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    1. can we transfer our saved Demonic Essences to RoS and will they have purpose ?

    2. will you buff drop rates of legendary and set plans for blacksmith

    3. Can you provide beta keys for RoS to people who preorder it on BNet ( like with HotS for SC2)

    4. is your goal to shift game from gold economy to some other currency (items, gems, etc..)

    5. you announces 2 expansions total, is there a chance to see more ?

    6. will ladders or season runs provide some items that do not drop in non ladder games ?

    7. Will our achievements (4560) transfer, and we work on new ones, or we start from 0 in RoS ?

    8. how many new affixes for elites have you created so far ?

    9. when you remove AH, we will probably lose our AH stash (50slots). Some people have tens of thousands gems and crafting material there, too much stuff that they cant transfer to normal stash. What will happen to that ?

    10. What are the things you are most unsatisfied in D3 now and you want to improve or change them with RoS ?

    ty and hf @Blizzcon !
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    Hmm, hard question because there are so many new stuff in RoS.
    I guess I am most excited about the end-game things like Loot Runs (Nephalem Rifts), since I got a little bored with just regular farming (4 x p100 here :D )... The more game modes the better if you ask me. Just simple farming can't hold your attention for many years.

    And, great giveaway, congratz to winners, I guess Blizzcon will be cool this year !
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