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    so sooooo many on the build section im sick of seeing them anyone know of a build that does not use it would be awesome. i have tried to search the builds but even typing in different abilities like rend and stuff still comes up with all WW builds -_-

    What kind of Barbarian does not use Whirlwind? May as well just play Crusader!!


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    Quote from Zlimex»

    So acording to their plan, season 2 will release in about 15 min (at the time I make this thread). So I was wondering if they will make a post about all the new stuff in the season before they open it. Or if they just open the season without saying anything, and you just have to check yourself.

    Your information is wrong. The new season does not start until 6pm tonight.

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    Quote from Rackin»
    And how did these gems were changed to become useful nowdays but not before patch? Just i feel i'm not understanding because i'm noob player yet. :D
    Like Cying said, before the patch you would slap down Sentries with your 6pc Mara and the sentries would do all the work. Therefore the Enforcer gem got 100% use. Now the sentries only fire spenders when you do, basically doing half the work and therefore Enforcer is worth roughly half of what it used to be worth.

    I am messing around and trying to find the best three for my taste. At the moment it seems like Bane of the Trapped, Bane of the Powerful and Zei's Stone of Vengeance are the three I like. Gem of Efficacious Toxin would be number four.
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    Quote from chadwx

    You have to have 49%+ pet tnt gloves
    Not true.
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    Quote from Faesrollvtwo

    Not sure if most efficient but since I got my 6set on crusader all I've done is T6. Getting a shit ton of legendaries from it though.
    I think you mean a ton of shit legendaries not a shit ton of legendaries.
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    Quote from overneathe
    And while you're at it, why don't you give a little support to the fellow World of WarCraft Community Management Team?

    I try not to support people/things that do not deserve it.
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