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    posted a message on Remember the time when..............??..............
    You farmed for 40 50 even sometimes 60hours with hardly a LEG in sight, let alone an upgrade.

    I remember in NA server my HC barb was 400 to 500 hours old and still was using yellow items.

    And now......Damn. You can be fully geared in no time, and it gets expensive fine tuning your toon. I love how they did this. much more enjoyable.
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    posted a message on patch 2.05 the end of RoS
    then how can those that play 50+ hours/week enjoy themselves?
    by getting out of the basement and getting fresh air.
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    posted a message on Bliizard Ban Acounts: AFK Farming
    How does banning bot accounts once a fucking year help anything other than making the botters buy the game again $$$ The only way baning would be helpfull is constant warden updates every week. ban bots weekly not yearly.
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    posted a message on Trolled by Suwaiya
    APPARENTLY!!Radek the Fence merchant sells them He sometimes spawns just before you get into The cursed hold.

    Radek the Fence – can be found in campaign-mode in Act I at the Highlands Passage. Create a game at Act I – 9. The Imprisoned Angel (The Cursed Hold).

    Take the open Town Portal that takes you to the Highland Passage. If there is no portal, then take the waypoint to Halls of Agony level 2 and exit. When you see the checkpoint, the game is saved. If you don’t find Radek the Fence, leave the game. This time there should be a Town Portal taking you to the checkpoint at the Highlands Passage. Radek sells:

    Ascended Crown
    Ascended Faulds
    Ascended Gauntlets
    Lionblade Bow
    Rakkisgard Bracers
    Rakkisgard Shield
    War Belt

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    posted a message on Anyone else going straight into HC?
    I'd rather die to DC than play SC. Rerolling a character in HC is a hell of a lot more fun than the boredom of SC.
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    posted a message on Ability to BUY extra character slots and stash tabs.......
    Quote from Abadayos

    I find it weird that Path of Exile gives you unlimited storage (at a slight cost sure) to store your hundreds/thousands of bits of loot, yet Blizzard seems to be incapable of allowing us that.

    One new tab will fill up in a few days of playing, maybe a week or two at tops. This is due to the insane frequency of legendary drops we are getting now vs what we where getting previously. Extra character slots is merely a band-aid for the real problem that is storage. I understand server load etc but come on. Hell make it a real money purchase or a VERY rare world drop for bank tabs, just the option to get moer room would be nice.
    The way the game is now with insane leg drops and what not, makes HardCore play that much more enticing. Meaning when you die it doesn't hurt as much. because lvling new characters is soo fun now.

    But ya PoE is great in that aspect of being able to buy tabs. blizz should do same.
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    posted a message on "A" Dev did not know about lvling 0-60 in roughly 15 minutes...
    so i jumped on this stream and one of the devs was on it. http://www.twitch.tv/ziggydlive

    and i told them about:

    made new character. torment6. my buddy came in game he was lvl 60 WD fire bats everywhere. I was lvl 42 before i even went threw the gate to get in tristram. lvl 60 in less than 15 minutes. (ptr)

    is it going to be like this when live?

    and ziggy asked.

    they were not aware of this and going to look into it. hope they fix it.
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