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    well since a monk can just do that by themselves easily looks like you're just along for the ride..

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    on it and play the game... that's why the RMAH killed it.... Fun to me is getting gear and playing the game.... knowing i can sell pixels easily for hundreds of dollars takes the fun out... i'd rather have hundreds of dollars....

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    I don't see why people are even mentioning the word shield.

    It doesn't matter what you're choosing... you're going to be wearing a shield nobody is going to go shieldless, it's silly.

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    Lol so spending a few hours to get 1-60, the other 40+ hours is farming the same spot over and over and over and over? lol
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    It doesn't matter if it showed 100s on the screen... my attack speed is so fast it's all just a blurr.. Numbers have nothing to do with it... why are you having to literally read every single number in the first place?

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    Quote from Mindcontroll87

    First question, can this enchanting-women ad unlimeted amount of affix to an item, to cap it on affix? If she can upgrade a blue into a yellow, than giving blue item always perfekt-dopple role could give them a use.
    no.... not at all...
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    Quote from prodiii

    This build name is from a streamer called Zisss. Shame on you. Same going for the trick with shrines.

    Shrines don't make this powerful, the synergy of monk skills for damage with movement, with the legendary that gives more damage during movement, coupled with skill reduction, and the legendary helm make this work. Not shrines. That's just a cheesey bonus.
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    No socket, no crit damage, no lifesteal.

    Why would anybody care about that item?
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    it always makes me chuckle when people bring up the death penalties.

    How is walking back 8 seconds soooo much more of a penalty than just rezzing.

    Does it really bother you that much?

    Do you remember how gold repairs were one patch... hundreds of thousands in repairs... people literally quit logging in because you couldn't pick up enough gold to break even... it was awful....

    It's fine the way it is in RoS.... overcomplicating deaths in softcore is silly.... eventually people just over power content and nobody ever dies... it just makes it harder on the little man which in all honesty... just makes people who want harsher penalties out to be huge elitist.
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    Quote from Mini641

    They should have slapped everyone with a NDA to keep people from streaming the beta.
    its clear RoS in its current beta state is making the game look bad.

    It looks like a game that requires very little investment at this point and going by the stream traffic on Twitch many feel the same way.

    Imo this is whats wrong with the beta client at this point:

    1. Drops are way too good, even for a beta.
    2. These "build changer" legendary items get nerfed the second they become real build changers.
    3. The original Normal through inferno difficulties should have never, ever been removed and imo Adventure mod should be unlocked once a character hits 70.
    4. Enchanting is insanely limited atm and not random enough.
    5. The amount of health the monsters have is broken
    6. Rifts are not random enough
    7. Bounties take away from the games exploration and route running, its too focused and makes the game feel small.
    8. A lot of builds in the game that no longer exist should come back. Barbs, Wiz, Monks... they dont feel the same and imo they ruined a good thing. Removing the specs was a cop out, they should have nerfed them without completely destroying them
    9. Every damn item being BoA is silly. economy should be part of a ARPG.
    10. no classic client? imo is terrible. everyone should have the option of playing the vanilla client of D3 to experience that version of the game. Way to devolve the franchise even more.

    1. Someone complaining about having good drops. /rolls eyes Too easy too hard can't make anybody happy. I'll never understand why people demand to have to play 124124 hours before anythin good actually happens.

    2. You're just kinda blowing smoke with this one...

    3. Playing through the entire game 4 times gets old, FAST. The removal of difficulties lets players actually level and scale with content... instead of just facerolling the same act over and over and over with just higher stats.... Seriously... it was fun the first time though... i picked up all the items and looked at them all and enjoyed it... after the 2nd difficulty... i was just skipping mobs to hurry and finish the story, because leveling was slow actually going through... speeding through and just completing it asap to get more exp at higher portions of the act was so much easier... that and NOOOOTHING mattered 1-60 it was all what you got at 60. It's a good change..

    4. Better than not having enchanting and not being able to reroll any stat lol

    5. "The amount of health monsters have is broken" how so? elaborate.

    6. Another you can't make everybody happy..... rifts aren't random enough... ok... what do you want? Solve a random sudoku puzzle before each rift?

    7. Bounties are a change of pace, you can adventure, you can bounty, do whatever you feel like.

    8. Monks feel better... don't include monks in that statement lol. And because all the barbs can't faceroll whirlwind godmode infinitely... you complain? Really you wanted to just faceroll the same spec you do now, at 70. How is this game fun for you, if you're just going to do the same thing over and over and over. Also PROTIP, builds still work.

    9. Legendarys are BoP and yellow items are BoP if you change their stats, If you play with friends you can trade legendaries freely for a bit with them. With the drop rates, quote "Being too good" why do you need to trade them if other people if they can get these "too good drops" themselves?

    10. Lol how many games do you know that randomly let people decide to play the crappy 1st released version with no patches, no anything.... Games don't like to move backwards... they move forwards.... This number 10 you posted is pure nostalgia/
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    posted a message on Would Removing Crit Chance for PVP work?
    Quote from Astion

    I've seen players hit creatures for over TEN OF MILLION, while a healthpool is at 300k at best?

    Even a damage reduction of 90% would still be 1 Million, (which is what most players would receive after mitigation)

    And would it be fun to see PvP players getting hit for a few thousand after seeing millions of damage on PvE?

    The damage numbers are out of control imo, especially for PvP

    Pretty sure it should be pointed out that players currently hit that hard..... this isn't just a RoS thing.....
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    posted a message on In RoS still doing the same thing?
    Quote from miles_dryden

    Yes, I think some streamers have been doing it, but remember...beta...higher drop rates of legendaries...and enemies need tuning.

    And don't forget that the streamers represent the top 1% of the population. This beta is great for showing off the new features, but you absolutely can't use this as an exact reference for how long it will take to "finish" the game.

    More like... streamers represent a tinnnnnnny bit of the population..... lol just because someone streams.... doesn't net them top 1%.....
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    posted a message on Drop rates high for Beta Confirmed Blue Post
    Quote from Dimebog

    I see some of your are confused - old materials (even low level) will convert to new materials.

    Rofl no they wont.
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    posted a message on Will RoS end-game be worse than D3V?
    Quote from Shad3slayer

    ^I already answered that a few posts up, but I'll c/p it for your convenience

    Uhm. Just the first 3 properties on that helm are incredibly strong and better than anything in D3. It's the equivalents of "Grants lvl xy aura when equipped" that was in Diablo 2. Why are properties like this not in RoS? Like, "grants Mantra of Evasion when equipped" on a Barbarian belt, or "Chance to cast Smoke Screen when hit" on item that all classes can use.

    The PoE item I linked has FLAVOR. It's incredibly powerful, but at the cost of not using chest armor. It gives 3 nearly max level effects to any skills you have equipped in it. That's incredibly strong. Just imagine a Legendary in Diablo 3 that would enable you to use a skill with 3 additional runes enabled. Plus flavor in the form of Extra Gore. Plus defense in the form of block chance. However Blizzard has shown a severe lack of imagination in this department sadly and has created 200 more generic legendaries, maybe 5-10 of those actually being useful and unique.

    Well Some items/sets in d3 RoS have added effects like "use all rune effects for X ability" as well as "use X ability with no cooldown" or "summon X until it dies" intead of it just being a very long CD it becomes a perma pet.

    Things like an amulet that grips all the enemies around you is a literal game changer in d3. Rings/set bonuses that give all 4 base auras at a time are also on the riduclous list.

    The synergy of items that give health globes on kills + class abilities of the WD that give more health globe drops + an item that has every health globe you pick up explode for X% damage. Makes for a devastating combo.
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    posted a message on Will RoS end-game be worse than D3V?
    Quote from Shad3slayer

    Ok. For starters, it is not my intent to troll or start flame wars or anything similar, I'd just like to get opinions and see how many people agree with me.

    I've been following every datamine, absorbing any new information that surfaced etc, and now that the beta has been out for a while and it was possible to see a lot of stuff in action, as well as hear people's opinions, I have to admit my hype for RoS has diminished a lot. I'll start with my biggest concern:

    Loot 2.0.

    We've now seen many legendaries, and I have to say I'm extremely underwhelmed. Out of 150+ Legendaries available atm, there are maybe 2-3 which are actually good and unique in some way. Basically, they completely failed with itemization p'hilosophy (again...). Loot 2.0 essentially = Loot 1.0 x10 all numbers. Plus a golden "unique" property that is useless on 99% of legendaries. Many of them even retained the useless property they had in D3V. COME ON!!!! They've been brainwashing us, promising awesome legendaries that follow a completely different philosophy, and they've been working on it for A YEAR AND A HALF, and they come up with this?? I'm afraid we'll end up at the same point as we did in D3V, we'll get gear relatively fast, depending on how much we play, and then we'll again find tons and tons of useless crap. There'll be 1-2 good legendaries for each slot and everything else will be useless. That's at least how it seems to me atm. And I somehow don't think it'll substantially change during beta, so please don't use that argument. If it took them so long to come up with this, what are the chances they'll change the entire thing again and get it right in a few more months? Opinions?

    Also, here's just a random item from this certain game, just to show how REAL uniques and real itemization should look like, as opposed to +123873434 main stat, +2 random stats, +useless orange property.


    Paragon 2.0

    Now I essentially loved this idea, mainly because it promotes playing different characters without the penalty of feeling you lose out on MF and power. But I've read quite a few comments (and even an article on diablo.incgamers) from which it seems that the paragon leveling is way too slow. For example an article I read stated that it took the guy 4 weeks! of playing to get a single paragon lvl (he was plvl 150 or so). So, many many hours, the experience bar moving like a snail, and then you get.... +0.2% pickup radius. I can see how this can quickly become tiring and make you feel like you don't progress at a reasonable pace. I would suggest to either increase the rewards/ make them more meaningful, like +1% instead of +0.2% per level, or to quicken the pace at which you get paragon lvls, especially on those relatively low levels (I consider anything below 400 low :P as the soft cap is 800). Luckily this could still easily change during beta, unlike itemization, but still, a possible point of concern/ discussion.

    Nephalem Rifts

    Ah, here we go. The highlight of the Expansion, the place that is the point of RoS end-game. And it is essentially what should have been in a game of this kind from Day 0. But let's disregard that for the moment, and take a look at how NR look atm. I like them. The only problem I see is the useless "kill 50 monsters -> boss spawns -> rift done" theory. I really hope they'll change it to have 1 boss per lvl, and so they vary in quality/ hardness. I have already read quite a lot of feedback that Rifts basically feel the same, don't feel rewarding enough, and when you take into account points 1) and 2) it's possible (probable) it won't have the longevity that's expected from it.


    In its current iteration, just a huge fail feature. You can't ever reroll anything good, it offers the same properties over and over and over, it offers +96 experience or +94 experience and crap like that. It's just too much hassle, not worth it, costs too much etc. However we can hope it will be changed during beta, but I wouldn't count on it sadly.

    Now some features I'm really happy about: clans and AH removal. Those 2 are the sole reasons why RoS will have any end-game as it stands right now. Gearing will be more fun for a while, even with the generic and uninteresting legendaries of Loot 2.0, as will playing and socializing with friends via Clans. But once we all get some gear and start getting 99.9% crap drops like now, and not even being able to trade when/ if we get something good... I'm afraid it won't last.

    And isn't it kinda sad that the main points of the expansion (fully randomized act! clans! chat! random monsters! adventure mode!) were all in Diablo 2 and should have been in the game since day 1? And the new Itemization which is the point and the most important thing of the game is bound to flop horribly just like the previous ones. But with higher numbers.

    2 years. And they know nothing, Jon Snow (??)

    Oh and one more point. I'm curious about the new combat pacing/ removal of LS. It will probably make the game way more fun for me and might turn out to be the biggest and most important change in the expansion. Also I can't really opine on how it works atm without playing myself - but from what little I've read and heard, it sounds the combat in general is much more punishing and tactical, which I love. I just hope it doesn't end like Inferno 1.0 and gets nerfed due to massive whining. Which it probably will. Argh.

    So you are talking about how good items are in PoE... then link an item that is ultimately.... main stat, vitality, sockets, flavor text, that gives energy regen... aka resource regen lol....

    How is that totally unique and awesome compared to d3... it's the exact same thing.
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