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    This build is extremely flawed. The reason why D3V barb worked so well is because it had constant fury generation. This doesn't. Even if you have 50% CDR you still wont have enough to maintain. The wind shear craps out on you when you get down to 3 or less targets. This also doesn't solve the issue with single targets. EQ/IK builds do a much better job than this.
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    posted a message on LvL 48 grift players disappeared
    No one has ever gone to GR48+. The highest is level51 and thats in a 4 player group. The highest Solo is 44. and its from Gabynator aka worlds first paragon 1000 player.

    Zero idea where you come up with this non sense.

    If anything they need to reset the ladder because they revised the trial system.
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    You guys aren't thinking about the true reason for the nerf. MM/conflag combo with 6 piece Firebird = face roll T6. The new firebird set allows you to stack up to 3000% fire damage. And when you reach 3000% the enemy just gets 1 shot. combine that with a piercing capability and Mirrorball. You will have the strongest build in the game. This nerf to to balance the firebird buff coming in patch 2.1
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    posted a message on low level paragons joining t6 games!!!..
    Quote from Haamutatti

    Quote from Alohoe
    Quote from phoulmouth

    Your paragon level has fuck all to do with what torment difficulty you can do. If you have amazing luck with gear you could be paragon 0 and be in T6 pubs.
    And this is exactly the problem, this is what most of them thinks.

    You ain´t fooling anyone by standing back and throwing spells which does no damage. Surviving is not enough.
    ^ this right here is an example of an imbecile. Watch as said monkey throws banana peels and trips on itself. Have you ever heard of WD pet build. All I do is launch Locust swarm and let my pets tick the damage. Yes. I can go afk and still carry. Do you want to know what their edps is without asking. Think about, something you apparently dont know how to do, turn on display monster health. Stand there is afk and let them try and kill the elite on their own. The ironic things is, their edps could be even higher than yours, and you are the one slowing the group down.

    This thread is nothing more than a child whinning about nothing. If you can carry then fine, As long as they are willing to rift it forward then leave them be because they add "higher drop chance." The only time you should be complaining is if the rifts you are doing are in HC mode. But I highly doubt it, you children complain like softcore scrubs.
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    RNG is RNG. there is no weight in the bags. I've gotten 7 RROG and 3 of the 7 are HC trifecta. I have never received the Scepter. also for act2 I have only ever received the boots and shrine gloves. The data you took is for what, a party of 4 farming 1000 bags. Try an actual sample size. A clan of 150 farming 1000 bags per person. Your data is still inconclusive.
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    you need to drop the two hander for two 1 handers. Your IAS is way too low for your build to farm Torment level efficiently. reroll the movement speed on your nemi bracers for fire dmg. The SG ring is crap use a trifecta rare til you get the one ring where you regen resources everytime you take fire dmg. Once you get that ring make sure you have an andariels Visage (helm). Why, you take more fire dmg with that helm.

    Sweeping wind (the fire rune) would also be a better choice that mystic ally.

    Shoulders/bracer's: augild's set

    rings: rare, unity (worthless unless your follower also has a unity ring), rrog

    bracers: augilds set, or lacuni prowlers (reroll the movement speed for CC) my SC sader has lacuni's

    helm: Andy's

    chest: keep rerolling til you get 3 sockets on the cindercoat

    boots: firewalkers (reroll movement speed for lashing kick%)

    gloves: wait till you get a trifecta magefist

    Weapons: that one leg fire Axe and any other weapon will do.

    Pants: you rerolled the wrong stat on your Hammer Jammers.

    The reason why you reroll movement speed is because by the time you hit paragon 200 you should have max movement speed in terms a paragon allocation.
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    most people use arcane orb (you know which rune) its to have a lot of spheres around you. and then you have spectral blade. you should reroll for CD. I'm assuming this is SC not HC.

    The build is really good with 3 piece Tal's and RROG. spectral blade should proc the meteors. and you should get an infinite shower. while being able to face tank.
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    Quote from ArcanePariah

    Wrong forum.... also, pro tip, screaming at Blizzard doesn't make them want to answer you.
    I concur. technically, they really don't care if you quit playing or not. If you really think about it, with the lack of the AH, Blizzard already gains profit for each unit of RoS sold. I gave up on this game, to an extent in which I am waiting for a major patch update. Kinda like how when patch 1.0.7 was launched for Vanilla.

    As of right now, I am only curious about question 4 and 7. How will Blizzard address those? Emerald is still best is slot especially with the LS removal. LS was the only thing that made Rubies viable for level 70 gear. And the Topaz is only viable with Thorn build IE Hack leg weapon.

    Clan trade is nice and what 100% of the community wants. But if there is clan trade, believe it or not Blizzard will definitely nerf the current drop rates.

    As for Chitara, I'm sorry but you people are complaining like a mule. I did it the hard way on HC and SC mode to get my staff of herding. Zero Buffs, just constant farming.
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    posted a message on Just finished my first monk, now need help.
    Skorn LS is meant for TR and TR/Bell Monks.

    DW is meant for all other builds most people use Fist of Thunder (FoT)

    Skorn is raw damage that is why it is a good idea to have LS. If you do not have the Crit hit chance (CC) socket a ruby in the skorn.
    sDPS wise emerald would give you more, but eDPS wise the ruby would be better for anyone with low CC.

    I suggest stacking AR and armor. and running a TR/Bell monk if you want to keep your skorn.

    One with everything is nice, but once you hit 600 AR it is pointless in stack anymore AR. Defensive stats, with an exception to Vitality, have an exponential growth with a diminishing return effect. So the higher your Monster power is, the less valuable AR becomes. armor takes the lead.

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    Quote from Polrayne

    Well I was hoping to not start this question with the tone of "its pointless to play"

    I was more curious as to any news or developements that I hadn't read that perhaps laid out a few details of RoS that might be worth prepping for.

    Specifically - Paragon Levels. I could have swore that I read that beyond the first 100 Paragon Levels, the Devs were going to drastically reduce how many more levels got transferred over as points. So in essence, getting all your characters to 100 wasn't really worth it.

    Hunting for loot right now also on the surface seemed to me to not be a good idea - only because of ladders and what gold will be valued for.

    @Bagstone - if so many people are playing right now (which I believe you) than that's why I asked the question - what are they doing and what might be something good to do for prep of RoS?

    Wasn't aware that another thread had started about this 3 weeks ago - as I said, we've been busy ;)

    Also - sure its fun to play no doubt. However there are some other games I want to check out and figured I'd try and find out if there was anything I was missing about D3 and prep for RoS.

    Edit - adding the above statement.

    I don't think you ever did the math. Levels do not transfer. They never said that. Its experience that transfers. Experience in this game like many ARPG or RPGs in general have exponential growth. IE if you farmed 80 million xp in one run and you were Para 0 you can be para 5 in that same run. But the moment you hit para70 for every run you do you'll only gain 5 stacks of xp. When you hit para90 it is about 10 times more tedious to get xp versus at para30.

    If you actually do that math If you have 10 x 100 paragons your actual level for para 2.0 would be 150 - 200.
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    posted a message on returning to d3 barbarian
    You need to get in on Decaying Crypt runs MP10. a full party and 5 stacks grants you close to 1000% bonus xp gain. You basically get 60 million xp per run. Each run is about 20 mins including prep.
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    posted a message on Help your fellow WD find some upgrades!
    Yea, you need to craft an ammy and gloves. I would recommend craft vit as you will always receive the highest stat rolls. 350 base stat instead of 330. But the safe approach is craft in your respected class. Generally speaking and from experience you get around 70% - 100% bonus CD on the ammy. The gloves its quite easy to get a trifecta, based on my experience and friends.
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