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    posted a message on Crusader Cruising Through T5, 2h Shield Thrower (Video included)
    I dont know if this has been brought to your attention, however i feel it does need mentioning. You had stated initially that IAS was a waste for this build, however you listed broken crown as a possible helm due to IAS. Why not list the crafted helm, The Helm of Rule? It comes with +11% block chance, which directly effects the DPS of Blessed Shield. It cannot compare in any way to Andariels Visage, but at least worth an honorable mention. More so than Broken Crown.
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    posted a message on Stock up on gems now?
    Should we be stocking up on gems now? Without the auction house, personal trading will become the way of the future. Without an auction house, why will people need incredibly large sums of gold (Billions). Instant access to gems and trading materials will plummet immediately. People will always need gems, its just a fact.

    However, here's my train of thought. Currently, the highest level of gem that drops is flawless square. It takes hundreds of flawless squares to make a single form of the highest tradeable gem (the radiant stars). To farm a single radiant star on your own could take days to weeks depending on your luck. Should those with billions of gold start investing in gems now? Will they become our standard trade currency? I believe they will.

    In diablo 2, our standard for trading currency was Perfect skulls, and then in Lord of Destruction our trading currency was converted into high runes, if you remember correctly. That is because these are a commodity that every player wants and needs to reach the highest levels of gaming in this environment, and they are difficult and time consuming to farm, thus its value.

    Im currently considering buying 20-30+ Of each of the radiant star gems. I wont need my gold next year to buy items on the auction house and i cant immagine NPC prices being in the millions. Should we buy now, or will there be drawbacks?

    What are the chances of some other commodity style item being added to the game? Will gems of a higher quality than flawless square start being put on the drop tables, will marquis gems maintain their bind on account status? What are the odds of gem upgrading being reduced, to make it a more feasible task for players to get a top level gem without investing hundreds of hours.

    These are my questions, and i think these are very important questions for the future of wealth in diablo 3.
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    posted a message on = Official Info = [Reaper of Souls]
    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Quote from OnlineSlugen

    Will current para levels be reset or kept?
    Not known yet.

    I'm hoping for a mass reset. Paragon levels, gold, everything.

    Continuing from lvl 60 with our current items could "taint" the new experience imo. But I know a lot of people would be against that.

    I understand what you're saying completely....but a mass reset? Resetting items is pointless as they will eventually be vendored due to uselessness because they will be 10 levels too low. Resetting thanks. Unfortunately the RMAH makes that not possible. I would be furious if my spent money just got reset lmao. I have 2 billion gold and would be very angry to start over.

    Resetting paragon however....I'm not too sure about. Maybe its a good idea. Though if that were the case why should I continue playing right now? Paragon at thos point in time is the only thing of value at this point. Possibly a percentage slash, but a full reset of paragon makes any time played now a waste.
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