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    Quote from Pharm»

    Quote from Sonnyxyzz»

    and what about your CDs? they will refresh too? You will cry, if they dont implement these 30 sec CDs refres...

    CD's reset when you enter Greater Rifts anyway. Your argument is invalid.

    Dude did you even read this guys comment. No...so re-read it again and correlate it to the OP. Your argument is invalid.

    Your CD's do not RESET when you get revived. So RG pops up in level 3. you are going to wait 30 secs to revive and then TP out to reset or CDs you just wasted another 15 secs.

    The answer is you dying a lot? you are under geared. simple answer.

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    posted a message on Morticks vs Dagger of Darts
    Quote from chadwx»

    My understanding was that morticks would be an overpowered item because it would boost your glvl by 5+ on a single slot. Wouldnt a DOD that boosts at least 8 glvls fall into the same catagory?

    Have you even seen the runes for WoTB. i dont think you have. DoD doesn't even compare to all runes of WoTB. you gain 5000 life per fury spent, 50% reduction in dmg, 20%+ increased in dmg, splash dmg, splash dmg as fire per activation.

    DoD enhance single target damage. DoD wouldn't even be OP if you still have piercing dmg and all runes of poison darts. Morticks gave healing, toughness, damage, and AoE

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    posted a message on PSA: Just to clear some confusion
    Quote from mannercookie»


    Obviously I'm a bit salty to be the only one being banned

    The ban just gave me even more reasons to quit.

    But seriously, why dafuq was he the only one. while everyone else got rolled back. Heck, a checked out one of Gaby's streams. DNA clan should get perma banned and not rolled back.

    If mannercookies wanted to quit, he should've just pulled a KingKongor. delete all his characters with all items in character inventory.

    @Ruksuk, dude I've played D3 since vanilla, and RoS versus vanilla MP10 days, D3v wins automatically. Decaying Crypt > FoM > weeping Hollow. was 100 times more fun that any Grift. I've talked several veteran players like myself who've agreed. Why do we play this over PoE/torchlight/etc? because there really isnt anything better to play. you could tell it by mannercookies tone when he spoke during stream. he hated the game.

    Ancient leg destroyed the meta IMO. at least for weapons. you find a corrupted ashbringer and its not ancient equates to auto trash. ancient weapons trivialized the game.

    Blizzard customer service support: pretty much worthless. took them 2 season to listen to the community about the worthlessness of Trial keys. basically, the 2 "community" legendaries are worthless, especially the ring.

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    posted a message on Would anyone want to help me level up my character?
    Quote from AlucardTnuoc»

    PC, xbox, US, EU, Asian.

    These are some things we need o know.

    xbox or PS is impossible since he/she just listed their battletag.

    EU, Asia, US

    This is a US forum

    here ill do the thinking for you

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    posted a message on Roland's Legacy Set and atk speed
    Quote from Bleu42»

    OP your forgetting your generator. The attack bonus affects everything, so on single target you just switch to a couple seconds of your generator, then go back to shield bash. And the +3 wrath passive actually helps a lot.

    You dont need a generator with roland's. most people will be running cindercoat and the shield with roland's. If everything is rolled correctly you'll have 80% RCR. But say you dont have any RCR and you just jack up CDR for akhan champion Cooldown. you can still get by with just the shield. How? you will be using Law of Valor: unstoppable force.

    The 100% IAS max stack helps with survival. How? IAS reduces the animation by alot. faster animation recovery means more mobility in shield bash mode. SB builds as simply put a sader's raekor build. If you have an attack that cost nothing but does alot of dmg. it will do even more dmg with higher IAS.

    It has nothing to do with sweep attack. That move its dog S***.

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    posted a message on To Gift or not to Gift??

    I would salvage that bow. Not worth keeping. First off you only need about 350k - 400k HP. your actual toughness should come from your all res / armor.

    Next off you have a CA build, you want a slow hard hitting xbow. you will burn through resources super fast with that bow. you either change to multishot build to use this bow or get a xbow.

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    posted a message on SoJ what to reroll

    reroll the strength. zero point in keeping main stats on rings or ammies. That avg dmg is worth more than the 400 strength. especially because you can make up 400 through paragon.

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    posted a message on What to enchant on these boots?
    Quote from Alka»

    on boots: impale damage into cluster arrow damage

    on quiver: Bolas damage into cluster arrow damage

    on weapon: socket into 10% damage

    on helm: life regen into cluster arrow damage

    on chest: resist all into sentry damage

    i dont think you are looking at his/her gear closely enough. They have too much fake toughness. 7mil is from vit not dmg mitigation. On grift 30+ he can get 1 shot by a stray arrow from trash. For every class, you only need about 350k HP the rest of the toughness should only come from damage mitigation.

    Boots: impale > all res
    helm: regen > socket (keep doing bounties till you get the helm naturally with a socket). CDR is more valuable at his level. 47% CHC : 278 CHD. He wont benefit from the CA dmg at all. he'll see way more benefit from CDR.

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    posted a message on Ubers runs.

    i got 30. well i can make 30.

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    posted a message on Rimeheart is not good enough

    I use it for my s2 barb. the proc is quite nice. its about 50% chance i either insta shatter or render an elite pack from 100% HP to 50% HP. from there ruthless takes affect. Yea I know it says 10% but FC Barbs are AoE masters.

    IDK what you are talking about its great.

    If it were to be buffed it should be retroactive to 15% chance.

    a guaranteed proc on frozen enemies makes it OP, even better than its legacy counter part. That means itll be not on par with the Furnace but better than it by 100 times. Because then at this point people will be using Rimeheart instead of bows for DH. FYI to the OP, DH can equip swords. you dont see it cuz no one uses grenades.

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    posted a message on Ancient Maximus VS Ancient Hearthslaughter

    The HS is way better not only in effective damage as physical but also renders healing on kill.

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    posted a message on Which weapon should I use?
    Quote from Jeff0184»

    Torch. Re-roll LPH for LPS and then gift it.

    idk how long you've played this game but it is impossible to re roll life per hit for life per second. You cannot reroll a primary affix for a secondary and vis versa. I would reroll the average dmg. with the 7% default you can at least get 3600 dps at most 3700 dps on the weapon.

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    Thats quite pointless, this cycle will repeat. people complain difficulty is too hard. buff weapons and now its too easy. Grifts are end game. T6 too easy? the gear up for Grift 35+ because that where youll receive the best xp and shards.

    You want a higher T setting, might as well ask blizzard to remove ancient items. If you havent realized ancients have destroyed the current life of the game. How so? its trivializes the game. Why do you think T6 feels like T1?

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    posted a message on 1 Gift Ancient Schaefers vs Non-Ancient Furnace

    the Schaefer is better. If you had a perfect non ancient furnace then it would change. back to the furnace. Ultimately it comes down to RNG with Grifts.

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    Quote from Vyrell»

    Hi, I was reading some of the possible ways to solve the royal ring etc world drop , dropping from all cache's and so on.

    I propose this - why not have 'REDUCES THE NUMBER OF ITEMS NEED FOR SET BONUSES BY 1' as a secondary affix on all legendary rings.

    Now think about that for a minute ..

    - Versatility would go through the roof for all classes without being overpowered considering you still want a socket.

    I could go on but I think this concept speaks for itself.


    No offense this is a stupid. If they ever use this then people will be begging for secondary leg affixes for all items. The game is already trivialized with ancient weapons. A better solution would be to enchant a ring to have this effect rather than giving it to every ring. Or even better allow the HF ring to have this affix. The thing is you are only bring up this ring. the problem is with SoJ, unity, and RORG. Unless you have a special build 2/3 of these rings are a must have.

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