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    So my question is, Will this be season only or account wide? I say this because typically after a season ends people horde the class sets. This would allow for some kind of end game variant in non seasonal as seasons have the seasonal journey.

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    Non season is far from balanced. There is a huge power creep discrepancy. People would auto kick if you aren't a specific paragon. Paragon 800 is a huge difference from paragon 400.

    Only the consistent 1000 players in seasons care about leader boards and those same 1000 players per class will be on top for non seasonal.

    Most people play not for a reset like you would ignorantly think, they play for cosmetics.

    Your Post reveals your complete ignorance. It shows you have never played this game before RoS. The player base dropped 3 months after D3 vanilla launch. And then it slow depreciated with the RMAH.

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    posted a message on Power Leveling w/ Friends
    Quote from ChiefBush»

    Quote from Tirnoch»

    I'm not sure if you're right that the one being powerleveled gets less XP on a level 70 game (he surely won't gain as much as someone on level 70, but I felt he's still getting more or at least the same amount of XP than in a low level game). But still, I prefer doing this in a level 70 game since I can just play the rifts and get rewards accordingly. Playing on a low level game won't benefit me in any way other than gaining crafting mats, but no DBs til level 61. So even if it would take longer (which I doubt, I leveled a friend's alt to 70 in about 3 rifts, that's 15 minutes) I'd rather do normal T6 rifts than wasting 30 mins of my playtime.

    The XP gained for a lower level player in a level 70 server is equivalent to normal/hard difficulty. And unless you're criting 1bn that would take well over an hour to complete... To be honest, I understand the issue with not being able to really loot when you're in a 50 server. Although if loot is your concern I'd recommend leveling to 40/50 in the lower level player's server and then switching. That'll take maybe 10 minutes, the XP scaling is less severe around the 60 mark so it could be advantageous to open a 70 server at that point.

    there are only 4 servers in this game. NA, EU, Asia, and PTR. You might want to edit your response to be more accurate. If there were individual servers the game wouldn't be lagging so hard. Heck, Blizzard would've allocated all these servers to Grifts so it wouldn't lag out on you

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    Quote from swebarb»

    doubt a shield bash can come close to the damage and effective of a hota barb but with decent gear it should work, but problem is toughness and survivability for crusaders i find it hard playing them compared to monks and barbs which can stack high toughness where crusader cant :(

    I partially agree with you. shield bash was better than the HOTA barb before the cube. and with the cube its still better in terms of damage. However, in terms of survival I fear of getting 1 shot even in T10. Basically for saders to even compete with the barb Blizzard needs to revises akhan set to mirror IK set. Make the CDR on defensive skills faster.
    And the hammerdin set didn't even appeal to me. IMO the set should be like this
    (2) CDR on steep charge by 1 second. You can now cast blessed Hammer while in Steep charge animation
    (4) while casting Blessed Hammer gain 50% damage reduction
    (6) Blessed hammer gains 750% dmg increase.
    With something like this, Crusader will finally have a speed clear build as well as be able to compete with the Waste Barb.
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    posted a message on %Cold DMG or %Crit Chance on Amulets?

    roll off the dex for cold dmg%. depending on your build i would roll dex off for Area dmg instead of elemental%

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    posted a message on LFM T10 under 3mins Season4 conquest

    I have a healer monk and a U6/EP monk.

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    posted a message on GR 40 Conquest Help
    Quote from YOOGNR1»

    i did it with UE fire yang specc, it was really easy. still farming nat gear prob gonna use that to break 60

    Did you even read the title of the post? GR40 conquest you CANNOT USE ANY CLASS SETS. Judging by your response, you've never attempted this conquest making your response invalid.
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    PURE EQ, PURE SHADOW MANTLE, ARGUABLY PURE RAEKOR, PURE AKHANS, PURE FIREBIRD, ETC can not speed clear T10. solo or group. if all group members are wear those class set. they pale in comparison to the Nats, UE6, Waste, IK, Vyrs, rolands, U6, Raiments, etc the cookie cutter list goes on.

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    SWK is getting a 6 set bonus. Boom this is why its auto listed.


    Inna's has already been announced that it will received a revision


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    We all know there are several sets in the current meta that are not viable at all. My definition of viable is T10 speed clear, grift 35-50 speed (xp clear), grift 60+ push. T7 bounties, etc

    Blizzard does listen to the community albeit, it takes them 3 months to 1 year to realize its the best approach to solving the issue at hand; they do follow through.


    Barbarian (Bar): Spires of the Earth set and Raekor

    Crusader (Cru): Akhans, Invokers (this F**king set dropped for every class yet Bliz said it was for Cru. Why the freak did they wait 1 year to fix this issue)

    Witch Doctor (WD): Jade Harvester set

    Wizard: (Wiz): Firebird set

    Monk (Mon): Inna's and SWK set

    Demon Hunter (DH): Shadow Mantle and Marauders set


    Bar: Spires of the Earth

    (2) Leap applies EQ. CDR by 1 sec for every 2 enemies Hit. CDR on Avalanche by 33% for each leap.

    (4) for every enemy hit from each Leap gain 5000 life

    (6) EQ can stack up to 3 times. Increase the EQ damage by 10% based on the total remain fury. Activating Avalanche deals the total DoT effect of EQ


    (2) gain all runes of Furious charge

    (4) 100% addition damage to the first enemy hit. Resource spenders will no longer impede the motion of FC.

    (5) applie DoT effect of 4500% over 3 secs. Increase the splash range for every point of area damage.

    Cru: Akhans

    (2) Gain every rune of akarat champion

    (4) while in akarat form RCR by 50%. For every 10 wrath spend CDR of akarat by 3 sec.

    (6) Wrath spenders gain 20% dmg for every remain point of wrath.






    Bonus: Blackthorne set

    (2) CDR by X.XX% on ALL defensive skills

    (4) Gain immunity to plague, molten, arcane, lightning

    (6) attacking an ally with a resource spenders, Heals them for 10,000 times the total cost of the spender

    Blizzard argues people only want to use DPS this and DPS that. Then why does a nearly every player have at least 1 support build. You can hear them say this during countless interviews from multiple streamers. Problem solved make BT set the support class set.

    By no means are my ideas set in stone. This is a community thread. Post your Ideas here. May the best ideas be on live.

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    posted a message on Doing no damage and struggle with survivability - Vyrs wiz

    You are missing gear.

    Ancient chantodo's set. This is why you aren't doing any dmg.
    Zodiac ring in the cube to reset CDR of archon
    get rid of CoE for unity when doing solo

    Follower also need unity.

    I would put some Area dmg where you can. archon is arguably in melee mode 100% of the time. area dmg will help with the ramp up.

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    Quote from Setharial»

    wouldn't a cubed furnace (max roll always active) + equipped johannas be same/more dps+cdr+recovery (quicker and more LoH Procs) due to fervor vs heavenly strength passive?

    no it wouldn't, you do less dmg. 2 handers always hit harder. all skills are based on weapon dmg. what has a high weapon dmg a 1 hander or a 2 hander?
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    posted a message on The Witching Hour wtf! MY LVL 46 STILL KICK LVL 70 ASS!

    cough 24 + 46 cough.... -_-...

    Witching do not drop til level60 FYI.

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    posted a message on Broken Promises struggles with any build

    3 thing. you have zero CHD, no CDR. and no ancient weaps. This is why you are stuck at your wall. Area damage is only stronger when you hit at least 10 mobs. CHD has the sustain of the dps. what the heck is the point in having 100% CHC when you proc BP and you have you 358% CHD. that lack of CHD is killing you. Shenlong is a generator build hence why it needs area dmg U6 doesnt need it as much.

    Next, if you dont have near 100% up time of SSS youll also be stuck where you are.

    There is a reason why Quin69 is able to hit 70+ with this build and you are not.

    You are missing too many specs to even be thinking about breaching 52.

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