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    Quote from mailsNGEN
    1. no word on the supposedly new mechanics, where we wont get 1-shotted, which is the reason life steal gets removed
    2. 2 hours deadline for a trade? I mean, really? Is there a reason for the 2 hour threshold
    1. Stat inflation will take care of this, plus it will encourage strategic play more.
    2. Yeah, there's a reason. They want you to find your own gear and socially share in between clan/group. A 2 hour threshold will accomplish this. It will change the way some people play, or rather how nearly everyone plays probably, but I don´t understand why this would be a con. Perhaps you could be excited for the change and be a bit more open-minded to the change before you view it as a con.
    I, for one, am excited, no matter how the game changes, the good players will find a way to advance regardless how it will change. To me it looks a hell of a lot more fun and challenging from the outset.
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    I don't want to advertise but you could get a free 50$ capital with tradimo and start trading.
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    To the OP:
    Why am I happy? Because loot 2.0 will make it so AH isn't necessary anymore. And I know it will fuck up the economy if it is still there at expansion launch. Most of the people here know this fact, and they want a better game, not this "loot 1 good item in 1000 drops, sell it, buy something you want instead". They want to actually find it and know they will. The people whining are either using the auction house in some business model (they should go to the stock market instead and have a bigger payoff for their time instead) or.. Well, i don't know who else.. Because people who want to just buy their equipment will still be able to using d2jsp, or the official forum or here.

    I guess people have to see they don't need all that excess gold anymore once loot 2.0 is out. The game will be balanced towards us not ever needing an auction house, I think.

    There are pros and cons to shutting down the AH and I think the pros heavily outweigh the cons. Extremely so.
    It's just that.. I'm excited because I think that taking down the auction houses is a requirement to play this game the way it's meant to be played.

    If this game is about finding loot, as they say (to me personally it's more of the social experience, while killing monsters and finding loot doing so, upgrading your character in a rpg sense), then taking away 1 way of character progression that's not done actually killing monsters and thus finding loot, will only move the game towards the way it's meant to be played.

    Removing the real money auction house also has the benefit you can't cash out without risking an account ban since you'll have to sell it outside of the AH, which causes diablo as a business model to basically die out. Left over will be the players who actually enjoy playing the game. What's not to be excited about :P?

    I play this game for fun. I´m excited this game will only be about fun anymore, not about speculating for profit for a cashout on the real money auction house. And I´m pretty happy about any influences on diablo that provide more importance to playing the game than trading, because I actually love playing this game, I love the combat, story, graphics and the auction house just takes time and attention away from all that. If not for myself personally, then for my friends. In a game where social interaction is one of the big plusses, I'm excited about all of my diablo friends playing diablo and not be fragmented between game modes all the time: AH or "playing the game" (killing stuff, doing loot runs, neph trials, etc).
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    Quote from Ludo_frodo

    You are the everything wrong with this community(like the rest of the whiners). Stop talking about a dream, move on and get a life.

    Seriously, this must be the most awkward community ever existed.
    I guess you never saw the movie requiem for a dream. He's referring to chasing a drug, namely speed, as analogy for D3.
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    Just noticed at http://www.youtube.c...Bfe3Be3MQ#t=473 that: "all the exterior zones will be randomized now, which is something we haven't done in d3".
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