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    Quote from Minioats

    `Everybody seems to be so upset and let down about bugged abilities and it being so "easy" .... why are people forgetting this is the SOLE reason there is a beta!
    This version the streamers and other people are playing is at no point a finished version of this game..... hold your thoughts about it being a waste untill you actually either play it yourself on release or see the released version on a stream.
    Crying about a beta is just so damn pointless!

    This kind of commentary is what I despise most.
    No one is upset or crying, dude. We're just discussing. Aren't forums made to discuss stuff ?
    What is your point ? "It's a beta, so people shouldn't discuss it." ?
    Sorry but your line of thought makes no sense at all.
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    It doest't matter if it's crushing blow or not. Over power is over power.
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    If they want people doing those bounty craps they gotta make them worth the time, not the opposite.

    In my humble opinion, it seems unnecessary to nerf bounty exp and prizes, since they were no big deal even before the hot fix.
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    Wow!!! Nice!!!

    So developers decided to give some emphasis to Life per Second and Thorns... And brought back crushing blow damage...

    Since it'll be possible to stack Life Per Second and Life on Hit is staying, plus core stats are getting a HUGE improvement, the removal of Life Stolen wont be a problem =]

    Can't wait to start playing RoS and drop my own legendaries!

    Just found some screenshots:

    Worship Gloves - Lvl 1 legendary gloves
    briliant idea!!!! It will be nice to stack shirine effects for an hour! (Assuming that the shirine effects will still be stackable)

    Reaper's Wraps - Lvl 70 Legendary Bracers:
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