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    posted a message on I'm happy for this D1 involvement REALLY HAPPY

    thanks for the reply, and yes everything you just said is the same thing running though my head!

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    posted a message on I'm happy for this D1 involvement REALLY HAPPY

    I just want to state that I found all this info about D1 showing it's soul though diablo 3 really brought me back into this series 100 fold. a lot of you guys might be really disappointing that we didn't get a diablo 4 drop but to be honest I think them showing the skin of one and two within all the new player base is really needed before we move towards a 4.

    I have so much to say about this but I am A Youtuber and would love to share it with the big fans of this game series.

    here's my Blizzcon video - https://youtu.be/-ygfJgB6x1U

    if you find my style interesting please let me know I would love to have you in my community.

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    posted a message on Looking to build a Seasonal Serious Clan

    hey guys big diablo fan and a very serious player of the series, im looking for a core group of different interested class based players, not really interested in alt runners i want a team to spend a lot of time on one class and help run core 4 man groups for all sections of the game season based runs are a big interest to me.

    Speed runs.


    Fishing teams.

    full gear grouping.

    theory building for solo leaderboard climbing

    I want everyone to work together and be very happy for one another thats addicted to the climb

    add me in game to talk futher or on here

    Battle tag - Tim#12795

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    posted a message on Let's Play D3 on PS4!


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    posted a message on Let's Play D3 on PS4!

    hey guys Timber here with a request / search to find epic diablo players that have been such a huge fan to this series that also continue to spread the support and play the diablo games any way possible, I would love to be able to group up and start a solid team to run together on the PS4

    please feel free to comment with your PS network title or just go ahead and send me a add and a message saying Stay Awhile and Sony!


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    posted a message on LF Ps4 Players

    please let me know if you guys are playing or have the ps4 version. im interested in playing / trading PC runs on my season 3 barb that can run grift 45 speed farming speed.

    i want to cap a DH and Barb on ps4

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    posted a message on Add Beards in Archeage Campaign
    as of right now, really enjoying Archeage its a great mmo with a lot of potential and systems that will out last up comers and out goers alike but their is in fact one problem with the game that I much bring to the table...

    NO BEARDS!?! why? well why not is the question before watching the video understand AA is a Pirate and farming / gathering game filled with resource protection... and what gives the face protection? Beards...


    this video is the paper which needs signatures please if you have time watch this video and support the cause to bring Beards into the game!

    leave a comment and a like so we can get the game team on board of the right Ship.
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    posted a message on Anyone interested in Fitness?
    hey everyone! this is probably the most important post I have ever wanted to type/send

    in hopes to get EVERYONE I possibly can to see this... it's called a dream starter and the video attached will describe / state / show / tell a story that will change my life forever.

    so please in deepest meaning watch this video and if you could
    subscribe and share with anyone you would think this would help or enjoy.

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    posted a message on Legendary Gems
    this is a fast upload I want to replace this video with a more detailed one but for right now this will do till we get a few comments and conversations going on about the gems

    so please watch the video then hit / leave me a comment about it

    that would mean alot to me thanks

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    posted a message on Landmark - Let's Build ep2
    Hello & Welcome everyone! Blaqksmith here with a video style progression project ALL about the life and desire to play and learn Landmark! all the great full features now and when they release will be in this video series!
    please feel free to leave comments and suggestions on anything you view on my videos, it would mean a lot to me if we all could gather together as a community and build a respectful environment not only within the video series but in game!
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    posted a message on Wildstar - The Tour ( Player Housing ) ep.1
    Hello and Welcome to another Wildstar Post, A interesting one because its all about " drum roll please " Player Housing!
    the Tour is a Video Series involving updates on creative and unique designs for houses!
    feel free to leave freed back on the progress as it truly unfolds in to a project built from the ideas of me and you ( the Community )

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    posted a message on Wildstar Guest Pass Giveaway
    This the Title states i'm happy to be able to give out a guest pass to someone willing and desirably?!? wanting to play Wildstar and learn all the gathered greatness it holds to its combat all the way to the greatest housing!

    Rules to win.


    1. Comment on the video posted.

    2. Like said Video.

    3. Like official Facebook Page.
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    posted a message on 20 Min Mining Madness ( Archeage Alpha )

    please follow the series and ask anything you want to know about archeage
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    posted a message on Archeage NA Alpha!
    hey guys been playing AA Alpha for a month now, have to state I am loving every minute of it, by watching the video im about to post you will understand how original and different this game is from all the rest by just viewing the greatness of Archeage

    please do watch and leave a comment and ask anything you want to know about AA alpha and please subscribe to my channel for WAYYYYY more AA content.

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    posted a message on Conan the Hardcore ( Giveaway Series )
    Conan the Hardcore is A ongoing HC Series that promotes a Community of Fans and enables a spark of interest within the World of Conan.

    Giving out Artwork to Subscribers and Followers of Conan the Hardcore Series each week and also allowing you, the Watchers of the series to join Blaqksmith AKA Conan within the battle to survive and help keep Conan rising to the top as he continues to give out Free Artwork to the Viewers each week.

    to win free Artwork all you have to do is Subscribe to the youtube channel and watch each Episode of CTH and like / Comment on the video stating your interest in that Weeks Art Piece, someone randomly in the comments will win that weeks Drawing but everyone that leaves a comment / like will receive a Signed Digital Copy!!!!

    Artwork in below ( Under the Episode section )


    Artwork ( Design / Drawing )

    Follow / Like Conan the Hardcore Series
    Win Free Artwork ( Comment Below )
    I R L IG:http://instagram.com/blaqksmith
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