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    I'd like to have that ring that allows me to use all Runes of a specific skill. :o
    I wonder how that will work. I am confused.
    Yeah I was trying to wrap my head around how this would work for something like ww on Wiz or elemental arrow on DH. Kinda hurts the head to think of an elemental arrow shot that has all those attributes but could be pretty cool. Or try to imagine rapid fire with all its runes. That is the one I see likely not making it to release or if it does being very limited to specific skills or with some sort of diminished % on the overall damage or effect of said runes.

    I guess you'll get the opportunity to use the same skill, with differents runes, several times in your skill bar. You'll get to have the same skill on your skill bar four times, but each with a different rune. You'll be able to use Fists of thunder quickening on left click and thunderclap on right click.
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    In the topic of non main stats, I'd like to see legendary items that interact with non main stats. For instance, a Monk spirit stone that increased the efficiency of intelligence could be cool (instead of 1 int = 0.1 all res it could be 1 int = 0.5 all res ; 500 int = 250 all res, this could be cool).

    Better yet, I think non main stats should have other effects than dodge, armor, all res :
    Dex = dodge + movement speed
    Int = all res + resource generation or something
    Str = armor + blocking chance on shield or something

    I'm a little short on ideas here, but notice that I'm keeping away from trifecta stats because we don't want more dependency on those.
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    Quote from Sephirote666

    WoW just wow, it must have been long to make that post but you defenetly touch a lot of good point in that,
    I like most of your comment on how to make D3 a little better. I'm a casual player that play around around 30min or 1 hour per day.

    I just have to deagree with you about the MF (Magic find ) solution, I really like the way it work now comparing to yours. again I'm a casual player so getting max out in MF wouldn't be possible for me anytime and I would not enjoy D3 as you can by playing few hours.

    your bag, well I like the idea of having more bag but not one bag just for the gem, you never gonna loot enough gem to fill it!

    but I agree with everything else, more self found would be amazing and legendary more legendary.
    I personnaly bought a lot of my stuff on the AH, not because I'm lazy. but because I have the option too lolol. yeah it make me away on gear comparing to what I have loot, but put a candy on a table in front of a kid and put a bowl with sugar so he can make is own candy, which one do you think he gonna pick up??

    Lets hope some Dev will read this post and I'll push for it !!!!! :d3d:

    Here's a thought on this MF change : it could be nice if the players could keep the NV stacks after they log out. This way when you play you're rewarded almost instantly with MF, and that's really cool. It's also good for other reasons :
    - Dying makes you loose 1 stack, so you really don't want to die (especially on high MP's), thus giving a more tangible meaning to death instead of simply wasting your time.
    - This will have a nice effect on the choice of MP : the player will not play a MP where he dies often because he will really have something to loose. This could push for some more tanky builds. The bad side here is that it could favor the classes with more sustainability (I'm thinking WW barbs and perma freeze). Of course, with the itemization 2.0 this will probably change, especially with the revamp of perma wrath and perma archon.
    - Everyone will get MF rather quickly, so MF is not such a huge gap between players : everyone must work to get the stacks, but it's achievable by everyone. Also, this would be a good incentive to play more characters than just the main one, since one of the biggest drawbacks when playing alts is that you loose a TON of MF and the potential for good loot.

    It has to be done well, but I think this could be a really nice change !
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    Oh, BTW, I absolutely LOVE your suggestion on Magic Find, and I'd take that over mine any day of the week. My question concerns more the Boss/events/achievements/etc part. The fact that we can't get our expectations high for anything worthy of it (today all we have are keys and organs, and Hellfire is lame in terms of reward).

    One question about the MF suggestion : would the MF bonus stick to the player after he quit the game ? Or would he always start the game with 0 stacks like right now ? If that's the case, then 500 stacks would be impossible to reach, penalizing very hardly players in lower MP's.
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    @MrMonstrosity : Man, I almost had tears in my eyes, your post is beautiful ! I made an account in here JUST to say how awesome your suggestions are !

    My main fear is that D3 is mainly a main stream game, it doesn't have any depth on purpose so it doesn't get too complicated, so it is accessible to all.

    There's an opposition between, on one side, game depth, and on the other accessibility, and while I think depth is the way to go, it must be well explained and progressive. Things must exist and be explained, by ingame notices. My fear is that Blizzard are afraid of going the depth road. That makes the game bland and boring after a while.

    Also, you didn't say what you'd like in terms of drop rates and boss fights, which is IMO a key point to the loot hunt experience. Here's a post I made a while ago in the official forums :

    Travis day stated in the Itemization Developer's journal :

    "We want to make it fun and rewarding to hunt down new items through play, and really instill the feeling that your next awesome item could come from anywhere, and is just around the corner."

    What do you guys think about this ? Is it better to go for the "awesome item just around the corner" idea, or to get a more predictable system loot system ?

    I think this is an important matter because it determines the expectations of the player when he's playing. My feeling is that, when you're expecting loot all the time, you're actually never expecting it. When it drops you're never really excited, because you didn't have that psychological preparation time, asking yourself "Ok, is this mob/quest/boss/event/whatever gonna give a nice legendary ?".

    I kill elites never expecting anything, I kill bosses never expecting anything, I run through thousands of trash mobs without any expectations, because I'm supposed to expect a drop every mob I kill. It's simply impossible to keep expectations high all the time, even if the itemization gets better with future patches/xpacks.

    I feel that D3 is lacking tension. It is lacking landmarks, where you know you'll be rewarded for doing something. D2 allowed players to farm bosses. They could build up their hopes and expect something.

    D3 has a lot of potential to have those kind of landmarks, of high excitement moments, and Nephalem Valor is a really cool tool for that. The player has to build up something before going for the high reward. Monster Power is also a very useful tool in this goal.

    So, what do you guys think ? Is it better to have that awesome drop waiting, just around the corner for you, or would you prefer a more predictable looting experience, where you know some landmarks have a higher chance to yield good loot ?

    Now, here's an idea to make boss killing more fun (could be applied to unique monsters as well !) :

    Basically NV stacks give two bonuses :
    - The bonuses we have today : 15% MF/GF per stack, maximum of 5 stacks for 75% bonus MF/GF
    - The new bonus : each NV stack gives a 1.5% chance for a boss to drop a legendary item, added to the already existing chance of a legendary drop (probably something like 0.01 or something like this). Maximum of 20 stacks for 30% chance of a legendary drop from a boss

    This system would reward players for playing the game, and with 5 stacks the player has a 7.5 chance which is not bad, but doing longer runs have a higher chance of rewarding the player. Also, this is not changed by MP, so it benefits everyone (except MP gives MF, which ofcourse influences the drop chance). MF is very good for quality loot when not fighting bosses, and LF (legendary find) is good for bosses.

    I do agree that there MUST be incentive to kill bosses because they are fun, and most of all they can create expectations. That's, IMO, the most lacking point of D3 : theplayer NEVER has high expectations for something awesome to happen. That's mostly due to the "awesome loot right around the corner" philosophy applied to the game today, vs the more predictable system we had in D2.

    I mean, it was really awesome to get your hopes up for a drop, instead of mindlessly roaming around without any expectations because awesome stuff is supposed to come from every mob, but it rarely comes by. D3 lacks the thrilling, exciting moments.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on Boss fight rewards and drop rates of legendary items in general !
    Once again, awesome post !!
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