 80k blood shards, its not something id have the time to do thats like years of gameplay for me.

    See the difference with Diablo 2 is this, i never got many items, but i could trade for them eventually. I never asked of the game to give me the same stuff that someone that can farm 80k blood shard does. In diablo 2 you can play and not be the richest, yet still have exactly the items you wanted eventually trading what you had. I wasent rich in D2 and i didnt have all characters in the best gear, but eventually i had every item i wanted on my Amazon. D3 the same concept can not apply, its a huge drawback. I was assured in D2 that eventually i had to finish my rune words via trading. It took me a while, but the goal was straight foward and everytime i traded toward that goal or found something i could trade i knew i was getting closer.

    D3 gameplay is nothing like this, i spend 5000 of my blood shards on shields alone, i never got a single legendary from it, let alone the one id want. I have nothing realistic to work toward and since my time is limited and i cannot assume that my time will ever reward with something i do want. There is nothing in the game for someone like me. I cant work toward anything.

    If you are still in college and have the time to farm 80k blood shard, thats great for you guys, i used to have that time too. I just dont think i should be dismissed as not a fan anymore or some new generation of gamers, because i dont have this kind of time luxury. The pervious games are able to appeal to my limited time with goals i could work toward, D3 does not do this. D3 does many things better, but that part is fails at miserably. This game just drifted toward an end of the spectrum away from my demographic into a territory i cannot enjoy, i think i have a legitimate point of view. I beat games harder than diablo series over the years, my gratification and challenge are well in check. The difference, most of these games did not attempt to be my second job. If a video game wants to take so much of my time, it has to make it so i can achieve my goals eventually in some way that is guaranteed. I can wait 1 year before finally having the best crusader shield, if i knew that i was working toward it, but you cant work towards anything in this game.
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    Switched to Crusader as my only toon as soon as i worked this spec into my friends group. This build is easy to gear, easy to solo and on top of it probably one of the best build to have in any party. It comes with strong damage, moderate control, huge buffs and doesent have any particular weakness when it comes to elite affixes, infact some like thunderstorm are useful to you lol.

    You need marginal gear to solo torment 1 at lvl 70. Im doing it with 700k dps and 12 million thoughness. My only legendary item being my 2 hander enchanted to have a socket. Its a pretty bland legendary 2690 dps, 1099 str, 1000 vit and the socket. Another almost requirement is a solid shield with % crit chance and sweep attack damage if possible.

    Stats priority is Crit damage > str > % damage to sweep attack> crit chance = attack speed > all resist > armor > vit > life on hit > what ever else you feel like.

    So what makes this build solid and easy, first lets look at all the spells.

    Punish - Celerity, a single target builder that both increase your survivability and your damage in the form of attack speed when you block, you block often with punish and a decent shield. (Thats part 1 of why you like thunderstorm).

    Sweep Attack - Holy shock or Blazing Sweep, if you feel you dont need anymore life on hit, Blazing sweep for the damage, otherwise holy shock will make you invincible. Theres not much to say about this spender that most people dont already know, its by far the most efficient spender crusader have right now, it only cost 20 wrath and pretty big cleave damage, mine crits from 3-3.5 million to all the way 5 millions solo with my own buffs.

    Condemn - Vacuum, this is where the power begins, this is what you will start elites and even big white mobs pack with. Just run in there and start sucking.

    Judgment - Resolved, this is step 2, before condemn goes off pop this baby in the middle of the elite pack you just sucked in. Unless you have under 20% crit chance, which even in my shit rares where i dont even try to have crit chance yet still have 45%, this means for the next 5 seconds your attacks and those of your party on these targets will have 100% crit chance. While soloing this mean a guarantee Condemn crit nearing 20 millions.

    Laws of Valor - Critical, this is step 2.5, as soon as you hit judgment hit this spell for 100% crit damage increase to your whole party. Now that both judgment and Laws of valor are used, just spam Sweep attack away and an elite pack dies under 10 seconds. Its especially powerful in groups while having some class with powerfull dps buffs like a WD, Wizard or a DH. Id say out of all classes your best allie is WD because they have a harder time getting high crit chance unlike DH, but what ever happens you are capping them, they will be thankful who ever class is with you. You are making them crit 100% of the time and adding 100% crit damage to their stats.

    Steed charge - endurance, Its almost boring to make a crusader build without it, get you out of CC, makes you faster, etc. Theres no reason to make a case for this spell.

    Passive only 2 Are mandatory and 1 is highly recommended to test and see for yourself, 1 is optional.

    Heavenly strength, theres no way to play this build effectively without it. It gives the most damage increase out of any passives. The whole point of the spec is to deal massive damage quickly with crit damage and raw damage, if you arent supporting the strongest weapon and the highest possible stats, it kinda goes against the spec, youd be better served by something less bursty.

    Finery, Im putting this as mandatory, again this is pure free stats 70 free Strength per gems you have, it should be DPS gems, mabye a few diamonds for all resist if you think you dont have enough resist, But you should double stack this bonus for Strength really.

    Renewal, this is not mandatory, but i highly recommend people test this out if they feel they want to leave it out. This is part #2 of why you love thunderstorm, the tics heals you for more than the damage TS does on block, way more actually. When theres a thunderstorm around i can sit in sentry. This thing Heal you for 12000 at level 70 everytime you block. With punish in the build, you should give it a shot, if you dont want to use it or are so geared torment 6 cant hurt you, drop it and drop punish for something like slash at this point.

    Holy cause, this is optional depending on your weapon, my weapon deals holy damage, this is a flat damage increase and thats it. It gave me a pretty solid increase in sheet dps because of the 2 hander with massive holy damage affix. 10% of that damage is alot once multiplied by your Strength and all your other DPS stats.

    If you do not have an Holy 2 hander pick something else, theres alot of good stuff. For one if you went with renewal hold your ground is a no brainer, flat 15% increase block chance to heal yourself for 12000. If you did not because you dont need the survivability, fervor and righteousness should be your best bet.
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    posted a message on Option to stay level 60
    Waste of dev time. Also it was never like what the OP is asking in D2, if you stick to a classic character it didnt stop leveling, it simply did not have access to the new content. The OP is asking for the reversal, not level and have access to new content, not happening.
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    posted a message on On Enchanting Legacy Gear (Repost)
    Quote from Cobearz
    Quote from Maka

    Something that just popped into my head: what's the real danger here? Can someone give me some concrete examples of lvl60 gear that you would enchant to make it lvl70 torment gear? Because, and I may be completely off-base here, it seems to me that all this can be avoided if you make it so that when you enchant pre-Loot 2.0 gear you only get pre-Loot 2.0 rolls.

    Again, I might be totally off base, so I'd like some concrete examples from people that are in the beta.
    Exactly this...pleas give us examples of this amazing lvl 60 gear being enchanted so its better 10 levels later in T1 (70) or more...

    My current legacy gear can be replaced at lvl 60....without reforging..I have found upgrades.

    Please...give us examples...because even my lvl 61 perfect ammy was replaced.
    Exemple were already given in the OP, by someone that is against the changes? Im not sure what you are looking for? A rerolled Calamity for exemple is more raw damage than most loot 2.0 weapons, the only way to beat it is find something with an appropriate new legendary effect that beats it, because on damage alone nothing does.

    A witching hour with rerolled main stat is by far the best belt again raw damage wise, you lose alot of surviability, but thats a manageable trade, the only way to beat it is find very rare legendaries with a proc that will give you better potential, the difference is the witching hour provide its raw power to any build.

    Most of these items arent the best, what blizzard clearly doesent like is that they do come pretty high up there. The diffrence between letting them be rerolled to lvl 70 or letting them being rerolled to lvl 60/not at all is this: Youll keep the lvl 60 item until you find the very best proc for that slot or youll probably drop it instantly when you hit lvl 70. Blizzard clearly want you to change ALL of your gear, sooner than later, which is what the change manifest.
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    posted a message on On Enchanting Legacy Gear (Repost)
    Removing the option to dosen't solve anything. It just angers people. I'm sorry, but that is the truth.
    Already explained in this thread what it solves, the lvl 60 items arent competitive with everything, but its competitive against many items, many items that dont have perfect stats according to the vanilla model of gear, which was a mistake from the start and they want to go away from. Quadfeca rings, cannot exist anymore, they still gives more raw DPS than most of the lvl 70 loot bar the most rare and very best.

    Not solving it now is short sighting as seems to be the argument that it angers people, it angers people for like a month and than no one will care. They balanced themselves into a wall with crit/cd and AS. These stats were too over inflated on gear, if you keep adding expansion and inflating the number on the gear everytime, eventually everyones running around with 100% crit, 1000% crit damage and capped attack speed. If you dont add more of these stats every new tier, than no one even needs to get new gear.

    They had 3 big ways to do that, remove the old crit/cd/ias as stats and turn them into rating that diminish in power for every level up you gain like in an MMO, so that you never hit the caps and need more of the stats that you find on stronger gear or do what they just did and kill the old itemisation mistake and make the dps rating much lower and spread out, meaning you can cap them, its harder, but youll be missing more stats doing it. The third one was having caps on these stats, caps that gear could not pass, people cried about that for pretty much the same reasons, "but my old gear", so they gave in and found something else. One way or another the old gear was gona go bye bye enchanted or not.

    They went for the easy and quick way, the logical one if they didnt want to rework how these stats work. Its very, very short sighted to ask for them to buff loot 2.0 even more to work out the issue, that would be counter productive to what the change is addressing. Because evetually they have to do it, better in the first expansion than later.

    But it makes some people angry is not a logical argument against their attempt to have a more balance and long term plan about itemization, if anything it shows that they did learn at least one lesson from vanillas mistake. Buffing the loot would just be making the same mistake twice.
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