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    20 year celebration... and diablo gets this.... this is pure comedy hahahaha.

    brb gonna throw my CE out my window.

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    Quote from Majki83»

    Quote from Nezarth»
    What we need for this game is a complex World Editor like WC3's, but on a different realm ofcourse like Torchlight II custom mod mode or like a ptr realm.
    Maybe ''Sanctuary Workshop'' could be the name for it, anyway that would allow this creative community to implement their ideas and also give Diablo III endless of content.

    Would be cool to play WC3's Hero Siege in D3s engine :) or even entire new ACTs created by the community.

    I completely agree with u. Manny people remember for example Median mod for D2 and it was fantastic. But with D3 is basic problem if we talking about mods - D3 is only online game and its impossible to create mod for this game. Blizz never will give players tools for create D3 on private server...pity
    Everything is possible, it is just Blizzard who needs to put more effort in the game, hate to see Diablo on the bottom off their priority. I mean Diablo is the one who almost created what RPG games are today even created WoW or atleast gave it a real lift, its really sad to see this game like this.. not like Diablo III is a bad game, its a very good game.. but its nowhere near the greatness of Diablo 1 and 2.

    I also read an interview from Swedish IGN about Bloodborne, where they interviewed Miazaki the creator of the Souls Series, the interviewer asked at the end what his biggest inspiration was from in creating Bloodborne,
    Miazaki answered: My biggest inspiration for this game was actually Diablo II.


    Swedish: – Vi har kollat mycket på Diablo II. Det är en stor inspirationskälla.
    English:- We've checked a lot of Diablo II. It is a great source of inspiration.
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    What we need for this game is a complex World Editor like WC3's, but on a different realm ofcourse like Torchlight II custom mod mode or like a ptr realm.
    Maybe ''Sanctuary Workshop'' could be the name for it, anyway that would allow this creative community to implement their ideas and also give Diablo III endless of content.

    Would be cool to play WC3's Hero Siege in D3s engine :) or even entire new ACTs created by the community.
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    sure its the DarkD3 Balanced Effect filter with Sharpening with these Settings:


    // TODO: Normalize values to be on a human range scale, whole numbers prefered, decimals usable for micro adjustments
    // These values should have min/max limit checks included in their functions, so that the end user doesn't get crazy results

    // Comment to deactivate an effect.
    // Example: To disable the tonemap effect, use // in front of #define USE_TONEMAP
    //#define USE_ANTI_ALIASING
    #define USE_PRE_SHARPEN
    #define USE_BLOOM
    #define USE_TONEMAP
    #define USE_SEPIA
    #define USE_VIGNETTE
    #define USE_POST_SHARPEN
    //#define USE_FINAL_LIMITER

    //Hint: For slight changes use 0.05 increments
    #define BrightnessOffset 0.013 //Default: 0, Min: -1, Max: 1
    #define ContrastMultiplier 1.035 //Default: 1, Min: 0, Max: 2

    // Set values to calculate the amount of Anti Aliasing applied
    float fxaaQualitySubpix = 0.60; // Default: 0.75 Raise to increase amount of blur
    float fxaaQualityEdgeThreshold = 0.133; // Lower the value for more smoothing
    float fxaaQualityEdgeThresholdMin = 0.0633; // Lower the value for more smoothing

    //For higher precision in the calculation of contour, requires slightly more processing power
    bool highQualitySharpen = 1; //0 = Disable | 1 = Enable

    // Set values to calculate the amount of AA produced blur to consider for the sharpening pass
    #define Average 0.8
    #define CoefBlur 2

    // Set values of the sharpening amount
    #define SharpenEdge 0.5
    #define Sharpen_val0 1.5

    // Number of samples per pixel taken for the Bloom effect. Don't set it to high! 4 = 25spp, 8 = 81spp, 16 = 289spp
    #define NUM_SAMPLES2 4 // Must be set with a value dividable by 2
    float BloomPreset = 4; // Disabled = 0 (Valid Preset Values = 1 to 9) Preset value 1 to 9 takes control over the next 3 settings.
    float BloomThreshold = 1; // The min. level at which the effect starts (Valid Values = 1 to 9, use decimals for finetuning)
    float BloomWidth = 1.2; // Sets the width of the effect (Valid Values = 1 to 9, use decimals for finetuning)
    float BloomPower = 1; // The power of the effect (Valid Values = 1 to 9, use decimals for finetuning)

    #define TechniAmount 0.12 // 1.00 = Max
    #define TechniPower 4.7 // lower values = whitening

    // lower values = stronger channel
    #define redNegativeAmount 1.0 // 1.00 = Max
    #define greenNegativeAmount 0.5 // 1.00 = Max
    #define blueNegativeAmount 0.3 // 1.00 = Max

    #define Gamma 1.05
    #define Exposure 0.15
    #define Saturation 0.10 // use negative values for less saturation.
    #define BlueShift -0.40 // Higher = more blue in image.
    #define Bleach 0.06 // Bleach bypass, higher = stronger effect
    #define Defog 0.05 // Strength of Lens Colors.
    #define FogColor float4(0.2, 0.4, 0.9, 0.6) //Lens-style color filters for Blue, Red, Yellow, White.

    #define Liver // Color Tone, available tones can be seen in ColorTones.PNG (Do not use spaces in the name!)
    #define SepiaPower 0.90 // 1.00 = Max

    // Vignette effect, process by which there is loss in clarity towards the corners and sides of the image, like a picture frame
    #define VignetteCenter float2(0.500, 0.500) // Center of screen for effect.
    #define VignetteRadius 1.10 // lower values = stronger radial effect from center
    #define VignetteAmount -0.10 // Strength of black. -2.00 = Max Black, 1.00 = Max White.

    // Controls additional sharpening applied after previous processing. Strength should be max 0.25!
    float Sharpen = 0.18;

    // Controls the strenght of the limiter. 1.000 for default setting
    int LimiterStrenght = 1.000;
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    Ty man :D
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    First i want to thank the Develepors for working so hard since launch to fix this game and what it is today and i also want to say sorry to the Devs couse i was one of the persons who bashed the game saying that it will never be like Diablo 1 and 2, but i never realised how much the game has changed since launch since Josh took the thrown as Game Director.. its like litterly night and day compared to the old Diablo III, so thank you.

    I created this thread to give you guys some ideas to add some more awsome contents! :)

    This is a Guide for the Devs so they can create more content for the game that all the fans wanted.
    This thread includes many Diablo II and Diablo III players wishes and dreams.

    It would be the dream if Josh or any other devs read this since i have putted much time in it couse im a rookie at editing and not so good english.

    When i play Diablo III i always get these ideas in my head on how to add things to make this the best ARPG game out there, so.. why not write some of my ideas and others into one badass thread.

    This will renew Diablo III and will be an awsome game for both Diablo III players and Diablo II players.

    This is my first time editing pictures, some arts are from other awsome peoples threads and sorry for my English im from Sweden.
    So almost all credit goes to the people that made these amazing arts.



    The Diablo franchise has always been dark and gritty games, from the graphics to the music that will give you a chill through your spine.

    Then Diablo III was revealed i was alittlebit dissapointed with how the devs has taken the graphical aspect of the game, somewhat cartoony and only a few dark creepy places.

    So i looked up a graphic mod/SweetFX Filter for the game and stumbled upon DarkD3(sadly the website is down) a very customizable graphic filter with very cool impact on the game, it truly makes the looks of a real Diablo game.


    As you can see its a big difference as the image gets more realistic/sharper and also more grittier.

    So to the D3 Team it would be amazing if you did a patch that addresses this, maybe make your own graphic filter in a patch so the game looks like this so other players can enjoy this awsome addition, it really pumps up the gothic atmosphere of the game.
    It also makes some of the darker areas really dark so its a potential to an old classic affix back.. "Light Radius" :)


    The soundwork in this game is truly amazing, from the music, voiceacting to the weapon/skill sound and the foot stepping in waterpools.
    And it could get even better by a few small tweaks.

    Dynamic Audiolog:
    In Diablo II then you faught a boss, the boss wouldnt say "STOP! We need to talk first so you can hear all my evil things im going to do muhahaha" no in D2 the boss would speak during the battle.

    What is Dynamic Audiolog?
    It is a dynamic way for sound/voiceacting to play during gameplay and remove annoying things like a big Text Player in the bottom middle of the screen so you dont need to hit space botton all the time and completly mute the amazing voiceacting.

    What the Dynamic Audiolog actually does is giving the game a more satisfying and memorable gamepla, also make it mystery.

    Other cool things to add:
    -Able to switch to Diablo 1 & Diablo II soundtrack
    (I know that your music artist wanted this Josh, by this video ;)
    -Able change some monster sounds like The Risen Dead to Zombie sound from Diablo II "Brains..." hehe

    -:Gameplay Systems and New UI:-

    New Healing System:
    In Diablo II you used Health Potions if you taked to much damage witch ofcourse happens alot and that resulted in "Potion Spamming" and then the potions run out and you needed to open your inventory a click a bunch of potions there, it wasnt the best healing system but i also missed the nostalgic feel the these potions, i mean cmon its a Diablo Game right? It should be all about the awsome items an everlasting potion drinking sound right? Bloop Bloop Bloop :)

    In Diablo III the devs wanted to improve the healing system by removing the everlasting potions spamming to make it more fun and fluid, they did make it better but they also removed the nostagic feel of a Diablo Game.

    So in my new healing system i wanted to Combine both D3s healing with D2s,
    so in D2 you could equip sashes/belts to increase your potion quantity why not add this to D3? But ofcourse with a few tweaks.
    By nerfing down reg per second, life per hit and life per resource spent.

    In my healing system it will give you more control over your healing.

    Screenshot of New Actionbar UI:

    In this new healing system i have removed the potions and replaced them with
    "Vial Flasks" as you can see in the screenshot above you can only use 2 Vial Flasks and 2 Resource or 2 other Flasks.

    Vial Flasks doesnt heal health up to full instantly but heals over time like Diablo IIs potions.

    The (4) in the Vial Flask icon is the amount of shots you have and to refill the Flask you need to pick up Health Globes. The Vial Flasks can only use 1 shot then its cooldown by 10 seconds and other 3 Flasks has a delay about 2 seconds so you cant spam all 4 at once, you can increase the number of flasks you can carry by finding a good belt, belts have a special affix that other items dont have and that is quantity of Vial Flasks.

    Vial Flasks also like most other items comes in "Rarity" from common(White) to Magic(Blue) to Rare(Yellow) and Legendary(Orange)

    The Vial Flasks also have small affixes like giving resistance against certain elements, globes and gold pickup radius, Light Radius, movement Speed and Experience Bonuses.
    You dont need to drink the Flask to gain these effect for a small amount of seconds, Vial Flasks are like other items in your inventory.

    -New Paragon System-

    The Paragon System was a cool feature what was released awile back and has been improved with paragon points witch is really cool, but it also has its flaws.

    -Infinite Leveling
    -Paragon Points(Character Customization)

    -Kills the regular Levels 1-70 couse all you want is to earn paragon levels and paragon points to make your character stronger.
    Witch makes regular Levels a really boring process until you are Level 70

    -What happens when you have reached the highest paragon level so you can max all of your paragon stats? You will not earn paragon points anymore except core stats and vitality. It is always fun to earn points so you feel that your character becomes stronger with each level and customize him/her to your will as the game progresses.

    In my new version of the Paragon System:

    -Paragon Points has been removed and instead moved to the regular Levels.
    (Regular Level Cap has been boosted to 100, so you can spend 100 points in total in each tab, then you level up you can spend 1 point in each tab.)
    -You will earn Paragon Experience at start of Regular level 1, so you will earn both regular EXP and paragon EXP for killing a monster or completing a quest.
    -Paragon Levels now grants you rewards intead of points.
    Example: your 1st paragon Level will reward you with a ordinary Legendary item.
    Level 2-9 will reward you with a random item
    Level 10 will give you an Paragon Exclusive Legendary Item
    Level 100 will Give you a New Paragon Exclusive Transmog
    Level 500 will give you a new pair of Wings
    Level 1000 will give you a mount and a pet in World of Warcraft, a Rare Card in Hearthstone and also a Really Rare Ancient Item in Diablo III.

    Screenshot of Paragon Reward System:

    -The Talisman-

    Skill Stones:
    These are little stones that drop randomly in the world and will customize your skills if you socket them in "The Talisman"

    **Note that im not an expert at balancing nor theory crafting for builds, so i hand that over to the devs or you guys**

    Here is a art picture of all Skill Stones:

    The skill stones main attribute is Elemental Damage as the stones are separated in different types such as:

    Crimson Stone(Fire)-Red
    Increases Fire Damage of skill by 5-10%

    3 of these random attributes:
    -Attack speed by 2-4%
    -Cooldown Reduction by 1-3%
    -Area Damage by 7-10%
    -3% Chance to Ignite enemy on fire for XXXX-XXXX Damage per second
    -7% Chance to Knockback
    -Random Fire Rune(Rare)

    Indigo Stone(Frost)-Blue
    Increases Cold Damage by 5-10%

    3 of these random attributes:

    -3-5% Chance to Freeze on hit
    -5-8% Chance to Slow on hit
    -Area Damage by 7-10%
    -Critical Hit Chance Increased by 3-4%
    -Random Frost Rune(Rare)

    Obsidian Stone(Arcane)-Dark Purple
    Increases Arcane Damage by 5-10%

    3 of these random attributes:

    -3-5% Chance to flee on hit
    -4-7% Increased Damage against Demons or Undead
    -Attack Speed by 2-4%
    -1-2% Chance to couse a small Arcane Explotion for 75% weapon damage
    -Random Arcane Rune(Rare)

    Golden Stone(Holy)-Yellow
    Increases Holy Damage by 5-10%

    3 of these random attributes:
    -3% to Smite an enemy for 50% weapon damage
    -4-6% to Blind an enemy for 2 seconds
    -4-7% Increased Damage against Demons
    -2% Chance to gain Nephalem Glory on hit
    -Random Holy Rune(Rare)

    Alabaster Stone(Hybrid)-White
    Increases Elemental Damage by 5-10%

    3 of these random attributes:
    -Cooldown reduced by 2-4%
    -Decreases resource spent by 5-7%
    -1% Chance to gain a Random Pylon Effect
    -Increases Health Globe and Glory Globe drop on hit by 2-3%
    -Random Rune(Rare)

    Screenshots of Talisman and socketing:

    -Trait System/Passive Skill Tree-

    The Trait system was actually showed at Blizzcon 2009, there its purpose was simular to the "Passive Skills" that we have today but the only diffrence between the two was that you could Rank Up your passive skills in 3 ranks in the Trait System if im right.

    I like this system but i want to enhance it even more so i recreated my own Trait Tree.

    In my Trait System you can enter a own Passive Skill Tree for all passive skills to customize them, by double clicking on them.

    "Like i said im not good with the theory crafting so i leave that to the Devs and you guys, this just the concept"

    Here is screenshot then double clicking on Passive Skill to customize:

    Here is screenshot of Trait Tree of that Passive Skill:

    -Adventure Mode Improvements-

    I always wanted to improve Adventure Mode by giving it a little more viarity,
    so how do we do this? well my solution is by combining both
    "Adventure Mode" with "Campaign Mode".

    I always has this idea then i play Adventure Mode and this is how i think..

    So you start off normal like in Campaign Mode, but when you complete an Act you will unlock Side Quests(Bounties) in that completed Act.
    You can accept these Bounty Quests by a "Post Board" and then complete them as the usual stuff.

    Campaign Quests will give you more exp than Bounties but you can only play through the Campaign Quests once per character.

    But dont worry, for those who want to enjoy the story again just need to Talk to Tyrael in Town and he will say "Want to start over with your Journey Nephalem?"
    (You will still earn EXP for completing Story Quests again but not as much as first playthrough, so Bounties is more efficient.)

    -Nephalem Cube-

    Its perpose is pretty simple its a Cube in your inventory that can be filled with ''Charms'' that you find from killing monsters.
    The Charms is pretty the same from Diablo II a way to customize your character more.

    Screenshot of Nephalem Cube:

    Screenshot of Nephalem Cube and Charm in-Game:

    Screenshots of more Charms:

    -Misc Items-

    Scroll of Identify:

    Bring back the classic scroll for those people that wan to identify their Legs instantly.
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