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    posted a message on New World record for barbs. 47 in 8:23!!!!!!
    Quote from xitchl
    What a retarded playstyle...
    Because that Diablo 3 for extremly casuals, blizzard killed game. There no variations builds. All characters CTRL + C > CTRL + V
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    posted a message on Next Expansion Speculation
    1. Add EndGame content. ( Rift are same always and boring)

    2. Return Rare items with ilvl and Rework Legendaries ( not this shit in ROS 2stats + 2 random)

    3. Add more builds for classes ( not like RoS 1-2 buld per Class)

    4. Add real bosses to endgame (in RoS bosses are very casual)

    5. Add RuneWords

    6. Add real lootsystem 2.0 ( not like RoS lootsystem 0.5)
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    posted a message on True end game.
    Diablo 3 doesn't have end game. This is bullshit game. Same legendaries with 4 affixex 2 stat + 2 random roll. Same rift's, super easy get to legendaries, casual gameplay, same builds etc.. Diablo 2 was much better variable items, intresting gameplay, has trade, intresting find items. Path of exile successor Diablo 2 with true end game content.
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    posted a message on How do you guys feel about Bounty and Rifts?
    Quote from Elendiro

    As Kripp said: Why would anybody play Rifts over Bounties?
    Because Rifts need system(player\mobs buffs\debuffs) like POE\Torchlight at this moment Rifts like White maps in POE
    My suggestion:
    Do drop Rift Coins do a slighty lesser then Legendary in Bounty and 2 times lesser drop inside Rifts. Smaller drop WHY? Because if higher drop Rifts Coins that will do useless Bounty . Here are Blizzard working on rewards, so that's different Rift Coins with Bonuses + different rewards . This will give high replayability,
    For example:
    Nephalem Rift - Dungeon - Normal rift right now.
    Nephelem Rift - Survival - Survival vs XX waves .
    Nephamel Rift - Get Finish before time End - Clear for XX time.
    Nephalem Rift - Bosses - Kill 3 bosses at the end.

    Bonus Rifts Coins for example : Nephalem Rift - Bosses
    Bosses Has Reflect
    Enemy has 50 % more damage
    Magic Find increased 100%
    the game will be interest + Challenge + High Replayability.
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