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    hey everyone! this is probably the most important post I have ever wanted to type/send

    in hopes to get EVERYONE I possibly can to see this... it's called a dream starter and the video attached will describe / state / show / tell a story that will change my life forever.

    so please in deepest meaning watch this video and if you could
    subscribe and share with anyone you would think this would help or enjoy.

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    The Blaqklisted is a Clan of Priority and Hard work over Casual wastes and bursts of free time.
    Hardcore focused on the hope in supply of purpose and dedicated reason to continue.
    we are here to help the New, the Vet's and the unlucky in finding and building a Hero of many skills of purpose.
    Farming, Grinding, and Creating unstoppable drive, these are the few tasks of desire to the clan Blaqklisted
    The Cursed is more of a Law blessed from the Crusader's themselves.
    with the Official Tag from Blaqklisted you will have perks within the fields.
    Each hero has it's own spot within the clan, diversity comes with great respect as desire For changing the motion of power is are ways of thought, mobility, and " the Grind "
    The many challenges of being apart of Blaqklisted is just testing the ever changing ways of the game Diablo 3. finding secrets is like searching for the rarest loot, we continue to look and research on the things that will prove the investment we project must and will be in high reward, for when we join forces it will be bearable to claim the title
    Missions are built in ways to help promote teamwork and supply the fastest and most effective new ways in gaining Materials, Gear and Paragon experience.
    completing Clan Missions will give you Hammer's ( a Clan currency )
    Hammer's can be used for Title's, Ranks and Prizes on the Official Blaqksmith Youtube Channel.
    step in front of the line, learn, test and question anything about the New and Old Blaqksmith Builds.
    help create unique and challenging new play styles by building within the clan making not only a different and creative output of skill and power, but the ability to play D3 different than everyone else and be respected for it.
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