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    posted a message on D2 loot system different with LoD installed?

    Sorry for exploit of forum mechanics to get more views and possibly a reply faster.

    I remember in D2 the rares dropped often and were pretty much the best items but in LoD they changed that.

    I know on Ladders if you play classic you get the original loot but I wonder about Offline mode if having LoD installed changes the loot system like I said.

    Obviously I just wanna play offline in classic with the original loot system. Can't beat cool loot in D2.

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    posted a message on Reaper of Souls live in 7 short days

    See you in The End, the true beginning.
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    posted a message on Hardcore's look at the current state of Diablo - How to make this game more appealing? Ladders are simply not enough.
    I believe they can make Ladders competetive and I say this while believing that the linear Normal-Hell was more senseful as a Hardcore challenge. I think it's actually better then the new difficulty system when it comes to Hardcore mode and I actually play Softcore 99% the time.

    Ladders in D3 have potential but even if they make the game as hard as the old Inferno and put some linear difficulty in some ladders, it's not enough to combat Path of Exile's gem system because of the flexibility and choice and freedom and whatnot that you have in that to do what you want, how you want. So I'd say some innovative additional skill system is a must to trump this Free-2-Play franchise which is quite honestly the best F2P I have ever encountered, I play DIablo 90% of the time but when I go explore fun ideas in PoE there is that feeling like "Oh god, I can't believe this is free!"

    Keep in mind that if you are strictly disliking Path of Exile it could be that you tried to be good instead of be having fun. I mean, making a skill better even if it's shitty and going for for gameplay skills instead of mostly~ALWAYS going for the efficient and safest narrow route is simply Boring and whenever I do that, oh man, at those times I would agree with every Path of Exile hater that the game sucks or that I can't get into it. But there is a reason for that and to be honest, someone who truely enjoys ARPGs enjoys PoE even if they haven't try to strictly have fun in it yet. When you have such a creative or free sandbox, it's easy to miss the point alltogether. Why am I saying all this? I'm certainly not a PoE fanboy and I have played Diablo 2+3 together about 500 hours give or take, PoE only about a little over 60. But in the long run, 50% of those games are End-Game, you know? What do you want t be doing in end-game, grinding for loot like you did 10 years in Diablo 2 or rerolling multiple times maxing a build and making crap skills kinda good/good skills kinda cray-cray and going for all kinds of ladders, competetively or just for kicks? That's a real issue for Diablo 3's future and possibly the entire franchise, concerning the fact we have no idea who will make Diablo 4 or what it will aspire to be, I'm saying this because I think that in the next decade or 2 we will see Diablo 4 and atleast half of the people that tried Diablo 3 will try 4. There's such a small chance that I am wrong but the only way I see Diablo 3 carrying on and improving compared to a game like PoE is revisiting/adding skill system, and I really don't see this being done for a base game that shipped over 2 years ago. You could argue that I'm just a PoE fanboy, but all I'm really saying is like; I played 10% of my ARPG time in PoE, 90% of it in D2+D3 (mostly D3) and even though I can see myself beating a 1000 hours into RoS, I know that just like I picked up Diablo 2 and was marveled, I'm gonna end up picking up PoE in the end, having a much more RICH experience, much more broad. Quality is better then Quantity, and this proves to be true in my case because I play Diablo 3 mostly not for the storyline, where in Diablo 2 it was just harmonies with every other aspect of the game and my experience of was this much richer and overall the best video game playthrough I have, eventhough I stored my savegame after beating Normal and running a few runs etc. I can totally see myself exploring possiblilites of gem tweaks in PoE, and the longer it takes for me to pick it up, the more things I'll have a chance to reroll for.

    Hardcore? Had fun with it in PoE. That moment when I die, it's nice. Great experience. In Diablo now? I'm not even going to try it. I see no point in beating Torment 6 on Hardcore, I apologize if this offends anyone who does. Unless Kripp or someone shows untwinked hardcore playthrough @ T6, I I really really see no fun in it.
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    posted a message on Patch 2.0.1 approaching! Feel like making a WiZaRd, what's that cool name? Crusaders!
    Quote from Talyn_Rahl

    In 2.0 I'll be joining you leveling a wizard, mine is male though, because although I agree the female one is totally hot the male is voiced by Crispin Freeman, who is a legend. He's be called Belgarion and he'll be a melee bubble wizard.

    in 2.0.1 I'll be doing the same as you and most people and rolling up a male crusader, specced for full tanky shield goodness. STILL haven't made up my mind on the name, torn between D'argo(Farscape), Belaerophon(Greek myth) and Holtz(Angel :p) and burn through Story Mode, probably on the first day, before spamming the shit out of adventure mode.

    Also, kinda related... But if the PTR and beta are ending... Do you think we'll get updated talent calcs soon? I wanna finalise my crusader build :D.
    Sounds good indeed! After I finish story mode with both my crusaders, I will get them to 70 and (great thing about the account wide Paragon Levels I will be using a lot) switch between them as I see fit for diversity, because I can always just transfer my equips, so they're exactly the same progress-wise! :)

    Crispin Freeman is cool, I liked him in Hellsing but to my taste the look+voice feels a better match in the female version, although if I am not too lazy I would love having both of them! Assuming the Replay-Value of Adventure Mode is immensly high, I'd love to have Wizards and Crusaders of each gender, in Diablo 3 I find the voice acting through story mode an ICREDIBLY CRITICAL part of it because in my humble opinion I enjoyed the overall voice acting in Diablo 2 ways more. And although I get used to the vibe of Diablo 3's, and it IS still Diablo(which means I can play it for long because in the core it is the same), I feel like the Hero's voice acting is the key to the whole storyline which I have had many mixed feelings about(some because of the voice acting).

    Needless to say I found the female wizard to have this Hero-vibe I'm looking for the most (Although I wonder will I ever dig a voice actor as much as the Necromancer's from D2? :P), although the female version of the Crusader blows her outta da water imo and creates a whole new original fitting vibe which is totally Diablo. First I will play the male because immersion but I think I will get her to 70 first.

    As for my Wizard's name, right now I think Alice in mind. Alice in Wonderland... Magic... There is some connection there. x)

    Do you have any idea in a public match, if the character's name or the battle tag name appears? Because in PTR I saw sometimes the character's name appear instead of battle names.

    Dunno what 'talent cals' means, sorry.
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    posted a message on Patch 2.0.1 approaching! Feel like making a WiZaRd, what's that cool name? Crusaders!
    So Patch 2.0.1 is Really Soon, around the corner!

    Although I would like it to be called Patch 2 , 2.0 ... Tilde , simplicity and all that. But perhaps Diablo 3 2 / Diablo 3 2.0 seems odd for Blizzard. :P

    Wizards are fun, and the female Wizard's voice acting is just great, plus the character model, I'd bang if I could (yeah, I'm that kinda guy).

    I believe this is in the right section because 50% of my topic is Patch 2.0.1 and I'm clever enough to post my question this way in the most active category. >=)

    So, that being said, what characters would you like to play when Patch 2.0.1 hits? What will be their gender and name?

    When Reaper hits, what will be your character's gender+name? First of all, as soon as I can go in-game, I shut off chats so there is no chance to get any spoilers from anyone, then I spend a day making my first crusader, male named after myself and beat the whole campaign mode playing him. Then I will turn chat back on, making a second crusader called Eowyn (Lord of the Rings reference) and beat campaign with her too, because I'm actually more looking forward to her voice acting and I find the female models in D3 nicer to look at.
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    posted a message on Question: How does Diablo still exist?
    Quote from Kallizk

    pretty much what ppl already said, i just wanted to say that if you like diablo and it's lore enough to create an account and post on a fans forum then i think you will def. enjoy d3, i wish i started to play now, i would have enough stuff to do until RoS :P
    Ps; watch Wrath animation before going into d3
    Well I only played Diablo II in my life and it is the best RPG I've played so I it really bugs me when I don't understand the story for this and the other reason which is that it really feels like Supernatural(if you know the TV series) is taking place in miedeval ages and I dig that vibe a lot! The reason I'm not getting D3 is the animosity about it and bad feedback and also no one really played official Reaper of Souls yet so who knows how good it is? Plusss I'd probably buy it later when they offer a set pack of D3+RoS. btw do you see the game as a MMORPG by definition/technically? Seeing as you cannot play singeplayer lol.

    Also a HUGE turnoff for me is that the only true Necromancer there is a NPC...
    I only play Necromancer in Diablo II and to be honest I could get over the name 'Witch Doctor' if the minions weren't toads and aztek hellific creatues. I mean c'mon a better name would be "Aztek Shamam" or either which.

    Quote from Evolution85

    I'm Going to give you the condensed answers to your questions. :) (My info is taken both from The Book Of Cain, and DiabloWiki)

    Q1: The Worldstone was rumored to be the Eye of Anu, It had immense power and was the Heart of creation. Inarius, an Angel who had become tired of the conflict between Angel and Demon, stole the Worldstone to create, and hide, the World of Sanctuary. Later, Inarius, who had come to realize that the Nephalem (Humans) had become stronger then either Demon or Angel and that their powers would attract the attention of both, used the Worldstone to drain the Nephalem of their power. Fast foward to D2 LoD when Baal infused the Worldstone when evil itself to turn the Nepahlem to the side of the Demons, making them powerful tools.

    Tyrael, knowing the Worldstone cannot be purged of this evil, decides to destroy it. It is this action that allows Humans to slowly regain their Nephalem powers.

    Q2: Yes, the Dark Wanderer is actually the Hero from D1, Aidan. And Only Mephistos Soul Stone is destroyed at the Hellforge.

    As for why neither Angel, or Demon can be destroyed, think of it like this. Good and Evil, are simply forms of energy (Positive, and negative forces). Energy cannot be either created, or destroyed,, it can merely change forms. This is what happens to them. When their Physical forms are destroyed, the go to an ethereal form. After some time they are able to regain their strength and resume a physical form again.

    Definitely recommend Diablowiki and the Books of Cain and Tyreal if you really want to get into the Diablo lore.

    Thanks that puts things in a clearer perspective. So I guess only Mephisto can't be formed again right? and what about someone here saying that Aiden plunged Diablos soulstone into his head?
    Is the only way to kill a demon/send it back to hell fo good is to break the soulstone?
    But yeah knowing that in the beginning the stone really did it's work is good I guess but how do peeps like Baal find out about Sanctuary? And in D2 do you kill Diablo in Hell?
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    posted a message on Question: How does Diablo still exist?
    I did finish D2 altho only in normal so same thing story-wise.

    So no matter what class you choose in Diablo 1, the name is Aiden?
    He plunged the soulstone of Diablo into his own head yeah? So then after he left Tristram was when Diablo was taking over slowly? At the end of Diablo II you fight diablo, I dont remember ever destroying his soulstone but I remember destroying the stone of Mephisto with the Flail. And before that with the Staff it failed to summon Baal so Duriel was summoned instead.
    Anyway, all I understood is that Diablo was manifesting with his brothers and then going to his lair in Hell. beats the hell outta me me why I even needed to open 5 seals to summon him lol...
    So yeah it's all pretty vague to me, sorry haha.
    Any way you guys can try to put it in easier words? xD
    Also what about diablowiki? That site tells that both were created by the Archangel Inarius with the help of Angels and Demons.
    The Worldstone was created along with Sanctuary by the Archangel Inarius with the help of other Angels and Demons. - See more at: http://www.diablowiki.net/Worldstone#sthash.d1HJFLrv.dpuf
    The Worldstone was created along with Sanctuary by the Archangel Inarius with the help of other Angels and Demons. - See more at: http://www.diablowiki.net/Worldstone#sthash.d1HJFLrv.dpuf
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    posted a message on Question: How does Diablo still exist?
    OK guys so to be perfectly honest I'm playing D2 and I'm not sure about getting 3 for 2 reasons; 1 is that the majority says its not living up to the oldies and 2 is that there will be reaper of souls out soon and probably we would get better deal for expansion set and who knows maybe Diablo IV lol.

    AnYwAy my question(s) to you:
    1. The worldstone was created to keep Sanctuary hidden yeah? So why does it get destroyed and how come it was crappy enough that Sanctuary has always been cursed with demons walking around and undead? I understand that in the end it is destroyed which means all heaven and hell knows about the existence of Sanctuary.
    2. In Diablo 2, is Diablo / Dark Wanderer = Hero from the first Diablo game? Because in the beginning, Warrive says something that sounds like it but I'm not sure. Anyhow I know that in the first game the hero goes underneath tristram and into Hell itself to kill Diablo, and then in Diablo 2 and 3 you kill him again so... What gives? Mephisto and Diablo's soulstones were destoryed too in D2 or I'm mistaken here?

    Thanks in advance and may dis game never die!
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