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    posted a message on End of Season 7 prediction?

    I seriously don't know why you think it's complicated. 3 months and do the math. Holiday season? It's not even conflicting with any holiday. Season 8 isn't either.

    The season ends when blizzard announces it

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    posted a message on Making fun builds viable should be easier (LoN discussion)

    You need to understand how LoN builds actually work.


    100% for each ancient. 13 max

    4% damage reduction for each ancient 13 max

    you need a skill that is high damage and doesn't rely on heavy resource spending.

    This is why you see skills like bom

    bardment and fan of knives.


    i ran a simulated a LoN zero dogs WD

    9billion max damage with 800 paragon

    this still under performed to a LoN bomb sader 75 trillion

    also what is your definition of viable? Any build can run on normal, there for it is viable.

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    posted a message on Stash tab for non-seasonal players

    Wrong, you need to be anywhere but town and vault to get that achievement. Also it's better if its T10 as you get 540k gold per bag. You only 97 caches.

    The largest risk is a disconnection.

    If if people are too afraid of this do it the old school way of ruins of Corvus

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    posted a message on Any PTR research done into T13?

    Based on my experience, a lot of t10 builds will be dead in t13. The jump is huge.

    Wastes Barb is dead. Not enough damage in solo or group. Raekor may have a chance, maybe.

    For monk i really don't know, but i believe U6 monk is dead as well. Raiment has a chance.

    For WD - i can still farm t13 semi-efficiently solo in HT gargs.

    For example this build is already slow: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/81921-2-4-2-t13-speed-bountys-turbo-chicken

    and it won't work in groups at all. And you can't really use ROE based builds with Manajuma set.

    For Wizard = still need to test this: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/81351-2-4-2-explosive-blast-build-t13

    I doubt this will work with low para/bad gear. Would be slow as hell in groups as well.

    DH - haven't played DH in ages, but as far as i heard UE builds are still solid.

    Crusader just sucks in groups t13 completely now. Only LON bombs have a slight chance to be somewhat fast.

    Based on your experience? Then you much have a shitty experience with a crusader. LoN can easily speed farm gr60 with low paragon. I'm talking about paragon 400. 3 min runs average did that on both HC and soft core. You can also easily speed farm with invoker on gr60 it's 33% slower but it's still fast. You obviously lack experience with the crusader
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    posted a message on [Xbox One] [Trade] Ancient items needed for crusader

    It doesn't matter what console you are on items are boa unless you are on the same party.

    Also so gold is extremely easy to come by you can get average 200m gold in the vault per run.

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    posted a message on A boost to lvl 70 please ? (seasonal)

    no offense, but for these type of things, you are wasting you time posting on Dfans or Battlenet. Just search up the community and im sure you'll find someone.

    Personally, I wont do it unless you plan on playing HC. Its a waste of my time knowing that you'll eventually delete the character or you are just SC achievement hunting. I also hate to break it to you, most people in the HC community are like me.

    So this is advise to anyone who primarily plays SC. If you need the seasonal HC power level. Ask for it with ZERO refer of completing a season journey. The moment you ask for that, you are guaranteed to never get power leveled. Heck, there is a higher chance of you being kicked from the community.

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    posted a message on Time to pull the plug?

    You are the type of person that was Born as an only child. You we given candy since RoS launch and now that it is slowing down on content creation you think this game is dead. Hate to break it to you but every season doesn't need new content. RoS is a whole is technically complete. Most classes got balanced.

    If blizzard continues to release new content well then there is zero point of a final expansion. The slow down is a good sign for a 2017 expansion. Moldran had a video on YouTube stating that D3 would have at least 2 expansions before D4 would ever be conceived. People want D4, which is stupid. WoW engine is more dated than D3. Plus you pull in more sales from DLC / expansions than a brand new game.

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    posted a message on Hardcore Seasonal - Power leveling?

    Search up community in game. I am one of the officers for the power leveling group. It's the largest level group in the community . This is in general. I am also one of the few members that dual HC and SC classes.

    There is also a HC powerleveling group.

    However, if your goal is just to finish the season journey you'll get ignored in the HC community. It's a waste of time for HC PLAYERS because we know the SC players will just delete the character afterwards. Yes, I do check profiles.

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    posted a message on What class you going to play on Season 6?

    Hc barb for the raekor set. Then farm for invoker and LoN bombardment for speed t10 to get the conquest. But pushing with invokers. Then after the stash tab is gained I'll move over to overarching till blizzard releases an xpack for d3.

    Softcore is getting really boring. Even if it's better cuz of server problems and lag spikes. HC feels more rewarding.

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    posted a message on Paragon 10000!
    Quote from Shapookya»

    Quote from mechinal»

    If they change it now, those that have 100+ legendary gems are the only ones that will have them, without paragon you will not be able to get gems that high.

    do the math and you see that this is bullshit. Paragon does not make a big difference. You can play on 100+ with low paragon. The difference between someone with P1000 and someone with P3000 are 3 griftlevels, maybe 4.
    Skill is way more important for high grifts than paragon, but it's easier to hate on paragon than on own inability to "git gud" ;)
    You do the math. Because i bet you anything you cannot jump into a solo Grift 3 -4 levels highers than your current max. with the 2.4.1 nerf to DMO wizard you can't do shit. Chainer was paragon 3XXX and cleared a Grift 93 solo sader. Allocate only 1000 paragon points and do a grift 93. and your caldesann's despair can only be a max of 93.
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    posted a message on Paragon Changes - Looking For Feedback
    Quote from PsykStrike»

    Sorry to repeat myself, but just so this is abundantly clear; the option for ALL main stats, as opposed to ONLY your native stat will eventually (after a long time) allow you to incorporate an additional build changing legendary, by swapping dmg reduction off of a gear slot and providing that reduction via paragon instead (armor + dodge + block all combined at high levels). The combined values, factoring in diminishing returns on each separate defensive stat, should be enough to allow 1 and no more than 2 (at an extreme stretch) defensive items to be shifted off of a build. To give an estimate, I'd say around 750 points in 3 of the Core stats would ideally provide enough dmg mitigation to switch out 1 item. This means that a player should ideally be at Plvl 2850 for the 1st item switch, and Plvl 5100 or higher for the 2nd item switch.

    I would personally consider the option to swap in a build changing item to be highly valuable (although dependent on affix creativity), which hopefully provides enough incentive to funnel into non-native mainstat as Plvl increases.


    The need to forsake dps for mitigation on gear would only be present at low plvl, after which point, the mitigation is shifted to paragon rather than gear, making it a non-issue. Also, Plvl is relatively easily obtained, as evidenced by seasons. Again, this proposal takes no interest in catering to lower plvls, but rather intends to extend the usefulness of paragon, through minor changes to the current system..

    keep the 4 categories and 5 sub-categories per. However, you can only allocate 200 pts per category. You cap out on stats at 800 max allocate pts. Your paragon level remains infinite. IE: you can be paragon 9000, however your stat allocation will be equivalent to anyone with para800 - infinite.
    Say for offense sub-category (paragon 3.0): CDR, RCR, IAS, CHC, and CHD. You would only be able to max out 4/5 of these stats.

    I know you guys forgot already but when paragon 2.0 was released it was advertised as a system with versatility. However because the pts are infinite no one ever had "choice."
    Once paragon system is fixed what ever they choose, a very old issue will arise. RNG IS RNG. a lack of a trading system. and the lack of super rare legendaries. Everyone remember when the Furnace, SMK, Star of askaranth, etc were impossibly hard to get. Blizzard needs to impliment loot where you cannot use Kadala or the cube. It must be a drop.
    All in All LOOT needs to be the end game, not paragon. in my perspective

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    posted a message on Which item is better?

    The only way the right one gets better is if you reroll the chd to 100%.

    However overall the left one is the best of 2 evils.

    Remember element and skill% are additive with in the same pool. Quin69 did a video of this explaining the more you have the less effective it becomes. Unless you gain 100 - 200% of that skill.

    Also how much relative chc and chd do you have? 1:10 ratio bruh. 1 chc to 10 chd.

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    posted a message on Did Quin get banned?

    Can I get a mod to lock this thread? very pointless. especially since you can just go in game and check.

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    posted a message on Ban wave in EU and US

    look at the leaderboards man. SoS got destroyed. as far as we know Chainer88 was the only legit streamer from that clan.

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    posted a message on Projected S6 launch date

    you know the week after season 5 ends...

    yea...1 week after that on a friday season 6 will begin...

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