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    posted a message on End of Season 7 prediction?

    I seriously don't know why you think it's complicated. 3 months and do the math. Holiday season? It's not even conflicting with any holiday. Season 8 isn't either.

    The season ends when blizzard announces it

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    posted a message on Making fun builds viable should be easier (LoN discussion)

    You need to understand how LoN builds actually work.


    100% for each ancient. 13 max

    4% damage reduction for each ancient 13 max

    you need a skill that is high damage and doesn't rely on heavy resource spending.

    This is why you see skills like bom

    bardment and fan of knives.


    i ran a simulated a LoN zero dogs WD

    9billion max damage with 800 paragon

    this still under performed to a LoN bomb sader 75 trillion

    also what is your definition of viable? Any build can run on normal, there for it is viable.

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    posted a message on Stash tab for non-seasonal players

    Wrong, you need to be anywhere but town and vault to get that achievement. Also it's better if its T10 as you get 540k gold per bag. You only 97 caches.

    The largest risk is a disconnection.

    If if people are too afraid of this do it the old school way of ruins of Corvus

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    posted a message on In-Geom problem..

    This has been in the game since inception of in geom. the trick is you need you skills to be fresh. As in not currently on cool down. Otherwise it won't proc

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    posted a message on [Rant] Hardcore is dying
    Quote from soulzek»

    I fail to see the point of hardcore. People playing it obviously never played D2 hardcore. 100% of your deaths are going to come from unavoidable technical issues. Where's the fun in randomly losing your character? It's stupid.

    You've obviously have never played HC D3 in your life. The hardest iteration of D3 was vanilla when inferno launched. You got 1 shot by flies in act2. Kripp had the world first HC clear. HC D3 got nerf to the ground.
    If your character only dies to lag, then you never push.
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    posted a message on Any PTR research done into T13?

    Based on my experience, a lot of t10 builds will be dead in t13. The jump is huge.

    Wastes Barb is dead. Not enough damage in solo or group. Raekor may have a chance, maybe.

    For monk i really don't know, but i believe U6 monk is dead as well. Raiment has a chance.

    For WD - i can still farm t13 semi-efficiently solo in HT gargs.

    For example this build is already slow: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/81921-2-4-2-t13-speed-bountys-turbo-chicken

    and it won't work in groups at all. And you can't really use ROE based builds with Manajuma set.

    For Wizard = still need to test this: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/81351-2-4-2-explosive-blast-build-t13

    I doubt this will work with low para/bad gear. Would be slow as hell in groups as well.

    DH - haven't played DH in ages, but as far as i heard UE builds are still solid.

    Crusader just sucks in groups t13 completely now. Only LON bombs have a slight chance to be somewhat fast.

    Based on your experience? Then you much have a shitty experience with a crusader. LoN can easily speed farm gr60 with low paragon. I'm talking about paragon 400. 3 min runs average did that on both HC and soft core. You can also easily speed farm with invoker on gr60 it's 33% slower but it's still fast. You obviously lack experience with the crusader
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    posted a message on [Xbox One] [Trade] Ancient items needed for crusader

    It doesn't matter what console you are on items are boa unless you are on the same party.

    Also so gold is extremely easy to come by you can get average 200m gold in the vault per run.

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    posted a message on S7?
    Quote from TVK84»

    Ok, i bet this has been asked before maybe 1000 times but i dont have time to search through the forums.

    Is there any news about when season 7 is gonna start? Aaaaand also is it gonna be more fun and inovative than season 6?

    Cuz im really dissapointed in s6 if i may say so.

    tnx for replies in advance

    S7 will be just like S6 and so on so forth. New content doesn't dictate the season.
    When will S7 start? After S6 ends...Why do you even ask these questions? S6 started late april. now do the math. April + 3 months.
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    posted a message on A boost to lvl 70 please ? (seasonal)

    no offense, but for these type of things, you are wasting you time posting on Dfans or Battlenet. Just search up the community and im sure you'll find someone.

    Personally, I wont do it unless you plan on playing HC. Its a waste of my time knowing that you'll eventually delete the character or you are just SC achievement hunting. I also hate to break it to you, most people in the HC community are like me.

    So this is advise to anyone who primarily plays SC. If you need the seasonal HC power level. Ask for it with ZERO refer of completing a season journey. The moment you ask for that, you are guaranteed to never get power leveled. Heck, there is a higher chance of you being kicked from the community.

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    posted a message on Improving season 7

    RoS is done as a whole bruh. If you keep begging for freebies the final expansion will never be made. 2.4.1 was a sign that they need to slow down. In my opinion the sets need to be re balanced. Firebirds is broken alkaizer basically proves this fact. Several other sets need tuning.

    Xpack possibilities:

    Paragon 3.0 should be adjusted for the final xpack. Raise level to 80. The dream of two brand new classes. I don't want a Druid or a necromancer. Give me a blood Mage or a bard. ability to equip 2 rings per hand. There needs to be a grift nemesis system. Whom ever has the leaderboard spot above you, you have the chance to play his or her grift for a better time or rely on RNGesus for your own rift. bring legendaries from other games other than WoW. Give me SC, over watch, etc.

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    posted a message on Time to pull the plug?

    You are the type of person that was Born as an only child. You we given candy since RoS launch and now that it is slowing down on content creation you think this game is dead. Hate to break it to you but every season doesn't need new content. RoS is a whole is technically complete. Most classes got balanced.

    If blizzard continues to release new content well then there is zero point of a final expansion. The slow down is a good sign for a 2017 expansion. Moldran had a video on YouTube stating that D3 would have at least 2 expansions before D4 would ever be conceived. People want D4, which is stupid. WoW engine is more dated than D3. Plus you pull in more sales from DLC / expansions than a brand new game.

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    posted a message on Hardcore Seasonal - Power leveling?

    Search up community in game. I am one of the officers for the power leveling group. It's the largest level group in the community . This is in general. I am also one of the few members that dual HC and SC classes.

    There is also a HC powerleveling group.

    However, if your goal is just to finish the season journey you'll get ignored in the HC community. It's a waste of time for HC PLAYERS because we know the SC players will just delete the character afterwards. Yes, I do check profiles.

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    posted a message on DC/RIP question

    The more people that are playing the more likely itll happen. You have to play during dead times.

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    posted a message on QuinFans ???

    Guys stop fanboy/fangirl over 1 streamer cough Quin69 cough.

    Drahque is right with most regards. Several streamers and moderators have put in the same amount of time if not more and receive less recognition.

    Basically, if this were the "game of Thrones" Quin69 won.

    Quin is an expert at monk, PERIOD.

    Like Drahque said, why promote builds from this person when he clearly doesn't main or know the meta of that particular class.

    If its Barb stuff i expect Chainer and alkaizer, DH = Philosophios and wudijo, WD = Jmacc and Anthony Evan, so on so forth.

    So what if Quin is partnered with Curse. The sub category shouldn't be named after him. If anything it should be called "CURRENT SEASONAL GUIDE" this way diablofans wont shoe horn themselves in the future. "...season 6 guide" must be obsolete now because its season 9000.

    With the current title of the page, it is a little discouraging.

    I mean the mods might as well add another page called "OG D3 GUIDE FROM LEGENDS." this will exclusively feature: Moldran, Alkaizer, mannercookie, kingkonger, inferno archon, ziggyD, anthony Evans, athene, Shinobi, and drum roll please......Krip.

    TL:DR - a little absurd to highlight 1 person of the community when there are plenty of others that have influence the META of D3.

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    posted a message on What class you going to play on Season 6?

    Hc barb for the raekor set. Then farm for invoker and LoN bombardment for speed t10 to get the conquest. But pushing with invokers. Then after the stash tab is gained I'll move over to overarching till blizzard releases an xpack for d3.

    Softcore is getting really boring. Even if it's better cuz of server problems and lag spikes. HC feels more rewarding.

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