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    posted a message on What is the average Diablo 3 player's age?

    37, been playing Diablo since D1. Playing mostly PD2 now (MOD for diablo 2)

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    posted a message on Diablo 4 should be like diablo 3 and not diablo 2

    I cant think of a single thing i want them to copy from d3.

    But from d2 I want them to copy and improve:

    - Itemization

    - Runeword system (I simply love this system)

    - Etheral items

    - Drop chanses, make yellow, unique and set items actually rare. (a bit less rare than d2 would be perfect)

    - Strong and unique followers, more to choose from, but as strong as the d2 ones. And make them work in groups like in d2.

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    posted a message on PTR 2.3 various builds videos gr 56-69

    Could you try 6IK 4WW rend build and see how high you can manage?

    I see on leaderboards ppl are doing 66+ with hota builds and ss for that matter.

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    posted a message on IK set getting a buff

    I tried hota build with IK, managed an 56 grift with a few deaths, crits are not that high tho, but 1,7 - 2billion on normal mobs, alot more on rift boss and elites. Imo you need high life on hit and life pr fury spent to sustain dmg on higher grifts. I'm running with unity + ancient 50%dmgr and you can not facetank everything. Survivability without saccing dmg seems to be the biggest problem. I've seen a legit barb doing grift 63 on the leaderboard, but there is still many high lvl gems out in the play after the bug abuse.

    Cubed: furnace, strongarm and unity

    If it had more movability this could be an awesome spec. Still refreshingly fun.

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