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    I saw that Heroes of the Storm has a big 2.0 relaunch coming and I was checking it out. It turns out they are adding Cassia, the Amazon Warmatron, as a playable hero in that game. The description of her skins tells a little about what happened to the Amazon after Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, I don't remember if this was ever detailed before.


    After shattering the Worldstone, the young Amazon Cassia had changed.
    She had seen hatred, terror, and destruction firsthand. If the Askari
    were to survive the coming darkness, they needed an army. She would
    begin their training immediately.

    After her victory against the Prime Evils, Cassia ascended through the
    ranks of the Askari to become their most legendary commander. The
    Warmatron’s battle armor is a gift from Queen Xaera herself.


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    Interesting. Mr. Brevik says he is an "adviser" for an ARPG that "pushes this genre to new heights" and included an image of Libra symbol/constellation.


    For 20 years, Diablo-like games have evolved & surprised us. I'm
    proud to be the adviser for the game that pushes this genre to new

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    I was leveling my Season character last night and I'm not sure if things legitimately slowed down in the 50s (a relic of the 'vanilla' D3 when 60 was cap?) or if it was just because almost every game I was in after I hit 50 had 1-2 AFK leechers, until I finally said to hell with that and just started playing single player.

    It reminded me of the 'hell levels' from EverQuest where things would slow way down. Things felt good once I got past 60 and seemed to be leveling at a decent pace.

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    I was thinking about the Diablo story tonight and had an interesting idea about where it might be headed. Could Diablo have 'good' intentions? Is his goal to escape from the tragic destiny of endless warfare he and the others share?

    One of Diablo's major pieces of lore is the Eternal Conflict, a never-ending battle between angels and demons, good and evil, light and shadow, order and chaos. In Reaper of Souls, Malthael (Archangel of Wisdom/Death) tried to end the conflict by killing all the beings that opposed his side. It was the only solution he could think of. No more demons/nephalem, no more war. A very rational conclusion for an angel that lived by the ideals of order.

    During RoS we also learn some startling news: as we engage Adria we are informed that Diablo has foreseen his return, and it will be us that is responsible. We eventually confront Malthael and he ends up destroying the Black Soulstone and consuming the souls of the Evils within to try and defeat us. We beat Malthael and thus free Diablo, just as he had planned.

    What is Diablo's desire? We know he conspired to kill off his siblings so he could become the one Prime Evil. We know he somehow knew he would fall at the Crystal Arch since he sent Adria off to prepare for the next phase. We know he somehow even knew that it would be the Nephalem hero that freed him in the end. As RoS ends, we learn that Tyrael and the angels are afraid of the Nephalem and their power to choose between good or evil. Malthael in particular did not like that aspect of humanity.

    "The humans are corrupt, and are not worthy of the choice between good or evil. Angels and demons do not choose, as it should be." - Malthael

    A being of order sees nothing wrong with how things are in the universe. What would a being of chaos think about that? I don't think they would agree that they should do things 'just because' like the angels.

    Which brings us to Diablo. Through his manipulations and scheming, he has sown discord in the Angiris Council and thus weakened his long-time foe, eliminated his brothers and sister and become the Prime Evil, and ends RoS as a free demon lord. What's next? In a conversation with Tyrael about Tathamet - the 7-headed dragon and original embodiment of evil that Diablo and his siblings were the heads of - it is said that Diablo wishes to become the Dragon again.

    When Diablo became the Prime Evil it was by corrupting his host, Leah. That body was presumably destroyed when it disintegrated, but now Diablo - and only him as the Prime Evil, not his brothers/sister - is free. Through time immemorial, the Evils (and angels) are always reborn when they are killed unless something crazy is done like Soulstones being rigged to trap their souls. Diablo doesn't fear death, he has died many times, perhaps even willingly as seen in Diablo III. If the chain of events up to the end of RoS are part of his plan, will Diablo be able to regenerate as Tathamet now that he is considered the Prime Evil and has absorbed the other Evils' souls?

    If Diablo becomes Tathamet, what then? Gameplay wise, we know we'd inevitably fight him, we'll probably defeat him, somehow. What if that is again just all part of Diablo's plan? Diablo doesn't give a hoot in hell about dying, he was already one of Tathamet's heads and survived the first death - a death that helped create the known universe. What if his plan all along was to become Tathamet and then martyr himself in the hopes, or knowledge, that a new universe would be created, one where demons have free will, where they can choose what to do, where they don't have to endlessly fight an unwinnable war? A universe where demons would rule because there would be no angels to stop them. This could leave the existing universe with Sanctuary, or what's left of it, and a new universe made from the reborn Tathamet's death (the setting for Diablo IV).

    What else can we look at that shows where the story is heading? The Prophecy of the End Days is a new part of the lore they came up with in D3 that tells of a coming apocalypse. It is likely we have seen all but one of the lines of the prophecy be fulfilled, it ends with the line "As Fate lies shattered forever." The Prophecy was supposed to be a warning of what was to come, the "key to salvation" to prevent the end times according to Deckard Cain. We've had zero luck preventing any of these things from happening, so odds are not in our favor that we will prevent this final line from occurring. The Prophecy refers to the angels by aspect, which would mean something involving Ithereal comes last. Ithereal is the Archangel of Fate, and he had a Scroll of Fate upon which was written everything that would transpire to the angels. According to the Scroll, Diablo was victorious during the events of Act IV. The Nephalem were not on the scroll, and thus able to circumvent that fate. It is likely unknown what has happened regarding fate since then, but according to the wiki about Ithereal in the Book of Tyrael, he was 'inconclusive' when asked what the angels should do with the Black Soulstone, potentially meaning they are now going completely 'off the rails' instead of following a preordained destiny, which is how surprises such as Malthael can happen. The barbarian tells Auriel that the 'chains of fate' shall bind her no more when you save her.

    There is one curveball here, a big old dragon entity called Trag'Oul, who was the guardian of Sanctuary that tried to maintain a Balance between good and evil. According to this mantra, "Good must always outshine Evil, but never should Evil be completely eradicated, lest Good eventually turn on itself." It is also said that the world will cease to be should one side take over. (That should mean Malthael was destined to fail from the get go since his plan would result in the end of any semblance of Balance.)

    The Nephalem themselves are also a bit of a mystery in what role they will play in the future. The angels fear their strength and ability to be good or evil. The Nephalem are tired of being used as pawns in the Eternal Conflict and want to stand up for themself, to throw off the oppression of both demons and angels. The Amazon lore says that "Amazons regard the destruction of the Three Prime Evils as their destiny, ushering in a new era when mortal men and women can at long last take their rightful place in the universe, no longer merely playthings for the beings of the Outer Realms." The Crusaders believe that humanity are the only 'Balanced' beings in all of creation. The Crusader PC also playfully tells Ithereal, after Ithereal explains why he voted to save the Nephalem, that when the time comes the Crusader would vote to spare the angels. Ithereal says, "You jest, but that day is not impossible." I don't know if the Crusader is the only one he says that to (he did not say it to Barbarian), so if it is a new line they had Ithereal's VA record it could be a hint of things to come.

    How does this all come together? The final doomsday prophecy line implies something happens to Fate. We assume it means Ithereal, but it could mean fate itself. The Nephalem taking over as masters of the universe would possibly mean Fate had been shattered, since they were never part of the Scroll of Fate in the first place. The Nephalem destroying all demons and/or angels would likely have the same effect as well. Diablo's scheme may not be to shatter Ithereal (he has already screwed over the Angiris Council to being mostly harmless), but he may try to 'shatter forever' the fate that angels and demons have to fight each other merely because that is 'as it should be.' These scenarios could certainly cause the 'end of all things' that was prophecized - not an end not to life itself, but an end to a way of life. An end to the insane eternal conflict that plagued all of creation.

    Regardless, something big should be going down in the Diablo universe once the D3 story concludes. Perhaps the 'endgame' for the Diablo trilogy was spoiled in D3's trailer. "It has been said that in the end of all things you can find a new beginning."
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    Quote from Zhaph
    If there's one thing we know about the Prime Evils, it's that they are constantly scheming against each other for supreme dominance. I wouldn't be shocked to learn that such a conflict is currently raging within Prime Evil Diablo, so how about a fight where during each phase one of them assumes "control" of Prime Evil Diablo's body/appearance, allowing us to fight all the Prime Evils in one epic battle?

    Edit: I also want to add that from a storytelling perspective it is totally normal to go back to the "original" villain in the third act, so it kinda does make sense for Diablo himself to return for the "final" kill in the last part of Diablo III. Also, will there even BE a Diablo IV? If so, probably not for 10+ years at least. If not, then it's extra important that the last boss ever in the series should be Diablo again.
    Things could have changed, but the company line from early on was that Diablo 3 will wrap up the storyline started by Diablo 1 (the prime evils trying to corrupt the nephalem/Diablo's scheme to become the one Prime/Diablo becoming Tathamet again/whatever), but it would not be the end of the Diablo universe.
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    Some of these look like things that didn't make it into the game or were in 'classic' D3, like the Akanesh spear, just the other day I saw someone asking about what had happened to it since it had apparently been in the beta and didn't make it live.

    There are a bunch that are level 70 though, and all? of them have unique models and lore (though some lore is incomplete), so these could be an early look at the Season drops. (If not, that kind of sucks that we could have had a lot more legendaries in the game if this is all just items that didn't make it. No guarantee they would have been the 'good' legendaries we all want, mind you, but still.)

    Quote from iPeedInMySpacesuit Wirts original leg, what does this mean!?
    Wirt lost a leg when the Archbishop Lazarus led him and the others from Tristram into a trap. His 'original leg' is the skeletal remains of the one he lost. (In Diablo II you could find the peg leg he had to replace it, and in World of Warcraft you can find his 'third' leg, the one that didn't get chopped off)

    Quote from honimage
    look further , there are also some new items like shard and greater shards

    If Scrolls of Companion are actually coming back, that should be awesome (they summoned little animals that picked up gold for you, like DH Ferret rune). They were cut back during D3 beta because they didn't like how they felt mandatory and didn't think they were quite good enough for the current state of the game. They thought they would 'make companion pets into a much cooler system (both mechanically and visually)' but, like many other 'we're cutting this 'cause we don't like how it ended up, but we'll make it awesome. Promise!' features it has yet to return.
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    If the part about there being a 'loot table'/system that assigns a handful of items per slot when you make a game is true (which Flux says it is on the link), then that's kind of BS, since you could play for hours in a game that has zero chance of dropping what you want and no way of knowing all your time is being 'wasted.'

    The abysmally low drop rates for certain things isn't too surprising since they've told us they were doing that, but I suppose it can be disheartening if you want Item X and see it has less than a 2% chance to drop, and that's if all the other RNG rolls line up. (a Wand of Woh might have to pass % chance for legendary to drop, % for Smart Loot to activate, % for a 1h weapon, % for a wand, then finally roll against the 1.52% chance for the Wand of Woh vs. any other legendary wand, and that's if it's even 'allowed' to drop in the game if that pre-set loot system is real)
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    I was thinking about this earlier today to pass the time, what could have been different/what I would have done.

    • How could they have brought Diablo back without using the Black Soulstone route? If the Prince Aidan/Dark Wanderer x Adria angle is retained, I thought of this cinematic from E3 1998 and how he leaves a chunk of the soulstone behind. If Diablo/Aidan had left part of his soulstone with Adria (or just let it drop in some random town I guess) that could be used to explain the whole 'How can he be back if we smashed it on the Hellforge?' bit a little better than 'Adria marked all their souls for the Black Soulstone, suck to be you.' Mephisto would be the only one 'KIA' since his soulstone did get smashed in full, but I would probably have Belial/Azmodan find a way to steal his essence to further their goals/go towards becoming the Prime.
    • Tyrael would definitely not have made himself mortal. It's just silly, and I don't think there is any example of that ever occurring throughout the Eternal Conflict. If he has to fall from grace, I would make it similar to the Dark Exile where he willingly banished himself in spirit form to Sanctuary, where he then could possess a willing host. At the end of the game the Crystal Arch could still offer him Wisdom instead of Justice, but he wouldn't be an idiot and think Justice was 'met' by disintegrating Diablo and just having him trapped in the Black Soulstone. (Auriel wouldn't think that 'all evil' was vanquished by defeating Diablo then, either)
    • Deckard Cain would either not die, or do so in a way that didn't upset fans nearly as much. There's all these prophecies about the final battle between demons and man, the end of all things, the end of days (Besides a reference in the promo materiel for RoS, was this even mentioned at all in Act V? It's like they just completely forgot about all of this in-game), and they kill off the one guy that had dedicated his life to them in the first Act. According to the Behind the Scenes, Leah was supposed to become 'the new Cain' for us. Perhaps if Deckard was willing to be Tyrael's host, that makes him a target for Belial/Azmodan and he is killed for that reason, by a major Evil and not some dragonfly witch. Leah would also actually believe in the 'stories' Deckard was trying to teach her, and not be trying to burn the Book of Cain after he died, and actually become that 'new Cain' that they wanted her to be until Adria's betrayal.
    • The Belial 'deception' needs a lot of work. Make there be an 'evil' vizier that gets all the blame or something, making everyone think he is that guy while secretly being the innocent character all along. Have him flee into his Realm of Lies where it is said nothing is as it seems, and what first appears to be a paradise of beautiful growth and pleasure is revealed to be full of torturous traps, illusions, mazes, a realm where a maggot-ridden piece of food may be the most nutritious around, and every time an unlucky soul falls into a trap, Belial's laughter would echo.
    • The original Horadrim had to dismantle Zoltun Kulle's body and magically imprison the pieces to keep him 'dead.' We did nothing of the sort. This bit is kind of messy, I think at least having Adria be with us and she being the one to initiate the attack might make more sense. She attacks him to stop him from revealing what she had done to his work, Leah goes to save her mom, we attack to save Leah. He would, and maybe will, come back later on now that Malthael has proven to The Nephalem that the angels aren't really on our side and the only way out is to rise against both order and chaos.
    • Not sure what to do with Black Soulstone. Was kind of lame that they had Tyrael telling us we had to smash it, then it ends up being 'Oh, uh, we didn't know if smashing it would be okay' in RoS. It was also explicitly said to be able to hold the souls of demons and angels, and that apparently never happened since it just got destroyed already, so that seems kind of weird.
    • Take away the minutes on Azmodan's holophone and his Act would be pretty good. Instead of him telling us his plans, have it revealed by the panicked defenders of Bastion's Keep. Make all 7 of his SIn Lieutenants show up as bosses.
    • Act IV - No taunts over holophone from Diablo. Izual wouldn't be threatening us with the 'chill of Hell.' The lighting would get darker and darker as you progressed, signifying Diablo's corruption of the heavens. Nephalem wouldn't just randomly pitch him over the edge, either. Body dissolving into the soulstone and having the angels gather around it, uncertain of what to do, would probably work better, especially since a lot of people thought the Black Soulstone was destroyed at the end.
    • Act V - I kind of knew Malthael was coming back as Death, and figured his plan would be to kill all demons, so I liked where that went. No more telephoning in over the Black Soulstone to mutter 'Nephalem...' Their original plan was for Imperius to be the bad guy here and kill/gravely injure Tyrael, that makes a lot of sense and probably was what the End of Days was supposed to head towards since it began with the 'loss' of Wisdom, which the mortal Tyrael had become (which could be why the End of Days may not be referenced in Act V). Imperius, who voted to destroy humanity, working with Malthael, who wants to kill them for being part demon, makes a lot more sense than Imperius reluctantly helping us because Malthael for some reason decided to attack the Heavens.
    • Malthael definitely would not have shattered the Black Soulstone. He despised demons, so much that he was going to just straight up murder them all, even the innocent nephalem. The next expansion would still be able to continue with Diablo escaping anyway since we were told by Tyrael that the Black Soulstone was flawed and wouldn't be able to hold all the Evils for long, so they could have easily escaped without something facepalm worthy happening in the final boss fight.
    • Would the 2nd expansion be the final one? I don't know, but I would have it eventually come down to the demons and Man waging their final battle as foreseen by the Druids, probably with some incarnation of Tathamet as the final boss.
    May be some other things I'm forgetting, but I think it definitely could have been more enjoyable if they tweaked how some of the events played out.
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    posted a message on Current Outage?
    I wasn't even in-game but the battle.net launcher lost connection, so it's probably widespread.
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    I had a dream last week about the next expansion, which was weird. Three classes, one for each stat (the STR was a 'knight,' the DEX was medium armored and dual wielded, and the INT was an 'adventurer' looking thing and had a backpack). The areas I saw started out in a forest and went into a ruined castle, which was submerged in some areas. Days later, I happened to look up the Skovos concept art and it did make me wonder since it showed submerged/water-filled buildings. Makes me think of Marius, "Why do things happen as they do in dreams?" Would be amazing to get three classes if it's the final expansion though.

    Depending on how many expansions there will be, it may not happen in the next one but eventually we should finally see the 'final battle' between Man and Demons/'ultimate invasion' of Sanctuary by the Hells, as foretold in Diablo II's lore and the Prophecy of the End Days that D3 is based around.

    "If the player thinks they outsmarted the forces of Hell and evil and they basically won, well, they are in for a big shock. Because what they are going to discover in Diablo 3 is that things have gone pretty exactly the way Hell wanted them to go all along. What we really wanted was the idea of a story where we do have some time away, it’s about 20 years later, and things have actually gotten better because evil’s been “destroyed”. But the truth is that it’s actually all just been a ruse, it’s all part of the plan. It’s really just making sure everyone’s nice and complacent for the real war that’s coming." - Jay Wilson, about Diablo II and why they did a 20 year gap

    Another thing that we should be seeing is Diablo's endgame. We know he's been planning and plotting, always two steps ahead of everyone else in the universe. Even in Reaper of Souls after 'Justice was met' when we defeated him, we learn that Diablo had foreseen all of this and knew it would be us, the Nephalem hero, that freed him once more, which we did by killing Malthael, who had absorbed their souls in an insane gambit to defeat us. What is all of this plotting and scheming leading to? Well, the game was codenamed Project Hydra. There just so happens to be a hydra-like entity in the lore, Tathamet, the 7-headed dragon that was the original embodiment of evil that all demons came from. (The heads became the Prime Evils) There is a conversation with Tyrael about what the Prime Evil is and he talks about Tathamet. The Witch Doctor (who is frequently 'spoiled' about upcoming events by the spirits) and the Crusader (so you know they had future content on their mind) surmise that Diablo wishes to 'become the Dragon again.'
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    Something to remember is that the video/stats in question would have been done long before they nerfed things like chests, Uniques, whatever got exploited and thus nerfed in the beta, etc.

    And the most important thing of all: RNG, is - annoyingly - RNG. Even on my best night ever, I don't think I've come close to 6 legendaries in any reasonable amount of time (best night ever might have dropped that many in around 8-10+ hours of play, but I'm fairly sure it was less), and some nights I won't even see one, then sometimes I find two within a half hour of each other.

    Possibly a bizarre coincidence, but it's strange that it has happened every time: I've noticed that friends I play with that completely stopped logging onto D3 months ago get at least triple the legendary drops I and my friend that still played the game do. Same game, same difficulty, same level characters playing together, none of them are using stockpiled 300% MF gear or anything like that, yet they get at least 3 legendaries to our 1 (the most recent returnee got 5 vs. my 1 in the same session). It almost seems like there's a hidden 'rested experience' like Marvel Heroes had that ramps up your legendary find if you haven't played in some time (a good way to hook people that are coming back to check it out), but probably just RNG being lame.
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    posted a message on Upcoming Loot Hotfixes soon 25% to 100%
    For real, my Crusader has used a flail for probably less than an hour total. I did finally find one legendary flail at 70, but it was a 1h with less than stellar affixes and by that point I had found so many 2h sword/axe/mace even with it's effect it may not be worth it. :/
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    Like Westmarch, Skovos was also one of the locations that had concept artwork done for it as early as 2006, so it's possible. (The other night I had a strange Diablo-related dream. It was 'set' as if the second expansion had just came out. People were raging about it because it had come out 'too soon' after RoS. When I was playing it in the dream, there were three new classes (one of each main stat), and the area I was playing in was a ruined castle, some parts submerged. Wishful thinking, but if the expansion is going to have 3 new classes and possibly be exploring Skovos, that would be awesome!)

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    posted a message on (SPOILERS) Maltheal and the Power of Death
    At the end of Lord of Destruction Tyrael destroys the worldstone in the Diablo 2 cinematic which seems like a really huge event. Does that have any implications on Sanctuary?

    Chris: Yes…. Yes. The destruction of the worldstone… or was it? Is a huge moment in the universe of Diablo. Can you destroy a worldstone? I know what we saw, but was that real?

    That was from the lore panel at BlizzCon 2011.
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    Malthael became obsessed with human souls and humanity's ability to permanently die.

    If you ask Tyrael in Act IV about Malthael's Fate, he tells you Malthael was tortured by being unable to find the Worldstone after Inarius stole it, and that "Some say he haunts the silent halls of Pandemonium, forever seeking answers to the unknowable mysteries of life and death."

    Malthael's writings you can find in Act V tell us that souls called to him like a siren's song, he checked all over creation and eventually found they were calling him from Pandemonium, where the Worldstone was. He studied this swirling, writhing souls and learned the truth of mortals - no matter what they do, they die, and that is wisdom. His studies of the souls show to him that man can stand for good like any angel, or commit evil worthy of the lowest demon. He does not like that aspect one bit. To an immortal being like himself, the thought of these mortals that are here for but an instant before flaring and dying being able to choose to be good or evil is wrong.

    Malthael says that the humans can't be trusted. They are part demon, and demons pervert everything they touch. The humans are therefore corrupt, and not worthy of being able to choose between good or evil. The angels and demons do not choose, and that is how it should be.

    With the Prime Evil trapped in the Black Soulstone, Malthael realized that it was the perfect time to end the Eternal Conflict. The demons are leaderless and will be easy prey, but the humans must die, lest they grow too strong.
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