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    Nothing wrong with bringing this thread up again, as blizzard hired a shitload of new staff related to diablo (not D3). Source their jobpage during the last weeks. So it might be possible, that we might see something new this year. Though I'm not to hyped cause i think it will be a trailer only or something like that and anyways only at blizzcon when the year is almost over.

    @Magistrate fell free to keep things up.

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    demon unter is pretty strong at single targets. If you get a boss with ads, its almost "usless". ALso the feature from the Necro with the double stack of boneringer and stricken is much more powerful. If you want to play Demonhunter, its prettyviable until 115 i would guess. Aterwards the necro is showing his true strength.

    Just my opinion.

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    Nah i don't need it for sure. I'm sitting a bit on a short temper when somebody is talking about things i never said. Sorry for that and don't take it personal please.

    You are right with your opinion, that botters do effect the game and that stuff. At no time i would say something against that. And also that Thud and other things do have an impact on the game especially if other players are legit.

    Actually i don't upset myself anymore with Diablo 3 things. Sad to say, but that game is dead. The only reason i do play still d3 is, cause i like sitting around with some good friends in teamspeak in the evenings and do some stuff together. The rest doesn't bother me. My time in the evenings is too short and to valuable to argue the whole time about a dead game.

    Sad to say, but I'm looking forward for Lost Ark cause Path of Exile is boring for me (graphic style and angel of view) and if not, D4 will come and we will have the same discussions again.

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    Quote from EroS73»

    Quote from Darials»

    Does grift 115, thinks it lags because of bots.


    Well I work in IT sector server maintenance so I know what means 10.000 users online and 100.000 users working at the same time. Trust me its much more server load.
    When y play 115 its casual but on 120+ y kill enemies a lot slower so y exchange a lot more numbers with server until one mob die /115 faster, 120 slower etc/.
    It make sense... All over Europe we have lags since season start, sometimes y have message "waiting to log in game" and sometimes y need to change server to have decent ping for normal play /Im on 100mbit fiber btw/.
    but hey if y didnt play 126+ y wouldnt know ;-)
    Oh hi,
    i do too.
    Did you ever evaluate a bit what kind of sources blizzard does use? Its a small difference between yoursmaller setup and the blizzard infrastructre systems. Here is an older Link regarding the used sources through world of warcraft. http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2009/11/25/wows-back-end-10-data-centers-75000-cores
    The Batle.net is operated through telia in nowadays.Diablo is running on the same shared and on demand infrastructure as hots, overwatch and sc2. Only WOw has "dedicated" CLoud ressources except the instancing server which are booked on demand.
    You are right with the serverload, but i think the lags are caused more through diablo3's spagetthi code than through online users.
    Sorry for the OT, but technical things do catch me always a litle bit.
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    but what did you expect. They said within an prior announcement, that there won't be any big news regarding Diablo 3 on Blizzcon this year.

    So i didn't expect anything at all.

    Related to the blizzcon, i'm also a bit disapointed. Just another wow addon, classic servers after years of begging, new set for hearthstone, something for overwatch and something for heroes. With the lack of content for diablo 3 and the expected announcements for the rest, i was realy expecting something completly new. I'm still trying to find my motivation for the upcoming season :-)

    So lets see what time is bringing for diablo players.

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    Quote from Twitch Exidon_»

    Some variety at solo maybe but another 3 months farming paragons with the same shit.

    This devs jesuschrist...

    Don't underestimate the new UE or WW. Hammerdin might be an Option too for Speeds. I don't get it why everybody starts crying before the patch hits the liverealms srsly.
    Everybody should be able to run higher rifts (what everybody wanted) Build diversity did increase in the low and midsector (where almost everybody is placed).
    There won't be groundbreaking changes anymore in D3. Just play the game and enjoy what they are doing or stop playing and wait for upcoming new things in the diablo universe. That blaming from patch to patch is only frustrating for yourself.
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    Here's to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold pint and another one!

    And welcome to diablofans lad

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    posted a message on The meaning of TurboHUD and why it is much more than just a hack

    I'm geting realy tired if i have to read offensive speech all day long.

    I understand why everybody is sitting on a short temper while discussing about thud, but there is no need to offend each other.

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    Well depends on my mood actually. I'm a metal/rock guy ever since my first own music choices. Normaly i preer things like Rammstein, Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, Testament, Slayer and all that good stuff, but sometimes, especially while stupid farming or pushing purposes i need something more relaxing.

    Something like this 80's playlist :-) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKfQ1dZapWczJbPVES1eezFLgQQ8SNpW8

    Kool and the Gang and all this good old stuff

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    Quote from bijero»

    Lastly, we will be rolling back Legendary Gem levels to the maximum gem level that would have been legitimately achievable prior to the patch going live. As with all previous exploits, any additional actions we may take will not be discussed outside of our staff and offending individuals.

    Thats realy not the thing how it should be done. The achieved XP not taken away and the gems only rollbacked to "the legitimately achieveable level".
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