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    I Agree We Like Challenges.

    What I Like Better Is A Personal Challenge.

    It Would Be Wicked If There Where Personal challenge Arenas.

    Accessible To Your Specific Class That You're Playing.

    for Instance A Platform Randomly PlaCe In Any Area OF The Map

    (Think Of Halls Of Agony) Like A Pit OR Cliff That Only Barbarians Could Leap To.

    Monks Can Pray At Designated Shrines For Their Challenge

    Demon Hunters Could Get Dh Caches (Left From Other Demon Hunters In The Guild)(Could Also Be A Sealed Demon Believed To Be Too Powerful)

    Witch Doctors Could Spirit Walk To Areas.

    Wizards Can Teleport To Theirs.

    Crusader Pray At Alters.

    AnyWay Sounds Like A Personal Bounty.

    But It Just Sounds Like This Would Slow Down A Group Well Yea So There's Got To Be A Damn Good Reward. Well How About If The Challenge Is Completed.

    How About A Sea Of 1000 Barrels That Are Affected By Magic Find. (How Fun WouId It Be To Tempest Rush 1000 Barrels?)

    Or a Room With 50 Treasure Goblins Or How About King GoBy

    Can Be Fun Just Saying.

    You Get One Chance To Compete In The Challenge.

    I Would Put These In As A Possibility Every Where So Players Will Want To Search Every.Nook And Cranny Of A Map.

    You Could Do Combination Type OneS Like Barb Does A Challenge Which Unlocks The Next Stage Which Is For The Witch Doctor Which Unlocks The Monk One Which Unlocks The Crusaders WhichThen Brings You All To A Group Challenge Randomized Uber.

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    Yes!! I'm So Excited. Id Be A Great Candidate FoR Beta; Why? BecauseI BougHt The Game ThRee Times. I Can Get The Credit Card Statements AnD I Really Want It. ; )
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    Fighting Depths
    Rare Sword
    +289 Min Dam
    +390 Max Dam
    1.53 APS
    +104 Int
    +51 Vit
    ASI 9%
    CD 72%
    2.3% Life Steal
    +1 Socket
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