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    I just finished 43 with 5 minutes left with the following gems: BoT, Gorgok, BoP. I was thinking about using Esoteric (it's at rank 38) but forgot to put it in. I didn't die in that rift so I assume BoP would have been better due to increased damage. I change Ephiphany to Desert Shroud over Quickening for higher rifts.

    I do feel that my damage is starting to lack at this point, but it's not really like I will be able to just wish an Ancient FD or 2 good ancient 1 handers out of nowhere, so my question:

    1. How far do you guys think I can push with my current gear (Season monk), assuming a "okay" rift, as I am not interested in fishing for rifts

    2. What's the best way (class, group/solo, spec) to farm Trial keys? I currently have a Nat's DH doing it (i do have UE set banked, but I think Nat's is faster and easier).

    3. Should I even bother with 40+ solo rifts or should I focus more on farming for a good weapon (in which case, I assume T6 full clear?) and then push hard?

    4. Should I reroll the 11% elite damage to 15% dashing strike on chest? 11% elite is hard to get so I don't want to enchant out of it only to find out that it's a mistake.


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    Hello all. I finally decided to give this game a shot. After getting lucky with certain drops and help from old friends, i have obtained a decent gear set that I can use to comfortably farm MP6-7. However, the farming efficiency really pales to what I have been seeing, even for my gear, so I think I probably am not doing things as effectively as I can.

    -Am I using optimal gear/gems? (beside from quality, as I will upgrade gems as I can.
    -Are the skill choices reasonable?
    -Am I in the right difficulty setting for my gear?
    -Any other suggestions?

    My profile and gear choice can be seen here

    I have about 10m gold to my name right now. I have read some of the stickied posts and links, although I don't fully understand all of them yet. Thank you all for your help.
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    I thought the whole point of softcore is just that death didn't really matter?
    Or are you just looking for a middle ground between SC and HC?
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