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    it's insanely time consuming to get good enough gear with LoN to beat IK with hota.
    And even if you have semi good ancient items, it's still not better, atleast that was my experience with PTR, someone who do math please prove me wrong.

    The thing is, you need immunity to every stun/slow/knockback, and if you want 100% uptime on WotB with LoN you need to use zodiac /IN-geom/swiftness gem, if not you need to waste your bracer/armor cube slot with Krelm bracers, either way fucks up your damage or defence to much.

    I was near my IK-hota damage with LoN-hota, but my survivability took a big hit, maybe with enough cd reduction and a pride of cassius you could get a little closer to IK in terms of defence.

    IK-Hota dmg reduction:

    50% Call of the anicients

    50-60% Unity or Band of Might

    50% The new chest

    0-50% Endless Walk, find it better than F/R. It really depends on how good neck you have, it also makes you able to use CoE and Unity/BoM. It might be worth saccing a passive (hellfire) for that.

    LoN-hota dmg reduction:

    50% The new chest

    50% Ignore Pain (Cubed Zodiac) or 50-60% Cubed Unity/BoM

    Just a quick recap, the "meta" might have changed since i tried, and someone might have come up with a brilliant way to use hota with LoN, if that is so please share.


    Good rolled Anicients with LoN-hota should give more dmg with loss of defence/survivability.

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