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    Quote from jamesworkshop»

    I'm fairly certain that doesn't work, I often go to another act because 4 people to do one remaining bounty in an act is just wasting time

    It does, you never try it. I've done several times. and seen randoms do it on public matches.
    fine if you dont believe me. but FYI my runs are 5 times more efficient than yours.
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    Quote from yuhanz»

    pattern doesnt really matter imo, if there really is one

    It makes the runs smoother. if people just chill in the base for someone to finish the final bounty or even help the last person. it slows the pace down
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    To all:

    Just incase you haven't figured it out yet, this is how the bonus act rotates...

    whom ever initiates the original party spawns the first bonus bounty. it will be in the same exact act you first spawned in on.

    complete the acts in that bounty. when the "bases are loaded" the first free player moves to ANY act of their choosing.

    The bonus bounty will follow as soon as the current act is turned in.


    player spawns in on act1 > players 2,3,4 join in > during act1 completion, player 3 goes to act 3 > any player turns in the current act1 bounty > bonus jumps to act3

    don't believe me try it yourself.

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    Pretty much exactly what TheTruthAbounds said, However here is what yu need to hit to maintain perma WotB (stop calling it wrath, "wrath" is a sader resource, since vanilla it has been called WoTB)

    You need 40% natural CDR and extra (Gogok of swiftness gem = IAS and CDR = a must) remember pain enhancer was nerfed it no longer snap shots OR YOU WONT IN 24 HOURS WHEN 2.3 HITS.

    Pop IP only when the duration is done.

    Density is also key. if your grift have zero density you will drop out of WoTB.

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    Quote from Freekout»

    he clearly said it was on ps3 which does have trading if i remember correctly

    and like you said hes on ps3. so to be a legit player on consoles...lets just say youll have better odds get struck by lightning.

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    Quote from Kuzushi666»

    Hello all, I'm looking for an Ivory Tower shield for my holy shotgun crusader and I'm willing to buy or trade for it. I have an extra fate of the fell I'd be willing to part with along with many other legendaries. Pm me here or on PS3 in game - my user name is Kuzushi_

    I seriously don't know if you are trolling. But ever since launch of patch 2.0 legs have been BOA with an except to a 2 hour window to the party.

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    Quote from grouchyy»

    The goal is to complete, for example, something like 45s in 3min or less essentially.

    For keys you want to "recycle" them (youtube this, or google it..there are many threads that describe the process).

    you have 2 weeks to do this. This has been patched in the PTR which means when 2.3 launches live you cannot do this

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    First thing you need to know, your skills scale off you weapon dmg. Ignore the weapon dps. Only look at the dmg range. Second off, you have no crit hit chance (CHC) or crit hit dmg (CHD). Those stats are the bread and butter to your DPS.

    sockets do not matter if you do not have high enough CHC or CHD. try to hit 40% CHC and 350% CHD. These bench marks are not ideal, however it gives you something to shoot for.

    Legendary gems scale of weapon dmg, however with out the multipliers you will for ever stay at base dmg.


    1. sockets in armor (3 for chest and 2 for pants) Put ruby or diamonds

    2. I would scrap your ammy, gloves, pants, and chest. You should craft rare level70. Why? because at this stage unless its a set armor its worthless to you.

    - ammy = str, CHC, CHD

    - gloves = str, vit, CHC, and CHD

    - pants = str, all res, 2 sockets, vit

    - chest = str, all res, vit, 3 sockets

    3. rings = str, CHC and CHD. depending on your build you may or may not need cooldown reduction (CDR). A SOCKET DOESNT MEAN EVERYTHING. If you do not have CHC or CHD you will never be able to push beyond T1.

    4. set gears = crusader has invoker (no one uses), rolands (everyone uses), akhans (unpowered), or a zdps tank build.

    5. make a build for T6 - T10 (patch 2.3 for T7-T10) or make a build for Great rifts (advanced play)

    - Greater rifts (grifts) = you need to learn about the fundamentals of the game first. If you read the forums and you come across gamers says "i'm stuck at 40s grifts" when their build can push 50s no problem. This is because they either do not understand their build or they do not that some fights you cannot win.

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    posted a message on How awful is my barb?

    dude, did you even read OP's Post. Non of his characters are in seasons. How the F*** do you think he'll use a zodiac ring when it wont ever drop till S3 ends. I literally stated it in my post.

    F+R for non seasons and CoE+zodiac for seasons.

    Your post is insulting OP's and my post.

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    Quote from gmahler2u»

    ok devestaor. first, upgrade to ancient set gears....start from there.

    you do not need an ancient gear set. you need ancient weapons to push grifts.

    Back to the topic:

    its because you are geared up wrong. You either go 5 waste / 3 IK or 6 waste + 2 BK (F+R non season / CoE + Zodiac seasons).

    Assuming you stick with this till Season 3 ends.


    5waste/3 IK you hit harder and maintain perma WOTB. better is groups

    6 waste/ 2BK your APS and movement speeds makes up for the lack of perma WOTB. However you would also need the pride of cassius and a good amount of CDR. best for solo

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    Quote from mathias1223»

    I have very little to say.

    First, look at my join date.

    Second, I'd like to suggest and discuss the removal of paragon requirement for torment difficulties.


    Then you are admitting you are one of those leechers. Yea i do notice the join date. this would also imply you should be a high paragon level because you have been actively playing game since launch.

    The paragon restriction needs to be way higher.

    100-200 everyone is optimizing for T6.

    pl200 - T7

    pl300 - T8

    pl300 - T9

    pl400 - T10

    by pl400 most people are capable of soloing grift 45.

    you obviously dont remember when T6 was actually hard. and got worse when you have 3 leechers who get 1 shot and you carry them.

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    Wyatt Cheng, said it already. BLIZZARD WILL NEVER GIVE US OR EU MORE STASH SPACE. I don't know if you knew, but server space cost money. And unless micro transactions gets implemented in US or EU its impossible to infinite stash space. What you are asking for is borderline S****d. you are asking BLIZZARD for at least 15 more servers. There is a max of 15 character slots.

    You know that thing called Kanai's cube, use that. You know how rare it is to get a GG gear piece, rare. all the RORGs, unities, CoEs, etc you can salvage them.

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    watch this video.

    MeatheadMikail sums it up.

    Judging by PTR 2.3 August is a poor assessment of when 2.3 launches. right now the monk is beyond OP. weapon balance isnt there which makes Kanai's cube completely pointless for build diversity. Barb bracers need a patch.

    All you do is beg for new content, no balance. The issue will be different patch same S***. in this case the flavor of the month will be the month.

    Season 3 was to be AT LEAST 4 MONTHS. You do know what this means, season 3 can be 2 billions months for all we care. 120 days need to pass.

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    Quote from k33zhe»

    Quote from bexonult»

    no reason to lose the 100% chd, you havnt got the gear to go 2:1 if thats the case

    why talk down people like that. if you dont want to be helpful, better to not post a reply at all.

    im sure there are lots of other people willing to be help and give advice here on diablofans

    by any means is he being condescending. He/she literally stated the obvious. You are undergeared if you are having issues.

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    10:1 is the ratio but the place holder values are dictated on the class the gamer is using.

    Int based 10 AR = 1 armor. this means armor is more value
    DeX/Str based 10 armor = 1 AR.

    Barbs exclusively hold vit/life % more valuable than elite dmg reduction. because of blood funnel aka "life steal"

    elite dmg reduction is worthless IMO because youll either go full dmg with a HF ammy or have an immunity ammy.
    You have a higher chance of dying for trash throwing arrows at you than getting 1 shot by an elite affix.

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