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    I think he rolled to sockets. They don't show that unfortunately.

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    Don't forget the hellfire amulet which also doesn't have a level requirement. It doesn't have an XP bonus but gives you a free passive and high stats so you can do higher difficulties for more XP to level solo.

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    First primal I found were Zuni hands, on a DH... After that a razor strop. But then I got lucky! Most important thing now is a decent Holy Point Shot.

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    Hello fellow Dutchman. I try to be as active as possible but I have a pretty busy work/family schedule. My current Season Paragon Level is 685 and I finished the last part of Season 10 this week. Highest solo clear is 75 but that's with 5 minutes left on the clock so I could swap some damage for toughness if necessary. I am rather luckless this season for ancients compared to other seasons. I run the same build as you do though so that might be a bit boring. You can add me if you want: Steem#2121.

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    Vile Ward. Mine was pretty cheap and has 626 armor, 238 str, 159 vit, 76 ar and 280 regen. But I don't know for how much these are going now.
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    You are missing out on a lot of attack speed/critical hit chance/critical hit damage in your rings, amulet and bracers. That is where a lot of the damage comes from, and into the fray works well with more critical hit chance. It all depends on how much gold you have though. Because good rings cost a lot. You should be able to find a good upgrade for those shoulders pretty cheap (again, this depends on the amount of gold). Try looking for a cheap Vile Ward here. Also, look for Inna's Temperance as pants. You will loose the All Resist but gain movement speed, attack speed and critical hit chance. Depth Diggers are also an option but there you will only gain in strength and all resist.

    But if you are willing to loose the Boulder Breaker (you will stil have the complete set bonus) you can look for 2 good 1 hands.

    What I like about your gear is that it will probably give you some nice upgrades with loot 2.0. There are still some items left that can easily be upgraded, maybe even with Loot 1.0 without using the AH.
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